Wednesday, July 31, 2013

California.... CALIFORNIA.. Here we come!

phantom planet? california?

OC fans? anyone?

whatever. point being, i can officially say that in less than a month manfriend and i will be on a 5:30am (vomit) flight from rdu to lax.

this is our first big trip and most importantly it is to my favorite place in the world (so far, because i'm sure europe is better i just haven't been yet, you know?)

i'm not sure about you guys, but have you ever just been to a place, and fell completely in love? like your whole heart fills up and it makes you feel at peace? i feel this about the west coast my friends. there is something about the air, the coast, the pacific coast highway. i. want. to. move.


you bet your blogging ass.

first manfriend and i are heading to... disneyland!

 we are running the dumbo double dare over labor day weekend and i couldn't be more excited. look at the medal!

manfriend has never been to disneyland and it is pretty much my favorite place in the world so i simply can't wait to hold his hand and skip around to show him my favorite places. and by skip i mean wander slowly because i haven't trained for this effing race.

and if you have been to disneyland/dca and have seen world of color don't show manfriend! he has NO idea what it is and i'm so excited for those first few moments of the show where i'm certain i'll see him have the grin of a kid.

after i have my fill of space mountain and pommes frites from cafe orleans, manfriend and i are hopping into the rental and heading to santa barbara!

i've never been! i'm so excited to try some local food and beer and just have an amazing time in this new town. next up we head to...

avila beach! we are staying here. seriously, what? this hotel has a pie hour. during our stay in avila beach we're spending days driving the pch visiting towns like big sur.


morro bay.

and paso robles for some wine.

after our fill of the central coast and pie we're driving all the way back down and spending one last night in west hollywood where we are staying here:

what a dream. i can't believe it is so close and honestly, it couldn't come at a better time. with everything going on i feel like the best thing for manfriend and i is some amazing time together, new adventures, and new stories to tell. it has been tough on us with life changes, life dreams, getting the dog, etc. i feel like we're trying to get our feet in step together for the next part. so it feels like the most needed epic trip, and i think every one or every couple should have one once a year if they can. just to experience the world and change perspective. maybe this is just what i need to, to help cure my wanderlust. too bad i have to leave scooby.

by the way, if you want to follow along on some live sites of the trip follow me on twitter or instagram. okie dokie? can't wait to insta the shit out of some beaches and booze.

where are you vacationing this year? where should manfriend and i go next?!

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tall Tails: Help. I Worry Too Much

a semi serious tall tails post is about to begin. 

i worry way too much. about my dog.

how do i stop this?

the weird thing is, i worry a ton about my cats and their safety and well being, but for some reason my dog takes it to a new level. i'm mentioning this because in late august/september we're taking two large trips and i'll have to leave scoobs for the first time.

now, of course i hate leaving my baby kitties benny and gus gus. of course. but i have an amazing pet sitter who stops in once a day and i know they're fine because hell, they're cats. they're down for any day they can sleep all day and have fresh food and water. plus they are in their home and they are safe and sound and cuddled in my perfect little home. scoobs is different.

he NEEDS me. me. not some stranger. i'll be honest, i even worry slightly when he's just with manfriend.

yesterday i dropped scooby off at doggy day care for the first time. it is a wonderful kennel out in the country who does doggy day care and boarding. when i drove up i remember thinking, oh this is beautiful, this is better than i thought. i was trying to get him used to the kennel as well as have friends to play with while i'm working all day. sounds great, right? but after i drop him off i got in the car and i bawled. i was that upset about the prospect of ever leaving him in a kennel. now this is ridiculous, because he won't always be able to have a pet sitter or be in his home. it's just not the way with dogs. we'll need to find a kennel we like where ever we live because we love travel. 

but guys i was full on ugly cry sobbing.

^how would any of you leave this effing dog. HOW.

on an even more serious note, this is actually a huge sensitive icky spot with manfriend and i. it pisses manfriend off how much i worry about the dog. and i recognize it. it is out of control. but i can't stop. he's my first pup, first little dude i've raised. i worry about him in this kennel, getting over played, getting too hot, getting sick, getting hurt by another dog, missing me, hating me.

crazy huh? crazy girl. or am i?

i refuse to believe all of you who adopt puppies just throw them at kennels or sitters no problem and go on vacation without another thought.

or maybe you do?

how do i overcome this worry? tall tails help!

