Monday, August 19, 2013

Doing the Right Thing

a fun thing happened just now. and by fun i mean kick you in the crotch fantastic.

so i was pulling into a space into the parking deck at work. people were parking weird and i shouldn't have tried to fit but i did and i scraped a car. i immediately went and parked up and then buffed it out but felt awful. everyone near my desk said get over it but i couldn't so i wrote up a note with my name and number and email and told the person to contact me and i'd pay to paint. keep in mind this car was like a 95 corolla piece of shit and i was more devastated my car would need some paint.

a little while later my director showed up at my desk.

i'm not shitting you. the cops came.

i immediately begin freaking out that someone is hurt not putting two and two together about this little scrape. because my manager and the effing cops were at my desk.

but no.

they told me i was involved in a hit and run. 


so i go down to the parking date where this batshit crazy lady is holding my note standing by the other cop bawling her eyes out. when she sees me she screams

"how could you do this to me on a monday!?"


like guys i scraped her shitty car, felt bad, and left a note offering to pay to repaint.

so i'm not going to lie, i started bawling my eyes out. i was shaking i was crying so hard.

because like, i felt like a criminal and i was so freaking embarrassed i can't describe it to you on the blog. 

so the cop exchanged our info and i said to the lady crying "i'm so sorry, i was trying to do the right thing, i can just pay for the quote without insurance, i work right in the building with you."

and she looked at me with a glare and said

"that's illegal and everything you did today was illegal."

 i'm not going to do the right thing anymore.

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  1. What a crazy lady, it's not like she was in the car when you bumped it so how else would you have contacted her but to leave a note?

  2. WTF; that lady is a total biatch. it's not like you were an asshole and just left but you actually LEFT A NOTE which like, 0.01% of the population would have done. it's people like her that totally kills humanity.

    Vodka and Soda

  3. Did the cops say what the right course of action would have been? I don't get it - what a bitch! Isn't she happy you left a note instead of nothing?

    This happened to me once - I rear ended (like, ever so slightly bumped from like 3mph)... in bumper to bumper traffic. Both of us pulled over to the side, exchanged info, and a week later I was served with a hit-and-run police report thing. The bitch lied and said I took off. I was like, um how do I have her insurance info, then??? She got caught trying to fraud insurance for multiple things. But anyway, I wonder if the police just need you to file an official thing. Geez, people suck sometimes.

  4. oh no no no. NO. people suck so bad.

  5. How did that even qualify as a hit and run? I don't understand! If you left all your info there was nothing more that you could do! Hope your day gets better!!

  6. whoa?! you left a note and she called the cops on you?! not cool, betch. not cool.

  7. Oh no!! That is absolutely terrible!! What a crazy psycho. I can't even believe it came to that. I hope your day/week gets better

  8. WHAT?!
    How is that a hit-and-run?
    Were you supposed to call the cops when you hit it?
    I thought leaving a note with insurance WAS what you were supposed to do. Now I'm confused!
    I can't believe she made that big of a deal, though. Especially if you buffed it out.
    Britt @ One&20

  9. Okay. That's stupid. In Tennessee, at least, you're not even supposed to call the police if the damage is under a certain amount--at least that's what the officer told me in Knoxville when these jackasses in front of me intentionally slammed on their brakes so I would "rear end" them. (It was a love tap--no damage) I'm surprised the police officers didn't give her grief for wasting their time. How can it be a hit and run if the car is right there and you left a note? I'd definitely research that. Find a friend who's a lawyer who will then scare you shitless with the worst possible scenario and then tell you what will probably happen, which is significantly better. Oh, and remember the time two fine upstanding citizens (Ryan and me) almost got arrested in LAX. Ah, good times.

  10. Awe I am so sorry!! I think this should be a sign that it's time to fulfill your wanderlust desire and move!! Too many shitty things have been happening to you!

  11. How does that even count as a hit and run. OMG people are so crazy!!! I'm so sorry that happened to you! :(
    ps- I thought you were suppose to leave a note...

  12. Ummmm what? We're you supposed to sit in your car and wait for her to get off work for it not to be a hit and run? She sounds insane!

  13. ohhh what a bitch! it would have taken me so much not to punch her in the face. i'm so sorry you had to deal with that. you did the right thing, she's obviously a miserable person. for her to even say "how could you do this to me on a monday", she has other issues that have nothing to do with you. crazy old wench.

  14. no good deed goes unpunished. sounds like a dinged car is the least of that broad's problems.

  15. whaaaat? how is that illegal? a hit and run would be if you hit her car and... ran away. and/or if someone was injured. you easily could've not left a note and she could be out of luck. what a jerk!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  16. I'm is that illegal? Like...what?!? I'm so sorry hun. Karma's a you know what though...she'll get hers.

  17. Holy Crap... Crazy lady alert? I'm so sorry. Apperently she doesn't know the law quite well!

  18. seriously? America is crazy!! That's a nightmare - I would have been bawling crying too! What a b*tch!

  19. Wow. No. Seriously. I don't understand why some people (like you) think really hard about things and how other people might be affected by them and others (crazy bitch lady over here) spend literally ZERO time considering how or why something happened and just assume they are always the victim. Seriously she probably tries to get grocery baggers and gas station attendants fired. Ugh. Try not to let her deter you from continuing to be an amazing person!!

  20. gotta love when you do the right thing and get shit on

  21. Fuck that shit. What a crazy lady. So sorry they embarrassed you at work of all places! I hope everything works out!

  22. Oh hell no! What a psycho bitch! People suck!

    Earlier this year, a woman tried to change lanes into my lane and hit the side of my car (I must have been in her blind spot, or she didn't look first, idk). Anyway, she kept going like nothing happened! Wtf bitch? No. So I chase her down and as I'm waving to her to stop, she gives me the middle finger like I was the asshole! So I keep waving and honking and finally got her to pull over. I yelled at her and called the cops. I was so fuming mad she had hit me and was running! I just wanted the cops to yell at her! So cop came, didn't do anything because there was no proof of what she did. We exchanged our info via the cop, and later that day my insurance company clled me and told me she was saying that I hit HER! Wtf?! People are such assholes! And she had a Jesus fish on her car, too! Some Christian she is!