Monday, July 1, 2013

Running Barefoot in the Rain

monday you slore.

however it is a 3 day work week so i'm staying postive, happy and full of MERICA thoughts for the holiday this week.

what a weekend. first and foremost.

happy 6 months scoobs you little shithead.

i honestly never thought i could love a little dude so much even though you hate me.

this weekend was a wonderful weekend of just me and the manfriend. it was so much needed because i honestly feel like, when you're so close with someone or with them all the time, sometime you lose out on the quality time. you know?

friday we went to this awesome bar they just put up in greensboro that i reviewed on my beer blog. we had too many beers and then came home and walked scooby doo!

saturday scoobs rose at effing zero dark thirty so i nursed some coffee and enjoyed my pup time.

we headed for bloodys at our favorite local bar and then to a winery all day where we talked and scooby met scrappy doo!

^zomg i love my men.

sunday was my favorite day. manfriend and i crated shithead and headed for a day in durham. we saw monsters university and i loved it. after we came out it was absolutely pouring so we literally took off our shoes and ran for cover. it was one of those nicholas sparks moments for sure.

not to get all mushy and but i just love manfriend and i can't wait to see what happens next.  
some logistics.

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also ZOMG TOMORROW IS THE START OF THE TALL TAILS LINK UP WITH ME AND ADRIANA. so tune in tomorrow with a tale about your pet. so fun.

how was your weekend?

Sami's Shenanigans


  1. Your weekend was so freaking cute it kills me. I'm quickly learning that sometimes you just gotta lock the little pooper in the crate, throw your guilt out the window and enjoy time with your man!

  2. I got mega distracted by the beer blog but I did read this update so I'm leaving a comment! So many lols on the cat wedding E card! I had a lazy Sunday with my lover and it was freaking awesome. I too, needed that time.

  3. Awesome beer choice I just had their rubaeus last night it was delish

  4. Scoobs is getting so big! And weekends with guy + dog are the best!!!

  5. well aren't you just cute and make me want to vom with your nicholas sparks moment.

  6. Awe he was the cutest pup!! Looking forward to linking up tomorrow!

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