Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tall Tails: Help. I Worry Too Much

a semi serious tall tails post is about to begin. 

i worry way too much. about my dog.

how do i stop this?

the weird thing is, i worry a ton about my cats and their safety and well being, but for some reason my dog takes it to a new level. i'm mentioning this because in late august/september we're taking two large trips and i'll have to leave scoobs for the first time.

now, of course i hate leaving my baby kitties benny and gus gus. of course. but i have an amazing pet sitter who stops in once a day and i know they're fine because hell, they're cats. they're down for any day they can sleep all day and have fresh food and water. plus they are in their home and they are safe and sound and cuddled in my perfect little home. scoobs is different.

he NEEDS me. me. not some stranger. i'll be honest, i even worry slightly when he's just with manfriend.

yesterday i dropped scooby off at doggy day care for the first time. it is a wonderful kennel out in the country who does doggy day care and boarding. when i drove up i remember thinking, oh this is beautiful, this is better than i thought. i was trying to get him used to the kennel as well as have friends to play with while i'm working all day. sounds great, right? but after i drop him off i got in the car and i bawled. i was that upset about the prospect of ever leaving him in a kennel. now this is ridiculous, because he won't always be able to have a pet sitter or be in his home. it's just not the way with dogs. we'll need to find a kennel we like where ever we live because we love travel. 

but guys i was full on ugly cry sobbing.

^how would any of you leave this effing dog. HOW.

on an even more serious note, this is actually a huge sensitive icky spot with manfriend and i. it pisses manfriend off how much i worry about the dog. and i recognize it. it is out of control. but i can't stop. he's my first pup, first little dude i've raised. i worry about him in this kennel, getting over played, getting too hot, getting sick, getting hurt by another dog, missing me, hating me.

crazy huh? crazy girl. or am i?

i refuse to believe all of you who adopt puppies just throw them at kennels or sitters no problem and go on vacation without another thought.

or maybe you do?

how do i overcome this worry? tall tails help!

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  1. This is amazing and exactly what I do! I drive my fiance crazy... but how can we help it?!! It's our natural motherly instinct at rule!

  2. Aww the way you feel is completely normal and you need to not be so hard on yourself. (Meaning tell manfriend to shove it, youre a fur-mama) I think that once you see all the fun photos of the time baby had at daycamp you'll realize that it's okay to be away every once in a while, but it's not going to be easy at first.

  3. totally normal. pets are like children and you'll have the same angst if you have kids down the road. when i first left my daughter in daycare, i cried in my car in the parking lot after i dropped her off! but you soon realize that they'll be ok; just as scoobs will be ok.

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  4. You know I'm a huge worrier too, especially when it comes to traveling! I think it's totally normal but John hates it too. And I feel bad, but I can't help it! Especially because we can't communicate with them to explain what is happening (oh god, now I'm starting to sound crazy) I just try to keep reminding myself 'they are pets, THEY ARE PETS'. As long as they have food, water and shelter, which you of course make sure they do, everything is going to be just fine.

  5. I'm the exact same way. I have literally had people tell me "Linds, she's a dog, not a CHILD." And my response? "She IS my child!!!" I'm lucky though because my mother in law adores her and is always happy to take her for several days at a time. She takes her everywhere, like Paris Hilton. I get photo updates and everything. It makes me feel better to know she's with someone who loves on her 24/7. No, you are totally not irrational...and your baby will never hate you :)

  6. We ask Lil if she wants to "go see her friends?" aka go to the kennel and she gets SO PUMPED. I think they like it. It's like a vaca for them too. And I like to think Lil appreciates me more when she gets home. Although the last time I dropped her off I was signing the waiver and they just took her away. I made them bring her back out so I could say bye. Normal.

  7. Oh Katie, your pets are so lucky to have you! Just try to remember that the people at the kennel do this every day so they will know to look to make sure his needs are met. You are doing great to try to help him adjust! If this doesn't work, do you have a friend or can you find a smaller boarding place who you can leave him with who you can text, get pics from, etc.? My SIL travels a lot so her dogsitter knows her and sends pics pretty much daily. You still have time and I'm sure you'll both adjust!

