Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tall Tails: When Gus Gus Stopped Eating

so i talk about scoobs a lot. but if you don't know, i actually have two other loves in my life. i'll discuss one.

this is gus-gus.
named after.
gus is the love of my life. as much as scoobs has taught me unconditional love, patience, kindness and how to clean up runny dog shit,

i'm a cray cat lady.

you too?

i rescued gus when he was one. he was covered in fleas, wouldn't eat and was scared of the world.
now he's incredibly overweight, scared of everything but me, addicted to food and is my snuggle kins fluff butt.
^he has to sit propped up against something because he is so overweight.

he's 26 lbs.


here's a story:

one day in march gus gus starting throwing up. i didn't think much of it because he pretty much does this daily since he has long gross hair. but it kept happening. then he stopped eating. then i freaked. because have you seen him? he likes eating.

i took him to the cat clinic and of course they do the thing where it's like "well we could just get fluids in him, monitor him for a bit and then see if he starts eating in a couple days"


"he has cancer or something and only four rounds of bloodwork and an xray will help and if you don't do it now it doens't look good"

why do vets do this to you? you feel like a freaking animal abuser if you take the conservative approach.

so i spent 700 on that crap.

found nothing.

wouldn't eat.

spent another 600 on crap.

wouldn't eat.

spent another 500.

at this point i was working from home sobbing i'd lose my baby. like i was borderline going to rob a wendy's and kill myself i went that batshit cray. picture me sucking up wet cat food in a syringe and trying to syringe feed my cat.

i'm. not. kidding.

so we went to the vet one last time. she suggested a $10 appetite stimulant.



like a starbucks grande skinny americano and a croissant.

f!cker started eating that night.


what's the most you've spent on your pet's vet bill?
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  1. We are such twinsies. And I'm in love with Gus. I would do anyyyything for Rick and Luce, including in February when I took them in for a routine teeth cleaning and the vet decided they each needed multiple teeth removed. To the tune of $1100. Like, are you FUCKING serious?! And what, am I gonna say no, please leave their bad teeth in their mouths? Gahhh. I'm still paying that shit off.

  2. hahaha, oh cats. They love to do that kind of stuff. Plus, he's adorable. One of our dogs had a lovely $3200 knee surgery - she has a metal plate and some screws in one knee so we call her the bionic dog. Of course, less than a year later and she needs the other knee done. Thank god I work in this field, otherwise I'd be broke and my dog would have 2 bum knees instead of just one!

  3. OMG, vets sometimes. How was this not the first thing they suggested? You are a great cat mama and Gus is precious!

  4. OMG haha yes I'm glad I'm not the only one who has had a ridiculous - and ridiculously expensive - catmergency! They do always make you feel like such shit!!! Even when she went for a regular checkup they got mad at me for her being overweight. She's 8 lbs. She's fine. PS Gus Gus is the best name ever.

  5. AHAHAHA this is HORRIBLE and also happens always.

  6. what a pretty kitty! and i love the name! why do pets have to be so expensive?!

  7. I probably would have done the EXACT same thing for my kitty, Zuko! He got sick 3 days after I adopted him and it was so scary! Luckily, it was just worms and I just had to force feed an 8 week old scared kitten meds for two weeks.... Definitely no scratches from that...

  8. HA!! Oh Gus Gus. That's bad. That's a lot of money. I haven't had any crazy Hawkeye bills. Only her yearly visit which is usually $300 (including all her tags because, like a car, you need a license to have a dog in Chicago. wtf.) I'm starting a savings account just for Hawkeye related vet bills that might come up like this!

  9. Holy heck!! That is a lot of moola! We have pet insurance on our pup just in case!

  10. your cat weighs more than a small toddler. impressive.

  11. OH my god that is the WORST!!! I've easily dropped over $1,000 on my cat. She broke two little toes (no idea how) and then later her face and paws kept swelling like every month. Lots of blood work and meds. Eventually it all stopped after like 2 years and we still have no idea why.

  12. ahh pets cost a goddamn fortune! I love gusgus though, especially his name!

  13. Awww Gus Gus is ADORABLE!!! I had a friend with a bird named Gus Gus growing up (after the mouse, as well :) ). Can we talk about the photo of him sitting up??? SERIOUSLY adorable. So happy I found your link up and to be your newest follower!


  14. I once paid $1,400 to have 25 hair ties removed from my cats stomach. This also led to a $130 haircut/dye job so that I no longer needed hair ties in my life.

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