Thursday, June 27, 2013

Do You Like Beer and Wine?

i'm not sure if you guys know (you probably don't know) but i also blog for a group beer blog called Beers and Ears. it is so fun, a bunch of us review beers and breweries, etc. well today we started...

so please please please go here and read my first post and the debut! it is WINE guys. i mean, heck maybe you should blog for us too!

in other news, thank you so much for your comments on my post yesterday. each and every one of you had great advice. i think... i think i want to look into doing it? so where should i go? i'm still pretty set on california.

since i just wanted to shamelessly plug pleasure wineland... please go here yay i'll just leave you with a pic of my niece rocking a bubble necklace

oh and this.

so. true.


  1. hahah LOVELY. i'm going to check out the posts now.. RIGHT NOW

  2. beers and ears sounds like my kind of blog!!!!

  3. random but do you know Sara?!?!? She's a contributor for American Craft Beer..

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