Thursday, August 1, 2013

Eight Goals for August

holy august

can. you. believe. it?

i feel like 2013 is flying by faster than a friends marathon on tbs. for the first time ever as i'm starting this month i wanted to list some goals to complete before the month is over. will you help me be accountable? i'm being legit. you should do your own too! i'll bug the crap out of you to complete them.

eight for august

1. get a hybrid bike and sign up for the tour de tanglewood

2. successfully swim 200 meters in the pool

3. do something special for manfriend each week in august

4. organize all my clothes, handbags and shoes and donate/sell where i can

5. log my calories into my fitness pal each day in august even if i eat like a walrus and am 219823098 calories over my daily limit

6. teach scooby "place" and "bang"

7. do this pinterest thing proving i actually do ONE thing i pin

8.follow this running schedule, no cheating (i'll allow for rain delays/makeups)
what are your goals for august?

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  1. oh em gee. I cannot commit to lunch plans let alone a whole set of goals for the month. rock on, sista

  2. #7 let's do it. Like you gotta harass me to do it. but I want (NEED) to do it. k? make me.

  3. dayum with those goals. they are loftier than my goals for the entire year, but I am a bit of an underachiever :)

  4. I'n thinking I can do 25 miles in a month. That's nothing, right? Except when you're me and you're lazy, but it's pretty attainable as a first month goal. There. I said it. Let's see if I follow through.

  5. Awesome, I do Eight Goals too! (Only because Eight Great Goals sounds better than Five Great Goals). I can't wait to see the cuteness for manfriend each week. I let my guy pick my 8 today -eek! I'm in on the Ab challenge!

  6. my goal for august is to get through this month at work without losing my shit and bitch-slapping someone...which is proving to be difficult because the people i work with are total morons.

    -Kathy | Vodka and Soda

  7. Those running shins hurt just looking at them, but you GO girl. I've nvr accomplished one thing I've pinned...except maybe a hairstyle so good on you for that too.

  8. sigh me up for this ab challenge too!!!!

  9. Reading all that running made me tired. Nap time.

  10. My goals + your goals = almost the same. I'm running the Disneyland 10K this year (no Dumbo, tho. My first 1/2 is going to be Tinkerbell next year) so I'm deep into training mode: 2.5mi Tues/Thurs, then long run on Saturday. Also doing a 30-day arm challenge, cuz I saw my arms flapping in the fan breeze during spin class and was like, omg no buenos. And amen to the calorie logging... as I sit here sipping on a venti Mocha from Starbucks.

    PS. First time commenter, but been following you since Betamouse (RIP, Betamouse :( ).

  11. Love these goals. I am running a half in Sept so my goals look similar but just different days. Yeah!

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