Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Do You Have a Resting Bitch Face?

so i'm about to blow your mind. 


you already all knew of this and didn't tell me and for that i hate you.

but i learned the funniest damn thing this weekend.

i'm literally loling right now because this just makes me laugh. so we're in the car with manfriend's sister and she says in regards to a girl we were discussing "and she has a nasty RBF". 


manfriend's sis explains that this girl has a nasty "resting bitch face" ie. when she is just sitting there expressionless she looks pissed off.


i died.

i want to use this phrase every. day.

so then i found this:


i'm DYING.

i'm also interested in evaluating my own RBF.

what's your RBF like?

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  1. Hahahaha my new favorite phrase. "So bitchy!" I can totally name at least three girls I know that have NASTY RBF. The thing is they're actually pretty bitchy as well... which kind of makes it even better!

  2. i have this too! and i actually have a very similar post scheduled for tomorrow (but it's not the totally same so no worries!)
    -- jackie @ jade and oak


    I was SO SCARED of Tom's sister cuz she ABSOLUTELY has this. (and a horrible fake laugh when she feel awkward) and I thought she hated me. She is just suffering from RBF.

  4. OMG haha I so have this!!! People are always asking me what's wrong and I'm like....!?!?

  5. This just made my day. I need to find a way to sneak this into some sort of conversation

  6. ahhh i posted this link a few weeks ago!!!! gotta love the bitchy resting face. it's a real problem!

  7. This is AWESOME!! My friend always says "What, it's just my face!" but now there is a term for it!! Glorious!!

  8. I am DYING right now. This is so effin funny because apparently I have one but I didn't realize there was a freakin PSA about it.

  9. so THIS is what the term is! apparently i wear this face while at work....no wonder no one wants to work with, or talk, to me!

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