Friday, June 28, 2013

My Dog Hates Me So Should I Get Another & Try Again?

hear me out.

either me or my dog or both of us are going through a phase because i feel like he hates me.

when we first adopted pupsqueak he was my little bud. my little boo boo kins. but the thing is, we didn't get him at like 8 weeks. he was almost 4 months. so he knew other things and i think he's reverting. so i've been working really hard at being mom and creating the bond.

for awhile i felt like we were connecting. but now, something is going on. i do everything for the squeak and now i barely get a head nod.

is it the 6 month stage? or does he hate me?

thing is, even though i'm the one up with him, i'm the one that comes home for lunch, i'm the one that feeds him dinner and i'm the one that walks and trains him, manfriend comes in and he acts like he's meeting cesear milan.

take yesterday. manfriend pisses me off and then basically abandons me all day. me and scoobs take on the day together. i go get him rawhides. i play. i cuddle. i boo boo kiss. i even do this thing where i start singing "besttttt dog alive!" to the tune of YMCA. (judge. dare you.)

his response? chewing all the door stops to piss me off and worshipping manfriend (when he walked in the door at TEN PM) like america worships miley.

no. joke.

the dog LOVES manfriend. and all manfriend does is look his way sometimes and throw the ball twice.

what the...

now am i being irrational and cranky and bitchy?


but wouldn't you? why isn't my dog lassie?

or freaking shadow from homeward bound.

i can't with shadow guys i can't.

so now i'm getting all desperate and i txt manfriend and thats when i get the magical idea to just adopt another dog and try again. so i come up with the name linus for the new pup

and go on my hunt for another squeak. i seriously found all these squeaks i could adopt in a skinny minute.. i'm THAT mad at scoobs for hating me

what do you guys think? just a phase or should i pour a glass of cab and try again?

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Do You Like Beer and Wine?

i'm not sure if you guys know (you probably don't know) but i also blog for a group beer blog called Beers and Ears. it is so fun, a bunch of us review beers and breweries, etc. well today we started...

so please please please go here and read my first post and the debut! it is WINE guys. i mean, heck maybe you should blog for us too!

in other news, thank you so much for your comments on my post yesterday. each and every one of you had great advice. i think... i think i want to look into doing it? so where should i go? i'm still pretty set on california.

since i just wanted to shamelessly plug pleasure wineland... please go here yay i'll just leave you with a pic of my niece rocking a bubble necklace

oh and this.

so. true.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Cure My Wanderlust

can i get serious for a second?

i know, boring.

but hear me out please because maybe you could help me.

i have severe wanderlust lately. it is really bad. like, to the point i'm kind of miserable sometimes.

when i moved from detroit (my home, born and raised, my true love, a michigander forever) to the dirty south (i KNOW adriana i dont even like to admit where i live) i've never felt at home again. and that is fine because my parents are here, my two amazing neices are here, my brother and sister in law are here and manfriend is here. and really, they are home.

realistically, i have a nice job and a nice place, i live near a downtown, i love certain bars and restaurants, truly, if this was a place to settle it would be, especially with family here, but do i want to settle?

i keep thinking, shouldn't i see something else for even a little bit? a year or two? live somewhere that will forever bring up the ol' "remember when we packed up and lived in LA for a year?" story?

or is that just stupid, a waste of money, a loss of focus? and how would i ever give up living near my family? have any of you done it?

i'd love to pick up and move to califronia for a year or two. while there take weekend driving trips and see so much of the west coast that is hard to get to from here.

or maybe manhattan? the cliche. live near central park for a year just to see if we could do it?

or even chicago, like mini-manhattan but more doable?

or what about portland?

i know if would be dumb to give up all of these great things to explore but i feel like i've played it so safe all my life. i feel like maybe taking the risk, going with the wind, not having the crutch of security and family would be good for once.
and what about manfriend? obviously he would come. and that is a huge reason. because we could take this on together, meet new friends together, survive together, and is there any better bonding?

but no just stay in your nice condo at your nice desk job katie.

sigh. what do you think?

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

"That Guy" in the Elevator

have you ever met "that guy" in the elevator? there are actually many forms of that guy. that guy who smells, that guy who talks to much, that guy who stands too close. today i met "that guy" who was everyone's best friend. too much.

i'm coming into work around 8 hightailing it to my desk because i need to leave right at 5 for a dad/daughter date tonight. as i get in the elevator that guy walks up. he's talking too loud to like everyone in the lobby over using the word "buddy".

that's right buddy!

oh totally, bud!

then he commits the ultimate elevator sin. he's talking to his buddies holding the elevator open. what. the..
 after 5 minutes he finally releases the door.

someone gets off at 6. he holds the elevator to finish his story about how his first is crawling. i don't give a ...

someone gets off at 7. he holds the door to finish the story about how he got a tempurpedic mattress.


someone gets off at 8. he holds it open to finish his story about ikea.


i didn't get to my desk until 8:20. i SHIT YOU NOT. i mean i had crap to do. (like write this post)

i cant.

in other news, manfriend and I worked out today. which makes me think of this post from tami and i crack up. but no really, i'm really proud of us. for the first few months of us dating we totally just practically bathed in alcohol and food. now we have really locked it up and try to hit the gym and eat much better (sometimes). we signed up to run a race together even. i think it is a good bonding experience.

speaking of music (i wasn't at all but whatever), i created the best pandora station ever. do people still use pandora?

here you go, you're welcome.

now watch my cat and pup fight.


that guy

Monday, June 24, 2013

That Time I Went Camping

i'm about to get pretty deep here.

camping affected me.

let's talk.

my manfriend convinced me to go camping so on friday we headed out to the south outer banks called Cape Lookout to beach camp with about 25 friends. i really decided to put on my best face here because i know manfriend loves this stuff. i hate it. but i'm trying. so i smiled, packed up my dog, hopped in the car and pretended like i was overjoyed to be sleeping in the sand.

