Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Workout Wednesday: My First Barre Workout Class

so have you guys heard of these barre workouts? they're supposed to be all the rage and make you look like heidi klum overnight.

so when i saw a groupon i was DOWN.

flash forward: me shaking like a leaf wondering what kind of sweet hell i'd just lived through.

flashback: me entering the studio thinking it was dumb.

here we go.

so i got to the studio where i found a group of about 10 girls.

ya know? so i was immediately like holy shit just get me back to my elliptical at the YMCA where i can sing blurred lines and half ass a HIIT workout.

i stayed.

the girls instructed me to get a listing of equipment:

a ball

 this band thing

and weights.

now there were 1 lb weights and 2 lb weights and i thought this is dumb. i went for the 2 lb and the girl said "i recommend 1 lb weights if this is your first time".

k? don't you know i do crossfit once in awhile when i'm not lazy or hungover.

so i grabbed the 1 lbs.

the workout is 55 minutes and it is a series of moves where you are using your own body weight and this light equipment. there is a lot of squatting at the bar holding the bar between your legs while pulling the band with your arms.


i was laughing until i realized this shit is so hard i want to cry.

then there was the planking.

so. much. planking.

and as far as the weights? when you NEVER PUT THEM DOWN you'll be glad you only have 1 lbs. i couldn't do another arm circle with those weights if i tried.

holy crap.

like i had mentioned, my whole body was shaking when i was done, i've never experienced anything like it.

but really? it went by fast and it was fun. and i felt like if i did this a lot i would see a major change in my bod.

have you ever tried the barre class?

i think my next endeavor as far as working out will be bikram yoga. have you ever tried that either?

anyway. i really, really recommend if you see a groupon or living social for barre to try it. it is expensive but wow.

i think i'm hooked.


heidi klum

p.s. please, please go read my review of the gnarly head old vine zin on my wine blog here!!!

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  1. Gurrrl Heidi Klum aint got nothin on you! I haven't tried a barre class, I think I'd love it but I'm just not a fan of "scheduled" exercise. Ie it starts at 6, goes for an hour, every other week, etc.

  2. I have wanted to try those but there isn't one super close to me. I tried BodyCombat last night. I had no idea what it was, but basically you kick the ass of an imaginary assailant to music. I felt like The Karate Kid the whole time but my arms are a little sore today...

    Love the comparison, btw. That's me pretty much daily at the gym.

  3. I have zero motivation. which is dumb seeing as I've gained about 15 lbs in pure fat over the last 6 months. barre sounds serious tho. also bikram yoga is across the street from my apartment. I will never do it.

  4. Haha loved your review! I've heard a lot about it but didn't know what it is. Now that I do I'm pretty sure I'm not tough enough for it. Sounds like I would start puking within the first 5 minutes.
    Speaking of puking: I've done Bikram a few times. Talk about living hell!
    There are a few rules if you wanna give it a try:
    1. Do not, under any circumstances, try it in the summer. You will feel so incredibly hot, sweaty and rock a bright-red face that you need the cold air of winter to cool you down after.
    2. Don't eat anything for about 3 hours before the class or you will puke. True story.
    3. Don't wear make-up! It just melts off your face and drips on your towel and you will have to roll around in it for the class.
    4. Be prepared to see ppl of all shapes and sizes wear basically nothing. Bathing suits, sweat-soaked shirts (see-through-alert!)and crunched up shorts are all part of the experience.

    The workout itself is great - but the heat is too.much. But I think everybody should try it at least once!

    xo Miriam

  5. oh man I will have to try that. I always want to die during classes then feel awesome after

  6. I've been wanting to try barre for awhile and there's a groupon right now but man, am I scared! I was a cheerleader in high school and worked out like 5 hours a day but now I prefer sitting, eating and elevators...

  7. i have been wanting to try one of these classes my friend raves about them. bikram on the other hand, i sweat like i am in a sauna without actually being in the hot room, no thanks.

  8. I've been wanting to try it!

  9. The best part of this is the title in Bloglovin' followed by "The time I almost died photo" again - you have me laughing! :)

  10. I have done barre and bikram and boy is it an esteem-killer when I am the youngest in a room full of middle-aged moms and they are all owning it while I struggle in an embarrassing sweat trying to catch my breath! I still love barre though :)!

  11. I looooove bikram yoga, I'm a huge fan. HOWEVER. Start hydrating THE DAY BEFORE. I'm not joking. Drink so much water. If you do that, I am 98% sure you will love it.

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