Friday, July 26, 2013

Fan Friday: You Must Join a Co-ed Kickball Team

so this is my first time linking up with sarah for fan friday and i'm so excited because her new haircut is cute AND because she is going to redesign my blog and oh my god i'm so excited i just want to squeal like a drunk sorority sister.


i'm not even sure if i'm doing this linkup right because sports aren't really my thing but i think that's fine, some girls just suck, like me. so i'm going to tell you why you should join a co-ed kickball team.

^is tebowing still cool?
1. alcohol. right? on our team last fall we drank so much old milwaukee i wanted to puke. not because i can't handle my beer. bitch, please. because it's freaking old milwaukee.

2. insta-friends. if you're like me and moved to a new town in your twenties, after college, etc., it is actually really hard to make friends. this is the perfect way to meet people. the game turns into going out after, which turns into meeting more friends, which turns into now every get together we all have there are 40+ people at it. it's fun.

^on wednesday's we wear pink.

3. it's not like, a real sport, so you can wear cool hats.

4. exercise! (not really, but i wanted 5 to be cool)

5. you may meet the love of your life. no shut the eff up, really. i joined so i could join a co-ed kickball team and that is where i met manfriend!

where would we all be without him and his poo?
 also, manfriend's poo post is now officially my most popular post to date by QUADRUPLE the numbers. lol you guys love poo.

so have you ever joined a co-ed team?

i can't leave this post without backin my azz up with whitney so here's a youtube of one of my favorites of all time.

Venus Trapped in Mars

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  1. haha! "Bitch, Please" Have to agree with you on this one- Old Milwaukee tastes like shit.

    And that's awesome you met your manfriend on your kickball team!

  2. Hahaha!! Poo never gets old :) As for sports, I am exceptionally challenged athletically.

  3. My girlfriend is on one and I totally invited myself to every outing they had because they were rowdy and awesome. As for playing myself...nah. AND this song is my number one song to run to of all time! I don't know why... it just says 'KEEP FREAKING RUNNING!"

  4. I love that the poo story was a top post, it was really funny after all!

  5. I should have taken your advice on kickball... I joined flag football instead. I went to ONE game. Every third play was deemed a "girl play" Well, I was the only girl that could catch/had hand eye coordination so EVERY dude on the other team knew the ball was coming to me. A ton of gigantic dudes running at me... NO THANK YOU.

    Kickball would have been wayyyy better... but WHY were you drinking Old Milwaukee??

  6. I want to do what Tami did and just encourage a friend to join one and crash the hangouts. Sounds like fun but I am uncoordinated and slow so they would kick me off in a day!

  7. I don't appreciate the drunk sorority girl comment :p love uuuuu

  8. i feel a strong desire to join a team now!

  9. I may need to join a team. Except there are none around here because everybody sucks! Can I just come hangout and drink gross beer with you?

  10. I love that your poo story is so famous. also UGH i tired to convince tom to move to NC yesterday. it was a no-go

  11. And to think Manfriend doesn't want his name here specifically not to ruin his cool factor. Poop be damned!

  12. but really, what's not to love about a good poo story. also loving some incubus on my friday afternoon!

  13. ugh OM beer makes me barf. ps - that poo story was all kinds of hilarious!

  14. YES! 1. Alcohol and 2. Meeting Manfriend - I met my love playing co-ed softball at work and it's the best team I ever joined! Happy weekend.

  15. is manfriend mortified his poo made it to all-star post status? :)

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