Monday, June 17, 2013

This Post Wasn't Going to be About Vomit

so this post wasn't going to be about vomit. i wrote the majority and was going to post it when I got to work, but then IT happened. let's tarantino this.
the weekend was full of friends family and booze. 'Merica bar crawls, brunch, and the best food I've ever eaten.

^chocolate hazelnut crepes with caramelized strawberries. i did not stuff my face with these and then lick the plate. promise..

i even got to enjoy the engagement dinner of my very best.

and Sunday I even ran and did a Pinterest workout!

and then this morning happened.

so Scoobs had/has/whatever panosteitis. he had a recheck appointment at the vet for this and to check his eyes because they water ALL THE TIME (dog owners, has this happened to your dog.. how do I fix it. email me or comment fur real). so anyway, manfriend and I are taking separate cars because he has to scurry to work and of course I'm the one stuck settling Scoobs back in. it's fine whatever I'm not bitter..

so the appointment is okay, apparently his leg is better and we got eye drops for his eyes to see if they work. i settle Doo back in the car, manfriend takes off prim and proper to work. we're riding the mere maybe three miles back to my house. everything looks all cute like this.

then it happened. my dog turned into straight Linda Blair from the Exorcist.

he proceeds to rest his chin on my shoulder and vomit. all. over. so I reacted quick and pushed him back while trying not to kill myself and the rest of the people on the busy Monday morning roads. still vomiting, he falls in between the seat of my backseat and front seat and panics which causes him to vomit more.

at this point my car looks like this.

so I pull into my condo complex and literally carry Scoobs into the house. i strip down naked and put my clothes into the wash and then get Scoobs in the shower to rinse him off.

so cool, I'm naked in the shower with my dog.

a small rinse later, and a puppy wipe Scoobs looks normal. i throw my clothes in the dryer and proceed to get ready again and layer on perfume. i clean my car. i dress. i prep Scoobs for his eye drops.

i am now finally at work.
not to get all serious, but I'm so. tired. all I want is to crawl back in bed. most importantly I somehow always feel like I'm battling these situations alone.

this face makes it all worth it.

Sami's Shenanigans


  1. Poor you and you rpoor dog! Hope you don't come home to a mess today! And PS, I love a fellow crazy cat lady!

    Stopping by from the link-up!

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