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Monday, July 29, 2013

The Way, Way Back

i usually have a ton of great pictures for you because i'm usually doing 29824834 million things on the weekend, but i'm pleased to say this was the perfect summer weekend of doing nothing.

 this weekend i did awesome training for the dumbo double dare i'm completing in disneyland in 30 days. (if you have never "run disney" you should, by the way).

(peas are an amazing cold pack for after runs)

friday scoobs ate a chocolate (asshole) so we had to stay in and monitor him. manfriend got great burgers.

saturday after our run manfriend took scoobs for a bit so i could clean and shower in peace. then we watched downton abbey. then we saw the way, way back which was

the best movie i've seen in a long time go see it.

after we went for a drink which turned into 5 drinks which turned into eating this.

which turned into manfriend showing me how "hot" he'd be with a mustache.

panty dropper, that one. (sarcasm)

sunday i woke up not wanting to do a thing but i got my ass out there for a 6 miler. after we had an amazing brunch after and then saw wolverine.

then laid on our asses all day watching downton abbey and orange is the new black whilst eating seven layer bean dip.

what is this amazing life of laziness?

today on my lunch hour i'm dropping scoobs off for his first afternoon at doggie daycare. i just can't. like i'm so nervous. but he's so out of control energy lately i need an option. do any of you use a doggie daycare? 


lassie's mom

Sami's Shenanigans

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Friday, July 26, 2013

Fan Friday: You Must Join a Co-ed Kickball Team

so this is my first time linking up with sarah for fan friday and i'm so excited because her new haircut is cute AND because she is going to redesign my blog and oh my god i'm so excited i just want to squeal like a drunk sorority sister.


i'm not even sure if i'm doing this linkup right because sports aren't really my thing but i think that's fine, some girls just suck, like me. so i'm going to tell you why you should join a co-ed kickball team.

^is tebowing still cool?
1. alcohol. right? on our team last fall we drank so much old milwaukee i wanted to puke. not because i can't handle my beer. bitch, please. because it's freaking old milwaukee.

2. insta-friends. if you're like me and moved to a new town in your twenties, after college, etc., it is actually really hard to make friends. this is the perfect way to meet people. the game turns into going out after, which turns into meeting more friends, which turns into now every get together we all have there are 40+ people at it. it's fun.

^on wednesday's we wear pink.

3. it's not like, a real sport, so you can wear cool hats.

4. exercise! (not really, but i wanted 5 to be cool)

5. you may meet the love of your life. no shut the eff up, really. i joined so i could join a co-ed kickball team and that is where i met manfriend!

where would we all be without him and his poo?
 also, manfriend's poo post is now officially my most popular post to date by QUADRUPLE the numbers. lol you guys love poo.

so have you ever joined a co-ed team?

i can't leave this post without backin my azz up with whitney so here's a youtube of one of my favorites of all time.

Venus Trapped in Mars

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Petty Things I Wish

first, i know i mentioned a beerfest here a bit ago. i just reviewed it on the group beer blog i blog at so see it here
and second, thank you. you guys are simply so awesome lately with your comments, love and support. i try my hardest to respond back to every comment, tweet, etc. so if i miss or i dont, i want you to know i appreciate the love for this little space of writing and wit and it means a lot to me. yesterday tami wrote a post and included so much love for me in it and i just sat back, like wow, what an awesome community of amazing personalities and friends. i'm certainly not to the level as many (most) of you, but it brings me great pleasure to share stories and thoughts and get to read yours in return.i hope one day i can ever be half as amazing as all of you out there.

on to the meat of the post. i was stalking reading a bunch of posts from helene and sarah's awesome link up yesterday and i noticed a common theme and something that i have done a lot before too! did you notice we tend to say things like:
-sorry for whining
-sorry for being down
-i don't want to sound like a complainer


eff that. today is the day i announce that we can all feel free to absolutely bitch and moan about the pettiest things ever because that's okay. at least i'm going to. i hope you'll leave a few in the comments.

i wish i didn't have to have a real job. like wtf price of cambridge. do you KNOW how lucky you are? how can i make a living off being a sarcastic asshole on the internet? what is this lifeeeeeeee?

i wish scoobs slept in. 4am three days in a row. thanks dude.

i wish i looked like this.

i wish i could run more than a mile without feeling like a humpback whale that's trapped on a sandbar.

i wish manfriend did all the things i wish he did but never told him i wished he did. (???)

i wish i lived somewhere cool. rock on greensboro, nc., you shithole.

 i wish ANYONE snapchatted me. :( (kidanikatie. please. any snaps. any?)

i wish people would stop ending emails and/or texts like this...


i wish it was friday.

what do you wish?

