Wednesday, July 3, 2013

That Time My Dog Pissed On Me

first. you all seem to be loving the tall tails link up and that makes me squeal in excitement so please, it isn't to late to post and read others!

anyway, let's talk about yesterday.

so 4 weeks ago my ceiling in my master bath started leaking.

4. weeks.

so i call the property management company i rent through and inform them like a good little tenant.

1. they come out to "evaluate" i didn't cause it.
2. they say they need to call the HOA.
3. they say they don't know what it is.
4. they cut a huge hole in my ceiling.
5. they say they need a plumber.
6. the plumber takes 1 week to come out.

and then finally yesterday the plumber came.

ya with me?

so the plumbers come in wearing these:

and scoobs just effing lost it

he bucks into my lap and starts squealing. i'm like just go in your pen little man.


he is bucking against the gate, flailing about like a drunk on a plane that is about to be tazed.

so i'm like it's fine i'll just cuddle kins him and watch law and order: svu.

so i pull him into my lap as the plumber in booties comes in with a ladder.

the dog pisses.

squeals and pisses.

on. me.

so i can't shower because the plumbers are in there. and i can't even really do much except sit in the piss and still try to calm him down.

for 4 hours.

the rest of the day he wouldn't look at me.

i just...

i need some wine.

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  1. Im dying over this. so hilarious but I'd be fucking pissed. (piss-ed. HA. didn't even mean to do that) but damn what do you even DO in that situation?! hope you got a shower eventually, and hope your plumbing prob is fixed once and for all

  2. Ohhhh no that is terrible! It is so weird that booties set him off. I hope you ended the day with lots of wine.

  3. Oh no! .... silly dog! That's hilarious that is what made him mad!

  4. bahaahaahah. dying. love that you sat in the pee for hours and hours! well love might be too strong, i find it entertaining.

  5. Oh my gosh!! I hate to laugh at your situation here but this has me cracking up! Oh Scoobs.

  6. omg!! this is funny, yet at the same time poor Scoobs!! he hates shoes? sorry new around here (stopped by from the link up) hope he's better now

  7. Well, those booties are pretty disconcerting.

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