Wednesday, June 12, 2013

That Time I Fainted in Public and Fitterest

first. WTF.

i fainted in public. like straight blacked out and crashed to the floor and woke up to medics. WTF. i knew something was going on but didn't expect that. i guess this is really no joke, since, the medics were pretty clear that since my blood pressue and blood sugar were totally normal, something is going pretty wrong here. has this happened to any of you? doctor's appointment today, since I'm obvi dying.


does anyone else have a Pinterest fitness board?

you'd honestly think I looked like Kate Upton with how much I pin to mine. what in the world. regardless, I'm usually up to other activities but today I decided I'm officially doing this bugger at least 3 times the rest of this week. that is if I don't faint or I'm not dead. too soon?

thanks LC.

speaking of Pinterest, I'm also obsessed with my hair board. why are MK and A still so relevant? and how do I make my hair this color? i'm a natural blonde and can't even pull it off. bravo.

i was pretty proud of myself that none of this had anything to do with Scoobs, but then I found cute pics of him on my iPhone so..

^zomg progress.

^die. i guess I'm just the crazy dog lady too now..

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