Thursday, June 13, 2013

5 Things We All Hate About the Doctor

so yesterday was a shitshow.

my doing.

i fainted tuesday so yesterday I somehow had to fit in the doctor, month end close at work, puppy care and being awesome.

i headed to the doctor (driven by the manfriend because he now practically considers me disabled) and while being poked and proded I realized, we all hate some pretty specific things about the doctor.

    1. the last date of Aunt Flo. i NEVER know. ever. even if I'm currently surfin' the crimson wave, I don't know. am I the only crazy one?
2. the strep test. wtf. why, no matter WHAT you go in to the darn doctor for, do you always get the strep test? dude I fainted, I didn't say my throat hurt? faster than you can say, I'm fine I'll be going, that huge freaking ear swab thing is barreling down your throat like cab sav down mine on a Friday. why has this thing not gotten any better? is there not another way? i feel like it is as bad or worse than when I was 6. help.

3. giving blood. why are my veins smaller than a pomeranian's? i'm so confused at how, no matter what nurse helps me and where, they can never find my vein. "one, two, three POKE". sure. one, two, three, HOLY ^&%^ that hurts way more than it should is more like it.

4. confessions. i swear to you at the doctor's I may as well be Usher because these are mine. all of a sudden they are asking how much I drink, when, why, if I work out, how much, if I'm sexually active, with who, when, how was it. what? after it is through I feel like I'm the worst person in the world somehow. way to go doc.

5. the end result. seriously, unless you have strep like I mentioned above, you never, ever, have a conclusive answer. what. the. f-. "well it could be anxiety or it could be terminal illness." okay. what am I honestly supposed to do with that answer? why did I come here and why do I have insurance because they fight paying anything anyway.

i'm a little bit angsty today.

cliche emo band.

how was your "hump day"?


  1. YES with #1. I swear. I'm on birth control too so it comes the same time every month!

    I don't get a strep test everytime tho thank god!

    ALSO I like the way I look on your side bar :)

  2. I could not agree more! There is nothing I dread worse than going to the doctor. I swear I leave with more questions than I came in with!