Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tall Tails:I Named My Cat After A Sex Crimes Detective

so far in the most fabulous link up i've introduced you to scoobs and gus gus so last but not least:

here's benson.

named after:

yes, my cat is named after a sex crimes detective. judge.

now, benny is a unique soul. the best i can compare him to is that boy that drives you crazy. like 99% of the time he's cold as hell and won't give you one bat of the eye but then sometimes, 1% of the time, he's sweeter than all pets combined X a unicorn + swedish fish. you know?

when i went to the humane society to get ben he was the one cat everyone avoided. all the kitties were purring and cooing in their crates saying please take me home i'll cuddle the shit out of your feet. benny was literally hanging upside down in the cage gnawing at the wire door like he should be on paranormal activity 4 making a sound that can only be compared to a dying antelope. 

and i was all like.. "oh that one!"

ben's favorite activities include but are not limited to:

1. getting on the counter
2. licking windows in the dead of night so all you wake up to is the sound of his dry tongue on the glass (eff my life every night)
3.being cuddly and asking to get under the blanket, getting under there, then biting you and leaving
4. drinking water out of every device or receptacle but his bowl
5. eating any plant life ever in the house and then vomiting everywhere
6. beating the shit out of gus

7. beating the shit out of scoobs

8. beating the shit out of me
(he's front declawed stop panicking)
9. opening doors by himself, getting out, then howling to get back in
10.  catnip mice

ben's least favorite activities include but are not limited to:

1. respecting privacy
2. being good
3. being loving
4. getting off the counter
5. being any sort of friendly to gus
6. being any sort of friendly to scoobs
7. being any sort of friendly to me
8. the vet

all kidding aside, there is something about ben. i love the damn cat. he's smarter than any animal i've ever had, has the biggest personality ever, and that 1% of the time he's almost more snuggly then fluff butt gus.

i consider strangling him on the reg, though.

sidebar to this post. i feel like scoobs is regressing. he's about to be 7 months old. since we got him (before 4 months) he has been housebroken and didn't mind his crate. then yesterday he peed on the floor and this morning at 4am he started whining to get out of his crate. he hasn't done either of those things since the first week we had him. wtf is going on :( tall tails help.

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  1. I love the name benson! I'm obsessed with SVU.

    As for poor scoobs, Angus did that too but only for about two weeks, we're not sure if it was a diet change, stress or just being a baby that brought it on. We kept him in his routine and it stopped :)

  2. Ben and Rick would be two little asshole best friends. Tearing shit up and beating the crap out of their siblings all day erry day.

  3. My dog is named after a hockey player. No judgments here.

  4. Aww, so cute! Wish I had pets to write about!

  5. FYI- dogs go thru a "rebellious teenager" period and act like a complete asshole who pretends to not know rules for like 3 months. So that's prob scoobs now. Lil did it too.

  6. hahah he sounds like such a little asshole and i love it. I am not usually a cat person but i totally have an affinity for the weirdo cats!

  7. Cute name! I named my cat after Jack Bauer so yours can fight sex crimes and mine will torture terrorists. Which is basically what he did to a bug he found this morning...

  8. Bahaha. There is nothing like a mother's love. What we won't do for our furchildren??

  9. i won't judge, my cat is named after Robert DeNiro

  10. i don't know much about cats but i do like your cat's name and activities.

  11. Have you thought about having the crate as an option for him to go in and out of? Or does he chew stuff around the house?

  12. Oh, I love that you named your cat after her. So clever!

  13. hahah you solve those sex crimes, you crazy cat, you!

  14. these things happen all the time.

    xo The Egg

  15. Ahahahaha he sounds like such a handful!

  16. I love these videos. Btw, about the regression thing. Our trainer actually warned our class that it would happen and to be prepared for it!! So it's probably totally "part of the process" - they just need that continued training & consistency.

  17. Benson's name is awesome (as is Benson, my Rory is a grey tabby).