Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tall Tails: 5 Ways I Wish I Was Like Scoobs

i seriously can't believe it's here. i am so, so, SO DAMN excited to be co-hosting the tall tails link up with my love adriana and her girl lil.

so please share a story, a rhyme, a pic, or anything about your pet (any pet!) and link up and then click around and giggle and boo boo kiss about how cute all the pets are the end.

so without further adeiu

five ways i wish i was like scooby:
1. i'd eat two perfectly proportioned meals a day. no shit, guys, my dog has the diet down. he's thin, lean, and he likes it. he eats perfect portions twice a day. he isn't snacking on chips and guac and a cookie ice cream sandwich at 11pm. not that i am...

2. i'd love walks. you know what's boring? walks. like at least with a run i know i'm burning some major cals. at least i can balance my kindle on the elliptical and read. but walks? eh. scoobs? effing LOVES them. he's consistently working on his fitness. i'd have the ass of beyonce if i wanted to walk that much.

3. i'd get a shit ton of energy at 9:30pm. is it just me or is everyone in their pajamas at 6:30pm? because i am. i am effing exhausted all. the. time. probably because scoobs is up at the crack of dawn every day. but seriously? my dog absolutely loses his shit and goes batshit cray at 9:30pm. runs around the house, barks, does laps, jumps, etc. why can't i have that energy?

4. i'd get like eleventy billion likes on instagram. self-esteem boost? thanks very much. a selfie of me gets like 10 likes on insta. scoobs? 40 likes and 3 comments about how he's perfect. i wanna be at his level.

5. i'd have the regular poops of a God. i'm going to say something you all are thinking, i know it, but probably wouldn't say aloud. what's better than good ol' regular poos? eating crappy and all backed up and you feel like this.

regular poo? and all of a sudden.
my dog has the regular poos of the INVENTOR of pooing. 6 am, noonish, 6pm, 9pm.

and every. single. time. i think- wow i'd feel good if that were my day.

cool judge me. but you think it too.

what are ways you wish you were like your pet?
Grab a button and link up your posts about your
 pups, kittens, bunnies, lizards, birds and hamsters!!
Tall Tails Link Up


  1. Gahh walking is soo boring. I wish I was as interested in anything as Bo is in any of his toys. Like, a plastic water bottle?!? Isn't this the greatest thing ever?!?

  2. My dogs love running. I love their energy. They are so happy all of the time, no matter what they are doing!

  3. HAHA love this! and i agree with all of it (including the poops)

  4. haha I literally laughed all day!! Couldn't agree more on all account!! I most envy my dog's gorgeous mane!

  5. Hahaha!! He is pretty perfect I have to say.
    I admit, I scroll through everyone's instagram selfies and only hit like on photos of dogs and alcohol. I should be ashamed, but I'm not.

  6. My dogs get more likes than I do too. We're helping feed their ego. As if it isn't big enough. But scoobs is pretty awesome. I think he is perfect.

  7. i love this and i love scoobs! and you are so right on with #4. I made fred a facebook profile one day when I was drunk and he got 90 f-ing followers within like two days. I had to pay for that crap with the blog!

  8. bahahah gotta love a poo of the gods!

  9. Ok, I love this whole post. And #5 had me laughing like an idiot at my work computer. I mean, seriously, right?!

  10. Too funny. Animals get all the IG love.

    I JUST posted about my cat last week so I linked that up. Hope that's okay! Two cat posts in two weeks may make me look a little obsessed with my cat. I mean I am and all but I have to try to hide it on the internet...

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