  8. you are not alone. I am always like, "is fred breathing funny?" and my manfriend gets all annoyed and tells me to relax. they are our babies it is normal to worry about um!

  9. You are absolutely NOT alone. I worry about the look on my dogs face at times, if she lays in a new spot, if she doesn't react the way I think she should to something, etc. INSANE and I'm 100% okay w/it. We have our dogs for such shorter periods then we should, I wish they got to live the years us humans can, they bring so much into our lives and literally live for us to come home and do things w/them so why shouldn't we worry about them the way we do? You're all good, I wish every dog out there had owners like us.

  10. I totally understand where you are coming from! I am the same way! Lucky for my husband and I, when we go out of town, both of our parents are close enough that they watch him for us and we know he gets spoiled with them, so I don't worry too much when we leave him. However, when we first got him (9 weeks old), I was super upset when I had to leave him during the day and go to work. I worry about him all the time. I mean, he is my baby. I literally love him like he is my child. I think your dog is lucky that he has a mom that loves him and worries about him so much :)

  11. Luckily my parents watch my dog when I'm gone but I have thought about what it would be like to have her at a kennel and it worries me too!

  12. I worry about my dog too. Incessantly. When I leave and have to leave her by herself, I panic a bit and think about everything that might be out that she could hurt herself with or get into. I've turned around and double-checked things more than I'd like to admit. I also have a fear of the house catching fire with her inside by herself. But luckily my parents live close and dog-sit her while I'm at work. She's literally like a child to me. I think that's why so many fur-mommas worry -- because these dogs are like our children, but just can't tell us exactly what they need or want or don't want. I'm also lucky that I've found a guy that tolerates, at least, my obsessive worry about the dog. You're not alone. :-)

  13. I know exactly how you feel about worrying! My little fur baby had an allergey attack and her snout was swollen I cried for hours! Its amazing how they can have such an affect on your life!

  14. You are so not alone. Except my first "real" pet, as in he was my complete responsibility, was a cat. We went to Cancun last year for a week and my parents wanted to put him in a kennel... which meant he would literally spend the entire 8 days I was gone in a small box when he's an indoor/outdoor cat. I saw the space and freaked out, immediately removed him from it, and took him home. I talked my boyfriend into coming to check on him everyday for me and it worked out fine.

    Long story short, you're normal. At least you're a crazy dog person and not a crazy cat person.

  15. i know some pet places have live camera feeds so you can check on your puppy... does the place you'll be keeping the pup have that?

  16. You are not alone!! In fact we had friends watch Finn when we left on a vacation. Well - he got spooked and jumped the fence and was missing ALL NIGHT. We got a call from a little girl the next morning saying they found our dog. Happy ending but horrible story. Our pups rely on us for everything so it's okay to worry. We usually take Finn with us when we can and now I ask his parents to watch him. We drive him two hours away to stay with my in-laws. In fact the night we got home from our honeymoon we drove 2 hours straight from the airport because I missed him and had to see him RIGHT AWAY!!

  17. I left Hawkeye once when I went on a cruise, and I'd only had her for 3 months. She stayed with a friend and even though she was perfectly fine and they had a nice time (Rachel even taught her how to walk on a leash while I was gone, I could never master it!) I was totally traumatized and I haven't left her since. For the last 3 years. You're not alone!

  18. I can't blame you for worrying - I would worry too! Although I'm sure everything will be just fine when you're away! :)

  19. We took Winnie to daycare for 3 days for the first time about a year after we had her and she met another dog in the lobby and followed him back before we had even filled out our paperwork. We were so sad she didn't even say bye! She had a blast, but when we picked her up we took her to get ice cream so she would love us again. Totally irrational, but also totally normal. Also we took her to a new groomer once and she seemed nervous/didn't want to go (she LOVES her groomer) so we left... and took her with us. Makes sense, right? Also we had a wonderful petsitter but she moved away and we're leaving for 10 days in September. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't freaking out a bit about who's going to watch the dogs!

  20. Awww girl. I'm sorry. This sucks. I freak out about my dog too. Too often. It's just because we love them soo much. So much.

  21. Doggies are part of the family...they are our little fur babies!

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