Friday, June 14, 2013

Fitness Friday

fitness friday.

kind of.

so I signed up to do the Dumbo Double Dare (at Disneyland zomg zomg zomg) and a triatholon two weeks apart at the very end of August. it is June 14th. i haven't trained.

now, I'm not panicking, yet.

but I'm kind of panicking.

you see, I'm not the best with training, staying on schedule, being responsible, doing anything but drink running. but I really want to do well in these events and get in better shape for me and the manfriend's big huge romantical super fantastical zomg can't wait trip to California. so on my first fitness friday, I do declare 5 changes I can make that hopefully will get me there:

  1. i WILL run three times a week. no excuses. (lol sure)
  2. i WILL join one of those really cool barre classes I paid for the groupon for. (have you guys done one? I wanna be a ballerina)
  3. i WILL ride my bike at least once a week.
  4. i WILL stop eating so many fries. what is it about these tiny little salt goddesses that I can't get enough of? let me go from your tight grasp, tasty treats. :(
  5. i WILL stop drinking yeah no.
in all seriousness, have you guys ever visited this blog? this girl is so fit and healthy, I can't. she is so inspiring! i note all her workouts or pin them in hopes one day I actually get off my ass. do you have any inspirational thoughts/quotes/anything to help me?

after I wrote the majority of this post last night I awoke this morning to a new view. at 5:15 I jumped out of bed, tended to the pup, and then set out for a run. praise be.

^you go Glen Coco!!
after my run and some fitterest I headed out with Angel Face Boo Boo to go for a walk. we came upon this.
um k? so... where are we supposed to go? you know, pardon while I rant. i don't have the luxery of living in a house with a nice big fenced in back yard, I live in a condo. it is pet friendly and I would say over half the people have dogs. so, now this. turns out they have designated a tiny really far away area as the "pet" area.
no. no at 5am I'm NOT walking my ass 50 blocks so my dog can pee.
y'all cray.
speaking of dogs, check out this post on one of my favorite new blogs eva Dog Hair Is An Accessory. me and Adriana have some uber fun things coming up so keep your eyes peeled. i really want Scoobs and Lil to meet.  also I feel like Scoobs needs a hashtag now. it would probably be like #thattimeialmostkilledmyselforscoobsbecausehewouldntstopbeinganasshole
big plans for the weekend? i'll probably make a lot of goals like cleaning the house and running and then I'll just watch SVU marathons on USA until my eyes bleed.

just being honest.

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