Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Cure My Wanderlust

can i get serious for a second?

i know, boring.

but hear me out please because maybe you could help me.

i have severe wanderlust lately. it is really bad. like, to the point i'm kind of miserable sometimes.

when i moved from detroit (my home, born and raised, my true love, a michigander forever) to the dirty south (i KNOW adriana i dont even like to admit where i live) i've never felt at home again. and that is fine because my parents are here, my two amazing neices are here, my brother and sister in law are here and manfriend is here. and really, they are home.

realistically, i have a nice job and a nice place, i live near a downtown, i love certain bars and restaurants, truly, if this was a place to settle it would be, especially with family here, but do i want to settle?

i keep thinking, shouldn't i see something else for even a little bit? a year or two? live somewhere that will forever bring up the ol' "remember when we packed up and lived in LA for a year?" story?

or is that just stupid, a waste of money, a loss of focus? and how would i ever give up living near my family? have any of you done it?

i'd love to pick up and move to califronia for a year or two. while there take weekend driving trips and see so much of the west coast that is hard to get to from here.

or maybe manhattan? the cliche. live near central park for a year just to see if we could do it?

or even chicago, like mini-manhattan but more doable?

or what about portland?

i know if would be dumb to give up all of these great things to explore but i feel like i've played it so safe all my life. i feel like maybe taking the risk, going with the wind, not having the crutch of security and family would be good for once.
and what about manfriend? obviously he would come. and that is a huge reason. because we could take this on together, meet new friends together, survive together, and is there any better bonding?

but no just stay in your nice condo at your nice desk job katie.

sigh. what do you think?

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  1. Girl. I say DO IT! Seriously. There is no other time in your life when you'll be as free to do it as you are now! We're soo young in the grand scheme if things. The last thing you wanna do is look back ten years from now and wish you'd done it!

  2. HAHA so glad you mentioned me since my first thought was WTFFFFF but yes. move to CT.

    also Tom and I talked about this the other night. I would LOVEEEE to move somewhere for a year. (I want Dallas) but he wants to stay here. I'd love to end up here but we're young!!

  3. As a California girl it's a place that definitely will capture your heart. But if you come this just might wind up staying!!

  4. i vote for portland, because that is where i live and it is awesome!!!!

  5. it can totally be worth it to try a change of scenery, especially when you're young and aren't tied down. i say weigh out the pro's and con's and if it's worth it to you, give it a go!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak
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  6. My brother and sister in law just moved to Portland! I love to travel, but am happy living here... I think mainly because I hate the idea of packing up my whole house, hah! But seriously, if you have the itch then just do it! Otherwise you might always wonder 'what if?'

  7. If you're at a position in your life where you can do it, then it is awesome to explore! However, I would love to live near my nieces so don't forget how awesome that is, either. You'll never regret the time you spend with your family! Maybe some weekend trips would help your travel bug?

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