Monday, July 15, 2013

The Weekend I Found a 52 Inch Flat Screen TV in the Dumpster

it didn't work.

 so whatever.

this weekend was filled with a lot of good things. which is great because monday makes us feel like this.

 saturday was full of a beer fest and then good burgers. 

and me being an ass:

it was literally the best beerfest i've ever been to! but i'm going to do a review here not here.


and here's my dog in a raincoat. don't hate.

Sami's Shenanigans

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  1. i love love love beerfests!! there are some awesome ones in michigan! too bad about that tv!

  2. HAHAHAHA. last picture. amazing

  3. Umm holy crap I was there too lol!

  4. My stella needs a rain coat! .... and I want to go to a beer fest!

  5. poor baby scoobs. such a cutie tho.

    also the kitten pic cracked me up.

    alsooo why did you bring the tv home?

  6. haha i love the kitten pic. yes. and maybe you can get the tv fixed?! right, maybe?! i don't understand how things work.

  7. seriously though, why are beer fests the best. also, another reason portland is great alllllll of the fantastic craft beer out here :)

  8. Ha! I love that you took the TV out of the trash!! :)

  9. Beerfest? That sounds amazing!!!

  10. If that TV had worked it really would've been the best weekend ever. A weekend involving a beerfest still sounds pretty good, though :)

  11. Hey there! I'm Meg and new to the blog land. Just wanted to say that your dog plus a raincoat is seriously the funniest thing ever, I didn't even know they made those!

  12. Youre hilarious! And a beerfest sounds AWESOME! Following from the hop!

  13. can't believe you found that TV in the dumpster!

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