Friday, June 28, 2013

My Dog Hates Me So Should I Get Another & Try Again?

hear me out.

either me or my dog or both of us are going through a phase because i feel like he hates me.

when we first adopted pupsqueak he was my little bud. my little boo boo kins. but the thing is, we didn't get him at like 8 weeks. he was almost 4 months. so he knew other things and i think he's reverting. so i've been working really hard at being mom and creating the bond.

for awhile i felt like we were connecting. but now, something is going on. i do everything for the squeak and now i barely get a head nod.

is it the 6 month stage? or does he hate me?

thing is, even though i'm the one up with him, i'm the one that comes home for lunch, i'm the one that feeds him dinner and i'm the one that walks and trains him, manfriend comes in and he acts like he's meeting cesear milan.

take yesterday. manfriend pisses me off and then basically abandons me all day. me and scoobs take on the day together. i go get him rawhides. i play. i cuddle. i boo boo kiss. i even do this thing where i start singing "besttttt dog alive!" to the tune of YMCA. (judge. dare you.)

his response? chewing all the door stops to piss me off and worshipping manfriend (when he walked in the door at TEN PM) like america worships miley.

no. joke.

the dog LOVES manfriend. and all manfriend does is look his way sometimes and throw the ball twice.

what the...

now am i being irrational and cranky and bitchy?


but wouldn't you? why isn't my dog lassie?

or freaking shadow from homeward bound.

i can't with shadow guys i can't.

so now i'm getting all desperate and i txt manfriend and thats when i get the magical idea to just adopt another dog and try again. so i come up with the name linus for the new pup

and go on my hunt for another squeak. i seriously found all these squeaks i could adopt in a skinny minute.. i'm THAT mad at scoobs for hating me

what do you guys think? just a phase or should i pour a glass of cab and try again?


  1. Awww! It's probably the whole novelty factor. He sees you all day. Old news. Boyfriend comes home and it's like, OOOH, NEW TOY! Just my guess. But I would LOVE if you decided to "try again" aka got another pup! And keep scoobs of course.

  2. Poor thing! My dog is all about my husband at times, too. Another dog may create competition so I don't know if it's good or bad. I guess it would depend on how long he's been acting like that - if not for long, then give him more time? I would take it as a phase for now and see what happens. Good luck!

  3. When my husband I got married we both had dogs. It's funny how my dog now loves my husband more and his dog Mac loves me more so I think it's a brilliant idea lol

  4. Hawkeye loves everyone more than me, til I'm the only one around. Then she adores me. But she makes it clear that she loves John more. John who sees her twice or 3 times a week and gives her quick pet each time and never feeds her or sleeps with her or wakes up to cuddle her when the thunderstorm is too loud. That is some shit. I think it's called being a mom.

  5. He doesn't hate you!! But rescuing another pup is never a bad idea!! xoxo

  6. for reals though, every dog should be just like shadow!

  7. I had Annabelle first, moved in with James and now she's obsessed with him. If I'm home she's usually just upstairs snoozing away ignoring my existence. When he comes home? She can't get enough of him. I got Winnie for my bday a few years ago and she's my shadow. Love her real bad! So, don't ask me, I'll totally vote for getting another haha!

  8. I think it's just a phase... don't get rid of scoob.. .you and him would be sad

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