Wednesday, July 31, 2013

California.... CALIFORNIA.. Here we come!

phantom planet? california?

OC fans? anyone?

whatever. point being, i can officially say that in less than a month manfriend and i will be on a 5:30am (vomit) flight from rdu to lax.

this is our first big trip and most importantly it is to my favorite place in the world (so far, because i'm sure europe is better i just haven't been yet, you know?)

i'm not sure about you guys, but have you ever just been to a place, and fell completely in love? like your whole heart fills up and it makes you feel at peace? i feel this about the west coast my friends. there is something about the air, the coast, the pacific coast highway. i. want. to. move.


you bet your blogging ass.

first manfriend and i are heading to... disneyland!

 we are running the dumbo double dare over labor day weekend and i couldn't be more excited. look at the medal!

manfriend has never been to disneyland and it is pretty much my favorite place in the world so i simply can't wait to hold his hand and skip around to show him my favorite places. and by skip i mean wander slowly because i haven't trained for this effing race.

and if you have been to disneyland/dca and have seen world of color don't show manfriend! he has NO idea what it is and i'm so excited for those first few moments of the show where i'm certain i'll see him have the grin of a kid.

after i have my fill of space mountain and pommes frites from cafe orleans, manfriend and i are hopping into the rental and heading to santa barbara!

i've never been! i'm so excited to try some local food and beer and just have an amazing time in this new town. next up we head to...

avila beach! we are staying here. seriously, what? this hotel has a pie hour. during our stay in avila beach we're spending days driving the pch visiting towns like big sur.


morro bay.

and paso robles for some wine.

after our fill of the central coast and pie we're driving all the way back down and spending one last night in west hollywood where we are staying here:

what a dream. i can't believe it is so close and honestly, it couldn't come at a better time. with everything going on i feel like the best thing for manfriend and i is some amazing time together, new adventures, and new stories to tell. it has been tough on us with life changes, life dreams, getting the dog, etc. i feel like we're trying to get our feet in step together for the next part. so it feels like the most needed epic trip, and i think every one or every couple should have one once a year if they can. just to experience the world and change perspective. maybe this is just what i need to, to help cure my wanderlust. too bad i have to leave scooby.

by the way, if you want to follow along on some live sites of the trip follow me on twitter or instagram. okie dokie? can't wait to insta the shit out of some beaches and booze.

where are you vacationing this year? where should manfriend and i go next?!

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  1. Ughhhhh this trip looks so unreal. I don't even know how you planned it its so perfect. Y'all are gonna have the best time, this is so what you need right now!

  2. ahhh I am very jealous! this trip sounds amazing. if man friend gets sick or anything take me instead!!!

  3. Well, this just looks like the perfect trip. Beach+wine+Disney+PIE HOUR?!= me being totally jealous.

  4. agreeeeeed. You do need this. and really have a more perf vacation planned. WHATEVER. also send tami and I so many pic texts and make us jealous. also Tom's sister and her husband are moving to santa barbara so tell me how fucking awesome it is.

  5. This looks amazing. And pie hour? I would have picked that hotel, too.

    And I love the OC so I got your post title immediately.

  6. This looks like an amazing trip!!!!
    I am definitely trying to head over to CA sometime this year because I've heard how much I'd like it.
    I need somewhere new :)

    Britt @ One&20
    Wednesday Workout Link-Up!

  7. Totally jealous of your vacation. We're off to Vancouver tomorrow and, although I'm excited, your trip looks so much better!!

  8. I want this medal so much as dumbo is my favourite film ever, I think I might just have start running, get a plane to Dsineyland from the UK and do this just for that, even though I actually hate running with a passion!

  9. this post just got me so excited for you! i fell in love with california and that's why i moved out here. there's just SO MUCH. i'm glad you're making a trip of the central coast too and not just hanging around LA. my boyfriend and i went up to santa barbara in june and it was just beautiful, so clean and simple, and empty (which is the total opposite of LA!) the local wine is soooo good up there. we did get some oil stains on our feet though when we walked the beach, you can see a bunch of oil rigs way out in the ocean.
    morro bay and big sur look ridiculous!! now you got me all excited to plan a central coast get away! i can't wait to see everything on instagram!!!

  10. I am excited for you about your trip buuuut as soon as I read that title/first line all I could think about was how much I miss the OC! haha

  11. ERHMAHGERD so jelly. i want to go to the happiest place on earth too.

  12. You guys are going to have so much fun. Please get all of the princesses signatures?

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