Friday, June 7, 2013

On Hiking With Your Furry Friend

when I imagined getting a dog I imagined what I now know was a little movie scene. my cute little mutt and me roaming around the trails, running together (because he inspired me to train apparently as right now I'm a lazy mule). here's the true story.

my dog is the other word for cat.

starts with a p.

no joke, he's a freaking mess. his paw pads are so sensitive he refuses to walk on concrete 50% of the time, his eyes water from allergies worse than mine and his bones are growing so fast he was diagnosed with panosteitis (which I'm convinced is something worse but that's another story).

the truth is, he's a puppy and I didn't realize how he would have to be weened into pretty much everything. why aren't you perfect yet?

i learned you could only walk your puppy 10 minutes X their age number in months, I learned about pano, and I learned it would be quite awhile before I had my running buddy (I have to wait until he is a fully year before even starting him running!) truth be told, I love my little freakshow man, and we have gotten to take him out on some small trails he just loves.

so my advice for you, if you had the same dream I did, probably don't get a 4 month old pus-- puppy.

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