Tuesday, June 25, 2013

"That Guy" in the Elevator

have you ever met "that guy" in the elevator? there are actually many forms of that guy. that guy who smells, that guy who talks to much, that guy who stands too close. today i met "that guy" who was everyone's best friend. too much.

i'm coming into work around 8 hightailing it to my desk because i need to leave right at 5 for a dad/daughter date tonight. as i get in the elevator that guy walks up. he's talking too loud to like everyone in the lobby over using the word "buddy".

that's right buddy!

oh totally, bud!

then he commits the ultimate elevator sin. he's talking to his buddies holding the elevator open. what. the..
 after 5 minutes he finally releases the door.

someone gets off at 6. he holds the elevator to finish his story about how his first is crawling. i don't give a ...

someone gets off at 7. he holds the door to finish the story about how he got a tempurpedic mattress.


someone gets off at 8. he holds it open to finish his story about ikea.


i didn't get to my desk until 8:20. i SHIT YOU NOT. i mean i had crap to do. (like write this post)

i cant.

in other news, manfriend and I worked out today. which makes me think of this post from tami and i crack up. but no really, i'm really proud of us. for the first few months of us dating we totally just practically bathed in alcohol and food. now we have really locked it up and try to hit the gym and eat much better (sometimes). we signed up to run a race together even. i think it is a good bonding experience.

speaking of music (i wasn't at all but whatever), i created the best pandora station ever. do people still use pandora?

here you go, you're welcome.

now watch my cat and pup fight.


that guy


  1. Love everything about this: cat vs dog, you and manfriend getting your sweat on, and elevator guy. Actually, correction, I HATE elevator guy. That story made my blood boil just reading it.

  2. How can one person tell so many stories in that much time? I mean clearly he was taking his time but seriously? Whoa.

    And I love pandora in the car and at the gym! When it's right, it's so good!

  3. I hate Michigan. Start living in CT.

    also every post I read I'm just gonna comment on how I want us to be IRL friends and how I'm kinda obsessed with you. K? K.

  4. 20 minutes later? I would have jumped ship off that elevator and hopped on a new one!

  5. haha that ecard! classic. basically how i feel about my relationship. feelings. scary stuff.

  6. Ahhhh I would have FLIPPED on the elevator guy. I start by giving nasty looks or fake coughs, but if they keep it up, I will always call them out on it. I hate it. I hope his arm gets chopped off holding that door open 12 thousand times.

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