Monday, June 24, 2013

That Time I Went Camping

i'm about to get pretty deep here.

camping affected me.

let's talk.

my manfriend convinced me to go camping so on friday we headed out to the south outer banks called Cape Lookout to beach camp with about 25 friends. i really decided to put on my best face here because i know manfriend loves this stuff. i hate it. but i'm trying. so i smiled, packed up my dog, hopped in the car and pretended like i was overjoyed to be sleeping in the sand.

^ scoobs looks absolutely terrified

we made it to the ferry service that was carting our jeep over to island. because this is an island with a ferry that runs 9-5. there is nothing on the island and once you are on it, you are stuck. this fact will be key to the story later.

we put scoobs in his life jacket, safety first, and i died 26 times at how cute it was.

it was really beautiful.

once we got there, we drove 10 miles down the sand to a remote location where our friends were. there was nothing but sand and ocean. scoobs tried to adjust.

i can say that friday night i had a wonderful time with the manfriend. we talked, drank, and laughed and it was a huge reconnect for us. i seriously felt my heart fill up i was so happy to be there with him and scoobs, our little family. i went to bed sandy and on a deflated air mattress thinking that it wasn't so bad.

things took a turn.

remember the movie white squall? 

this basically happened to me. so i wake up at around 2 am to the wind howling. it is screaming and shaking the whole tent. immediately i panic because well... i'm just not used to this stuff, okay? manfriend is trying to sooth me, when it starts pouring rain. the wind and the rain whip around and then, no shit, the front of the tent is literally caving in and the side stakes come up. at this point it is pitch black, water is coming in the tent, the front is caving in and i can't see scoobs and i just lost it. i literally lost it. i'm sobbing because all i can think is.. we are stuck. this isn't like we can just go to the car, drive off the coast and wait it out. we are on a freaking island, stuck, in this storm. i'm SOBBING into manfriend as he pretends everything is fine. somehow, he tells me stories about how it isn't the worst he has experienced, and i sleep for a couple hours.

i wake up to the cold and pouring rain, the tent is all wet and caved in, the sides are up, my dog is distressed. we leave the tent and the group shelter is down, the food is ruined.

so all of us debate, what now? manfriend takes one look at me and says we're leaving. i do that thing where i say "we can stay" but what i really mean is "get me eff OUT of here".

so my man fixes it and gets us on a ferry at noon. about half the people say they want to stay and half say they want to leave.

here's the thing. it is pouring and cold. everything is now wet and i just... why the hell would you want to stay in that? even if it stopped raining everything was so freaking wet and crappy. what is wrong with me? or am i not the crazy one? i don't even consider myself that girly, but i just think... i'm not going to suffer somewhere. i looked at scoobs sitting there wet and miserable and i was ready to leave.

i have never, ever been so miserable in my life.

i am NOT a camper. sorry :(

sunday was filled with what weekends should be. i did my first tri training ride, had the most amazing brunch, saw this is the end and witnessed my gorj niece ride a bike for the first time!

i also took the time to edit the shots i took of my boys at the beach.

all taken with the 50mm prime.

and before i go i want to mention that scoobs was featured on the grinning labrador and i'm so freaking excited about it because i love morgan to bits.

also, a huge announcement here. please please please read it you weirdos especially if you have pets!
all in all, what a weekend. how was yours?

Sami's Shenanigans


  1. HAHAHA. ohhhh man I'm so sorry for laughing but that is just terrible! You bet I would have been on the first ferry out of there, especially when it came to the wet and freezing pup! Good for you for giving it a go. Your man is great for not putting up a fuss.

    1. right? when he said we couldn't get on the 10am ferry because we needed more time to pack up i threw myself into the sand in a tantrum. true.

  2. Oh man I am right there with ya I am def not a camper and would have high tailed it out of there too! Lol

    1. lol thanks for being on my side here!

  3. ok the pictures you got mayyy have been worth it. but yea I would have been like "Tom, Lil and I are getting the eff out of here." Also Lil HATES rain so she would have been incredibly upset.

    1. i know the pics do kill me. and now scoobs will walk around puddles not through them. great..

  4. Haha that type of camping sounds miserable!! Although I will also do the tent from time to time cause David likes it. I much prefer a cabin with shower and bathroom!! Hello everything is so much better when your other half is not cranky as hell!

    1. i would have totally been better with a shower and bathroom. how do men not like to shower? ps love the blog!

  5. Oh my gosh!! That sounds terrible!!! At least you were able to leave early!!

    1. yes i honestly don't know what i would have done if we had to stay. probably die ;)

  6. Found your blog on Sami's Shenanigans. So sorry about your camping adventure - it gave me anxiety just thinking about it! I don't mind camping when the weather's nice, but I've never been sure about camping on the beach. So much sand. You're a trooper!