Monday, July 29, 2013

The Way, Way Back

i usually have a ton of great pictures for you because i'm usually doing 29824834 million things on the weekend, but i'm pleased to say this was the perfect summer weekend of doing nothing.

 this weekend i did awesome training for the dumbo double dare i'm completing in disneyland in 30 days. (if you have never "run disney" you should, by the way).

(peas are an amazing cold pack for after runs)

friday scoobs ate a chocolate (asshole) so we had to stay in and monitor him. manfriend got great burgers.

saturday after our run manfriend took scoobs for a bit so i could clean and shower in peace. then we watched downton abbey. then we saw the way, way back which was

the best movie i've seen in a long time go see it.

after we went for a drink which turned into 5 drinks which turned into eating this.

which turned into manfriend showing me how "hot" he'd be with a mustache.

panty dropper, that one. (sarcasm)

sunday i woke up not wanting to do a thing but i got my ass out there for a 6 miler. after we had an amazing brunch after and then saw wolverine.

then laid on our asses all day watching downton abbey and orange is the new black whilst eating seven layer bean dip.

what is this amazing life of laziness?

today on my lunch hour i'm dropping scoobs off for his first afternoon at doggie daycare. i just can't. like i'm so nervous. but he's so out of control energy lately i need an option. do any of you use a doggie daycare? 


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  1. The race you are doing sounds tough but I have heard great things about Disney races so I guess that is the place to do it! I've been wondering about that movie, so I'm glad to hear it was good.

  2. Lazy weekends are the all time greatest! Scoobs just ate the chocolate to make sure you stayed in the house, he meant well!

  3. Whatever that 'thing' is you ate looks amazeballs right about now. I haven't used a doggie daycare for Bo yet, but when we boarded him for six (!) days while we went on vacation, he was happy as a clam when we picked him up, as if nothing had happened. I'm sure scoobs will enjoy running the daycare staff ragged.

  4. Love lazy weekends. I'm hoping for one of those soon! The Way, way back looks sooo good. I need to see that ASAP


    also I feel we just need to live close to each other so Lil and scoobs can be fuck faces together

  6. Can you please tell me where I can find whatever that taco thing is you indulged in? I want.

  7. It must be in the water I had a pretty lazy weekend too! And I take my pup to daycare and no joke he loves it!! he gets crazy when we get even close to teh building and never wants to leave.

  8. 6 miles......I feel so unaccomplished.

  9. Please post recipe for that delicious looking cheesy tortilla thing! Haha, I'm gonna need that

  10. you should probably tell your manfriend to get on that mustache situation like yesterday. reallllll looker with it.

  11. I'm dying to see The Way Way Back. It looks so good! I'm glad to hear your thoughts on it. I'm excited to go see it now.

  12. I keep hearing about Orange is the New Black but I don't have Netflix! Is it reason enough to join?

  13. how awesome was wolverine? hugh jackman looked so good and buff!

  14. Disney has runs?!! Too bad I live all the way in Texas...and can barely run a mile without collapsing.

  15. We use doggie daycare 2x a week. We pay a fortune for it but it's a priority. He comes home tired and happy. WIN. We tried a couple daycares before we found one we love. I wasn't over the top about the first two, and I'm really glad I didn't settle b/c the final one we found is amazeballs. :) I think you'll love that it gets some of his energy out!