Thursday, July 25, 2013

Petty Things I Wish

first, i know i mentioned a beerfest here a bit ago. i just reviewed it on the group beer blog i blog at so see it here
and second, thank you. you guys are simply so awesome lately with your comments, love and support. i try my hardest to respond back to every comment, tweet, etc. so if i miss or i dont, i want you to know i appreciate the love for this little space of writing and wit and it means a lot to me. yesterday tami wrote a post and included so much love for me in it and i just sat back, like wow, what an awesome community of amazing personalities and friends. i'm certainly not to the level as many (most) of you, but it brings me great pleasure to share stories and thoughts and get to read yours in return.i hope one day i can ever be half as amazing as all of you out there.

on to the meat of the post. i was stalking reading a bunch of posts from helene and sarah's awesome link up yesterday and i noticed a common theme and something that i have done a lot before too! did you notice we tend to say things like:
-sorry for whining
-sorry for being down
-i don't want to sound like a complainer


eff that. today is the day i announce that we can all feel free to absolutely bitch and moan about the pettiest things ever because that's okay. at least i'm going to. i hope you'll leave a few in the comments.

i wish i didn't have to have a real job. like wtf price of cambridge. do you KNOW how lucky you are? how can i make a living off being a sarcastic asshole on the internet? what is this lifeeeeeeee?

i wish scoobs slept in. 4am three days in a row. thanks dude.

i wish i looked like this.

i wish i could run more than a mile without feeling like a humpback whale that's trapped on a sandbar.

i wish manfriend did all the things i wish he did but never told him i wished he did. (???)

i wish i lived somewhere cool. rock on greensboro, nc., you shithole.

 i wish ANYONE snapchatted me. :( (kidanikatie. please. any snaps. any?)

i wish people would stop ending emails and/or texts like this...


i wish it was friday.

what do you wish?

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  1. Omg let's talk all day about the things I wish John did without me having to ask him to do. Everything from bringing the garbage can in from the curb to having the house clean when I come home from work. Once, just once! Andddd teach me how to snapchat and I'll snap with you all day erry day. I'm clueless

  2. i sat here for a good 5 minutes thinking about what i wished for and drew a blank. not bragging or anything but things are so awesome right now and i would change a thing.

    but when things were crappy at work a few weeks back, i did wish that some people would just get fired because they're so stupid!

  3. I wish I was independently wealthy so I could do nothing all damn day. I have two months off between jobs earlier this year and doing nothing was totally what I want to do everyday.


    also yea i'm not sure about snapchat. is it neccessary?

  5. I kind of love this post! And really? Why can't guys just be mind readers and KNOW what we want them to do??

  6. I wish I was born a trust fund baby so I could travel whenever I wanted and do lots of charity, non-profit, and fun jobs that make a shitty salary because the money really wouldn't matter.

    Britt @ One&20

  7. Oooooh I like this. Its hard as a blogger to not be all sunshine and rainbows all the time because we feel like that what we should present. Good on you for keeping it real.

  8. haha love this. my fucking dog needs to sleep in too! and i don't even know what snapchat is or i would chat you.

  9. Totally guilty of the ... - used when I've been far too exclamatory but a period seems to abrupt. Oops!

    I wish cheese had no calories and running was fun and there were more hours in the day to use for fun stuff, not work.

  10. You are hilarious! And from Michigan, which makes you even better!

    I wish food had no calories and I could eat whatever I want without worrying about gaining weight or what my thighs will look like after.

    I wish guys understood girls better and could talk through their emotions.

    And I wish money grew on trees.

    Over and out.

  11. I wish you lived by me and we could become real life friends. I thought you said RUM?! Ha! Pretty sure when I attempt to run my body is like WTF - who do you THINK you are?

  12. Seriously, let's bitch all day every day - there's a lot to complain about and letting yourself express your shit list every once in a while is the most cathartic thing of all time. Inspiration from an inspiration linkup - how perfect!

  13. you just got a snap chat. you're welcome.

  14. I wish you still lived in the Mitten so that we could get white girl wasted at dive bars. Eff you, geography.

  15. And, while we're complaining about things... can I rant about technology's total lack of respect for my O'Irish last name? As evidenced by my comment above, website coding is a big a-hole that just wants to deuce all over the apostrophe in my name. Why keep just the one correct character in her name when we can substitute it for an ampersand, pound sign, random numbers and a semicolon?! Makes TOTAL sense. If you're brain stopped developing after potty training.
    I can't decide if the random and incorrect characters in place of the apostrophe is better or worse than the sites that just omit the apostrophe all together. I'm not removing letters from your last night, so politely stop dicking around with my name thankyouverymuch. I just want my name to be consistently correct. Is that so much to ask. I don't want mail for Emily O. Grady, Emily Ogrady or Emily O(*^*&(*%$$*Grady. Stop, computers. Just stop.

    Okay...felt good getting that off my chest. Thanks for creating the forum for my petty rants. :) loveyoubye

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