^ scoobs looks absolutely terrified

we made it to the ferry service that was carting our jeep over to island. because this is an island with a ferry that runs 9-5. there is nothing on the island and once you are on it, you are stuck. this fact will be key to the story later.

we put scoobs in his life jacket, safety first, and i died 26 times at how cute it was.

it was really beautiful.

once we got there, we drove 10 miles down the sand to a remote location where our friends were. there was nothing but sand and ocean. scoobs tried to adjust.

i can say that friday night i had a wonderful time with the manfriend. we talked, drank, and laughed and it was a huge reconnect for us. i seriously felt my heart fill up i was so happy to be there with him and scoobs, our little family. i went to bed sandy and on a deflated air mattress thinking that it wasn't so bad.

things took a turn.

remember the movie white squall? 

this basically happened to me. so i wake up at around 2 am to the wind howling. it is screaming and shaking the whole tent. immediately i panic because well... i'm just not used to this stuff, okay? manfriend is trying to sooth me, when it starts pouring rain. the wind and the rain whip around and then, no shit, the front of the tent is literally caving in and the side stakes come up. at this point it is pitch black, water is coming in the tent, the front is caving in and i can't see scoobs and i just lost it. i literally lost it. i'm sobbing because all i can think is.. we are stuck. this isn't like we can just go to the car, drive off the coast and wait it out. we are on a freaking island, stuck, in this storm. i'm SOBBING into manfriend as he pretends everything is fine. somehow, he tells me stories about how it isn't the worst he has experienced, and i sleep for a couple hours.

i wake up to the cold and pouring rain, the tent is all wet and caved in, the sides are up, my dog is distressed. we leave the tent and the group shelter is down, the food is ruined.

so all of us debate, what now? manfriend takes one look at me and says we're leaving. i do that thing where i say "we can stay" but what i really mean is "get me eff OUT of here".

so my man fixes it and gets us on a ferry at noon. about half the people say they want to stay and half say they want to leave.

here's the thing. it is pouring and cold. everything is now wet and i just... why the hell would you want to stay in that? even if it stopped raining everything was so freaking wet and crappy. what is wrong with me? or am i not the crazy one? i don't even consider myself that girly, but i just think... i'm not going to suffer somewhere. i looked at scoobs sitting there wet and miserable and i was ready to leave.

i have never, ever been so miserable in my life.

i am NOT a camper. sorry :(

sunday was filled with what weekends should be. i did my first tri training ride, had the most amazing brunch, saw this is the end and witnessed my gorj niece ride a bike for the first time!

i also took the time to edit the shots i took of my boys at the beach.

all taken with the 50mm prime.

and before i go i want to mention that scoobs was featured on the grinning labrador and i'm so freaking excited about it because i love morgan to bits.

also, a huge announcement here. please please please read it you weirdos especially if you have pets!
all in all, what a weekend. how was yours?

Sami's Shenanigans

Friday, June 21, 2013


zomg zomg i totally have nothing else to say except i'm so DAMN excited to be featured here on my favorite girl's blog and i'm so even more (if possible) excited to be announcing a brand new link up that starts Tuesday July 2nd!

Tall Tails Link Up


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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Johnny Quest Thinks We're Sellouts


i am riding the struggle bus so hard right now it isn't funny.

last night after a long workday the manfriend and I carted our butts to Raleighwood to see Less Than Jake.

what happened to good bands, by the way? i'll work out to some Anna Kendrick Cups or whatever but what happened to GOOD BANDS. like good music, good shows, you know?

am I that old???

anyway, lesbehonest. the manfriend and I needed some time away from the baby.

one of the hardest things I've struggled with since we got Scoobs is alone time and moments with the man. it used to be just us, now it's us three, and sometimes I struggle with the balance. too serious? let's just say we needed some "us" time. so to Raleighwood we went.

first stop, dinner at Chucks.

shutthefrontdoor. best burger I have ever had. ever.

next up. ze band. one of my favorite bands. a good ol' ska punk band. i love music.

needless to say, struggle today. (rhyme?) thank goodness it is my Friday since we are going camping tomorrow.

while in Raleigh: eat / listen

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Let's Talk About Camping

first a few things

1. wtf scoobs.

what. the. f.... I feel bad about putting you in your crate ONE time and leave you just in your pen and I come home to this. like, did you have tools to disassemble this or did you just wail your body against it for the two hours we were gone? eff. (on a side note he chewed nothing and did not go to the bathroom in the house so maybe this is a win?)

2. finally getting this California trip planned. simply can't wait for Avila Beach. have you been? please tips if you have.

3. i hate eating healthy. i will NEVER be one of those bloggers that's all like "oh my gosh BEST Greek yogurt and avocado today!" no guys. pizza and wine and parm cheese and some red sour patch. am I the weirdo here?

4. hehe..

alrighty so my manfriend likes camping. why? and why am I going with him again?

to note: this isn't like camp ground camping or camper camping or ANY normal camping. this is like assholes trekking into the wilderness and shitting in the woods camping.

i love him.

so this time he is making me go "beach camping".

wow yay. sand, unbearable heat, no relief, no showers, no bathrooms, sand fleas, bugs, raccoons, my dog and I sleeping in a tent together.

i'm going 1. because I love him and 2. because it is the beach in the Outer Banks and if this is the only way he takes me this year I guess I'll take it. but like..

listen I don't want to seem like the prissy girl that doesn't like shotgunning a beer and then heading to a rock concert. i do. i really do. but I just love to shower. and be clean. and safe. do you have any tips that will help me survive?

am I the only crazy one that doesn't love camping. :(

there better be smores.

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