Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Let's Talk About Camping

first a few things

1. wtf scoobs.

what. the. f.... I feel bad about putting you in your crate ONE time and leave you just in your pen and I come home to this. like, did you have tools to disassemble this or did you just wail your body against it for the two hours we were gone? eff. (on a side note he chewed nothing and did not go to the bathroom in the house so maybe this is a win?)

2. finally getting this California trip planned. simply can't wait for Avila Beach. have you been? please tips if you have.

3. i hate eating healthy. i will NEVER be one of those bloggers that's all like "oh my gosh BEST Greek yogurt and avocado today!" no guys. pizza and wine and parm cheese and some red sour patch. am I the weirdo here?

4. hehe..

alrighty so my manfriend likes camping. why? and why am I going with him again?

to note: this isn't like camp ground camping or camper camping or ANY normal camping. this is like assholes trekking into the wilderness and shitting in the woods camping.

i love him.

so this time he is making me go "beach camping".

wow yay. sand, unbearable heat, no relief, no showers, no bathrooms, sand fleas, bugs, raccoons, my dog and I sleeping in a tent together.

i'm going 1. because I love him and 2. because it is the beach in the Outer Banks and if this is the only way he takes me this year I guess I'll take it. but like..

listen I don't want to seem like the prissy girl that doesn't like shotgunning a beer and then heading to a rock concert. i do. i really do. but I just love to shower. and be clean. and safe. do you have any tips that will help me survive?

am I the only crazy one that doesn't love camping. :(

there better be smores.

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  1. Oh my gosh. I just came back from camping. Being on a trip with my friends was great, but not gonna lie, the actual camping part sucked balls. Bring bug spray. And an air mattress if he'll let you. Good luck!

  2. I'm obsessed with you.

    I do like grapes tho. AND WOOOO for your tiny not chewing the world away!!! he looks confused as to how the gate came apart.

  3. Love your dog, love you, hate camping! Here's a tip from an almost middle aged, soon-to-be the coolest Grandmom ever---avocadoes are good for arthritis!

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