Thursday, July 18, 2013

Tattoo or No Tattoo?

serious post? is that cool?

i actually debated back and forth a lot regarding posting this. in fact, i wrote the whole thing, scheduled it, and then took it down because i was too "nervous". dumb? probably.

 but, i don't know, who wants to read the serious stuff? i guess we'll see. i like when you all open up to me, so that's what i'm going off of.

i've mentioned in multiple posts that i have a tattoo. i have three actually. two are silly crap from the years 18/19. let's not talk about my butterfly lower back tat. or that star on my foot i got on my 18th birthday in the ghetto of detroit while eating a love it birthday cake remix from coldstone.

i'm awesome.

however, one tattoo means a lot.

in august of 2011 i felt like shit hit the proverbial fan. not sure i'm ready to just put it all out there and feel so naked all over the internet (maybe one day?) but i struggled really badly. i found myself living back home with my parents in their guest room wondering what i was going to do next. you know those moments, you ever have them, when you feel like your life is literally passing you by, yet you're noticing really fine details? laying on that guest room bed i can't remember for the life of me what each day brought because it all ran together like the dirtiest river, but i can remember exact details: like how the ceiling fan sounded or what the room smelled like and certain songs that came on at certain times.

deep, katie, deep..

i think when it comes down to it, what i learned the most during that time in my life is that you have to forgive other people to forgive yourself. and most importantly, you have to own what is making you sad/angry/distant and make it yours. sure it could be someone or something causing your sadness, but if you own it and come to terms with it, you make it yours. you can then let it go.

it's pearl jam lyrics from the song release. which, i could go on and on why i chose this song, and all the ways it means a lot to me, but i wont because that's boring and you'd probably rather read about scoobs pissing on me and the like.

it's actually just the beginning of a larger tattoo that will cover all my calf (that's where it is at) which i'm finishing this october. i wanted this part to be about a certain period of my life. and i wanted to decide on the next part when i felt like i truly overcame that part. and i really feel that i have now. so in october... you can see the rest!


point being, life is never to short to grow, mature, start over, and live in the makes much more sense to live in the present tense.

i'm not one to hate on tattoos, i think they are an amazing form of art and self expression just like my girl brooke lyn over here and i truly think in 30 years i'll probably be able to rub a lotion on them to take them off.

so whatever.

but i think another point is that whatever you find beautiful, tattoos, piercings, none, dark clothes, pink clothes, makeup or no makeup... you should do it for you. just own you.

do you have a tattoo?       

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  1. I loooove it! Can't wait to see the rest in October. I don't have any tattoos. I'm horrible at making decisions and change my mind way too much to settle on any one thing. But now you've got me thinking about this whole living in the present thing... There are definitely a couple of changes I've been dying to make and just haven't...

  2. ooh yea! I wanna see the rest! I have a tattoo from when I was 20 that I'm like ehh about now. 3 stars, back of my neck, cliche much?

  3. I'm glad your past it and ready to finish it. I am a wuss and nothing has ever spoken to me like that, so no tattoos here. And I agree - blogs are better when the writer opens up so good for you for posting this!

  4. Amen girl. I have three. My dad has like...idk 7 now? So when I first decided to go get one even though my mom was all nooooo bad decision blah blah, my dad was like hell yeah let's go! I had one that I almost immediately regretted, and I covered it up with something else, but now I kind of wish I hadn't. Partly because I can see through the cover-up to the other tattoo (though other people say they can't...), and partly because now I actually like them both and it would be cool if they were just separated. Anyhoo, long story short, it's your body, do you!

  5. i think meaningful tattoos are amazing! I am excited to see the rest. I think even the silly tats we get as youngsters (i have 2 of those bad boys too) are awesome because they are a reminder of who you were.

  6. great point. you do what you want, don't worry what others think. tattoos aren't for me but that doesn't mean they aren't for you.

  7. I have two tattoos. The first being a tramp stamp - ugh foolish 18 year old decisions is right!! The worst part was that I wanted it to look like bird wings to symbolize "Dear god, make me a bird so I can fly far,far away from here" However they look more like blue angel wings - which looks even more like the Motorola symbol...utter failure.
    My second tattoo is a little heart on my wrist I share with my very best friends. Even though David said it looks like a prison tat I love it. And it actually has meaning behind it. Other than the meaning of "I was 18, freshman in college and I just got a tax refund"

  8. I love knowing the meaning behind people's tattoos! Even if they were just silly at 18. My best friend and I got small heart tattoos in between the time of our weddings (got married 2 months apart). It's the only one each of us have and we love it! I think it's a fun, meaningful expression and it's your body so no one else should care.

  9. Love your tattoo! those lyrics seems perfect for what you were going through and pearl jam is fantastic. My other tattoo is lyrics to a song by brett dennen that say ' blessed is this life' and then the rest of the lyric says 'i'm gonna celebrate being alive' but i only had so much room on my foot ;) Can't wait to see what your next stage looks like in Oct.

  10. i have several tats but i think that's it for me. my husband has many and is in the process of getting his 2nd sleeve. tats are beautiful art on bodies; mine are very significant but remain hidden (my back and hips).

  11. I have 2 tattoos, one is tiny and coverable (hopefully soon). The other I love, and have never regretted - it's definitely original.

    BTW, I love the serious posts too! That's what makes blogging cool in my opinion - getting to know people on funny days and also thoughtful days. :)

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