Thursday, July 11, 2013

Do You Ever Just Completely Lose It?

do you ever just totally lose it?

just me?

no seriously, is this just me?

like sitting at your desk having a meltdown like an effing two year old bawling your eyes out 

"i hate it all!!!!!!"


ever since i fainted i've felt so crappy and tired all the time. i skip my usual morning workouts and when manfriend (finally) gets home from work i barely have an hour with him because i cant stay up past nine.

would you like some cheese with my whine?

on the real, i'm in a serious, serioussssss funk and i can't get out. it's trickling into my life in all the ways. in addition to it clearly being something wrong with me (who faints???! i am such a freakshow), i truly believe it has to do with the wanderlust i was talking about or just ... wanting to do something different.

basically, a rut?

i don't know, all i know is, i feel lazy and crabby and blah about workouts, health, my job... even pinning on pinterest (seriously that's how i knew something was wrong). i keep telling manfriend let's do something different, let's fix this but i don't think he's getting it.

or maybe im just britney spears bash a car window in with an umbrella cray?

have you ever felt this blah? what should i do?

p.s. sorry for the whiny, serious post. i'll be better tomorrow. 

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  1. Been there, done that & will probably end up there again! Beginning of this year I was in a rut for MONTHS. Like psycho, crying all the time, not enjoying anything rut. Somehow I just decided I was sick of it and slowly worked my way out of it. Unfortunately I have no real tips since I'm not really sure what changed, I just kind of decided I was the one making myself unhappy about everything and that sucked so I wanted to change it. It took awhile, but it worked! Best of luck, I know it sucks :/

  2. Do you thing something could be medically wrong? I had no idea about the fainting story and now I'm going into worry mode! Other than that I can totally relate to being in a funk and just feeling ZERO motivation about anything in life. It usually takes a vacation or at least a couple days off work to just zen out and cure. Bleck!

  3. this has happened to me lots of times! Sometimes getting away for a few days can help, I also have felt like about ten zillion dollars ever since i started doing yoga a few months ago. if you haven't tried it, give it a shot if you find the right teacher it can be really therapeutic.

  4. didn't know about the fainting either!! I agree with Tami tho, you need a vaca (not one to grimy people's houses or camping) and you need recharge. I get like this a lot and Tom gets like this even more often. It's no fun and makes you feel shitty about everything. BUT you have a lot to be happy about and you should totally come visit me to get out of your funk. better yet- move here!

  5. I have defiantly felt like that sometimes. Normally I lay in bed all day watching bad tv. I hate the feeling I hope you feel better soon!

  6. yes, i have felt like this but if it keeps happening you should possibly go to the doctor?!

  7. Awe hate that your feeling crappy :( It's a rut, it happens. Time for a life change? Or maybe you need to paint a room to feel a bit of change? Either way, I nominated you for a Liebster Award cause I love reading your realness! Head over to my blog to check it out! xoxo

  8. womp womp. i definitely get like this. sucks that you're feeling this way in the summer though, mine usually happens in the dead of winter when i am tired of the crappy weather. maybe try and do things you wouldn't normally do to switch things up. go hiking, get outside, try new food (food always makes things better for me)

  9. Sorry you're not feeling well :( Sounds like maybe you are depressed, but I'm not sure about the fainting. Could also be some sort of immune disease, which sounds scary but often can be taken care of with some pills and/or vitamins. I hope you get it figured out and feel better soon!

  10. I'm sorry you have the blahs....I feel ya!