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I Spent My Lunch Hour Knee Deep in Poop

by the time you will be reading this it will be wednesday. it is currently monday at 1:16pm. what just occurred on my lunch hour i cannot believe. and i sat right down here to tell you all about as gruesome as it all may be.

read if you dare......

i got home for lunch monday afternoon with a skip in my step. i hadn't been able to visit scoobs at lunch for a couple weeks because of quarter end and this was my first day back. we attempted to walk in his new harness, we played, we cuddled boo boo, we trained. then i had to pee.

do you like assess the bathroom before you pee? like look in and around the toilet etc? i don't. it's my house not a porta potty at lollapalooza. so i opened the lid and sat down to pee.

and as i'm sitting there i'm like that's weird, my pee normally doesn't smell like satan's breath after he ate a garlic covered pizza?

so i get up and looked down.

manfriend's poo.

all of it. 

not like a normal poo, but like.. i debated texting him to see if he still had organs.

i peed on manfriend's poop.

i could stop here. but it somehow got worse.

so i'm like holy shit (no pun intended) and i flush.

and it explodes back up at me.

so then i'm texting manfriend because what else.

so i run and grab the plunger. and i plunge.

like at this point the rapture is coming out of the toilet.

it. is. the. apocolypse.

i'm sweating so bad it is in my eyes and scoobs is barking and that shit is not going down.

my hair is sticking to the back of my neck and i'm near tears, then finally it somewhat goes down.

i flush again and it isn't working all the way but at least it isn't near overflow.

so i debate, what now? i'm covered in sweat, scoobs is chewing his own foot in anxiety and manfriend can't be alive if that came out of him.

so i put the toilet seat lid down.

and i washed up.

and i went back to work.

i spoke to no one the remainder of the day.
i decided last minute to link this up with sarah and helene because they are awesome and i love supporting them and everything they do.

not because manfriend's poo inspires me. although he inspires me for allowing me to write this blog post basically embarrassing the shit out of him all over the internet.

let's never speak of this again.

Helene in Between

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tall Tails:I Named My Cat After A Sex Crimes Detective

so far in the most fabulous link up i've introduced you to scoobs and gus gus so last but not least:

here's benson.

named after:

yes, my cat is named after a sex crimes detective. judge.

now, benny is a unique soul. the best i can compare him to is that boy that drives you crazy. like 99% of the time he's cold as hell and won't give you one bat of the eye but then sometimes, 1% of the time, he's sweeter than all pets combined X a unicorn + swedish fish. you know?

when i went to the humane society to get ben he was the one cat everyone avoided. all the kitties were purring and cooing in their crates saying please take me home i'll cuddle the shit out of your feet. benny was literally hanging upside down in the cage gnawing at the wire door like he should be on paranormal activity 4 making a sound that can only be compared to a dying antelope. 

and i was all like.. "oh that one!"

ben's favorite activities include but are not limited to:

1. getting on the counter
2. licking windows in the dead of night so all you wake up to is the sound of his dry tongue on the glass (eff my life every night)
3.being cuddly and asking to get under the blanket, getting under there, then biting you and leaving
4. drinking water out of every device or receptacle but his bowl
5. eating any plant life ever in the house and then vomiting everywhere
6. beating the shit out of gus

7. beating the shit out of scoobs

8. beating the shit out of me
(he's front declawed stop panicking)
9. opening doors by himself, getting out, then howling to get back in
10.  catnip mice

ben's least favorite activities include but are not limited to:

1. respecting privacy
2. being good
3. being loving
4. getting off the counter
5. being any sort of friendly to gus
6. being any sort of friendly to scoobs
7. being any sort of friendly to me
8. the vet

all kidding aside, there is something about ben. i love the damn cat. he's smarter than any animal i've ever had, has the biggest personality ever, and that 1% of the time he's almost more snuggly then fluff butt gus.

i consider strangling him on the reg, though.

sidebar to this post. i feel like scoobs is regressing. he's about to be 7 months old. since we got him (before 4 months) he has been housebroken and didn't mind his crate. then yesterday he peed on the floor and this morning at 4am he started whining to get out of his crate. he hasn't done either of those things since the first week we had him. wtf is going on :( tall tails help.

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