Monday, July 8, 2013

I Went to Macon, Georgia

how was your fourth of july?

mine sucked.

i really, really want to tell you the entire sob story. in every. single. detail. but 1. i don't want to sound like a whiner. and 2. i feel like, why rehash it out?

because let's just say this wasn't a weekend where manfriend and i were spot on. you know what i'm saying?

 ever have those? or just us?

but i will tell you of one night.

where i went to macon, georgia.

so manfriend went to college in this town and has been telling me epic tales. so while he was dragging scoobs and i to atlanta for the weekend we decided to trek to the town to party for a night.

^ i CAN'T.

let's just say at this point scoobs and i were already over effing car rides but away we went.

we got to his friend's house. 


like guys, words can't describe how dirty this house was. six dogs in the house, all muddy from the rain, two of them great danes. is. this. my. life.

so i'm tense, and dirty and tired and manfriend and i are about to kill each other at ANY moment because we had been bickering for at least 24 hours straight so i'm like, well, let's go out.

and out we did.

you know what was fun?

all the dumb, ditzy girls running up to us like..

"zomgggg manfriendddd what are you doing back in townnnnn?"
 'scuse me while i get star spangled hammered because i just wanted to crawl into a hole with scoobs and eat ben and jerry's greek yogurt ice cream.

needless to say. the rest of the weekend went something like this.


how was your weekend? 
Sami's Shenanigans

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  1. That's tough, my husband and I have those days too so don't worry it's not just you. ;)

  2. Bleck bleck bleck. This sucks and I hate it for ya. And believe me we have DEFINITELY had our share of these kind of weekends. That house alone would have had me headed straight for the nearest Holiday Inn. Hope yall get some rest and things get back on track this week!

  3. AH that house is so dirty, I would die. Sorry it sucked for you :(
    Scoobs is so freaking cute though.

  4. Hate hate when that happens. Ugh sorry girl.

  5. womp womp. sorry your weekend was no fun, but to be honest glad you didn't sugar coat your weekend for the blog and pretend that everything was perfect for the 4th. also, that house. are you kidding me?! ugh.

  6. Ok the picture of Scoob totally sums the weekend up. Tom and I fight on an incredibly regular basis so you're not alone. That's why having a dog is great. They're always on your side when you bitch to them about dumb boyfriends

  7. I hate being in fights with the guy I'm dating (you know, when I'm actually dating someone.. which is so rare because, well, I never even make it that far! haha). But I hope you and him are getting along better now!

    And that house is so disgusting... gross!

  8. ha!! Those kind of weekends are ZERO fun!! And that house is freaking DIS.GUS.TING!!!!

  9. That house is giving me anxiety just looking at the picture. I mean how does that even happen?

  10. Please please please tell me you didn't have to sleep there! And sometimes my husband and I live in bicker city so you're not alone. I hope you're back to good now!

  11. Oh what an awful weekend! But thanks for sharing honestly - sometimes I feel like some bloggers always share these perfect posts about their wonderful life and I'm like 'really? is it allllways that wonderful?' Nice to know I'm not the only one with a normal life that sometimes sucks! haha.

  12. Hope your week is on the up compared to your weekend!

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