Thursday, August 15, 2013

Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy

anyone remember that skit? love.

so scooby woke me up at 4:30am this morning.




and after wanting to die 29384 times i crawled out of bed and went to let him out. and i was greeted by the most gorgeous cool morning. and something about it took my breath away.

i can't believe summer is ending. 

i can't believe it's almost been a year since i met manfriend.

i can't believe we've had scooby since may.

i can't believe my niece is going to be four.

i can't believe we leave for california in 2 weeks.

i can't believe i survived the awful of 2012..

i can't believe..

time is flying by but the worst thing is i feel like i'm taking moments like that for granted. cool mornings, pink sunrises, amazing concerts that make your throat hurt from singing. so often i feel like we get in the routine, the schedule, i'm frustrated by nonsense, i'm nagging manfriend, i'm yelling at scoobs. even after this cool morning i sat down at my desk and realized i did the same thing this morning.

i was frustrated at myself about not being able to learn to swim, i was frustrated at scoobs for being hyper, i was frustrated at manfriend for snapping at me. i got to my desk and sat down and stared at my computer like "another day. is this really it?"

and right now, to pay the bills, yeah. 

but it doesn't have to be. because, i'm blessed, and i love my friends and family and i love laughing with my coworkers all day and i love my dog even when he ruins my black pants with hair on the regular. 

so i vow to:

walk the dog during cool evenings and take pictures of the sunset.

listen to new music every day.

buy my favorite fall candles even if it is only august.

read more books.

start a new series on netflix and watch it all.

go pick apples.

drive somewhere new with manfriend and just enjoy each other's company.

take more photos. 

stop worrying so much.

happy thursday everyone.    

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  1. Amen. And--I love me some Jack Handy.

  2. yes to all. it's tough to break away from the routineness of it all (i know it's not a word but legit supports my comment, right?) but sometimes this is why change can sometimes be good.

    Vodka and Soda

  3. Yes, just yes! Sometimes we get so busy and so crazy hectic we forget to stop, breathe, and look around at all that is awesome! I so need to remember this when I am stressed and overwhelmed. Thanks!

  4. you should watch friday night lights on netflix if you haven't. so good. also, i totally get the feeling. yesterday the bf, told me that we need to be better about not out-spiting each other... my initial reaction was to make a snarky comment right back, but then i realized he was right. ugh.

  5. It's hard to remember to enjoy life as its happening. Especially in our culture. Its always go go go, onto the next. Good for you setting some concrete goals to enjoy the moments.

  6. Katie, this is just so awesome. You really put it perfectly in words. I'm guilty of this too. Sometimes I think back on moments that could have been really perfect if only I wasn't so stressed over something else! None of us are promised tomorrow so we need to learn to stop and smell the roses once in a while. LOVE your list :)

  7. Last night I did a pilates class and at the end she said something that stuck with me "thank your body for everything it was able to do today" We so often take for granted things we just get used to having or seeing. So I am right there with you to appreciate the moment and soak it all in!

  8. Perspective. That has been my most common thought lately because I definitely need it. I spend so much time wasting the day away or wishing it was Friday or thinking about how much an aspect of life sucks that I forget to make good use of my time, be grateful for the mundane weekday nights at home where I can relax, and realize that so, so many people have it worse. I love your list!

  9. this is so nice. we all need to do it!

  10. I'm totally guilty of just going through the motions of my day, it's so sad! There really are such amazing little things each & every day, I'm trying hard to search them out, but I'm usually too busy bitching about something that happened the day before.

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