Friday, August 9, 2013

Fitness Friday: Stride Box Review

just to note: this is my own review. no one is giving me free crap yet.

how do i go about getting free stuff anyway?

so i signed up for stride box awhile back and this week my first one came in the mail. i was a little skeptical because this isn't like yay play birchbox. this is running stuff. boring, right? but i'm training for the dumbo double dare, so i figured this would be the perfect month to start these. especially since i'm obsessed with finding the best gels/chews and re-hydration and refuel when i'm distance running. to be fair, this does NOT have to be just for running. if you worked out regularly and just wanted to get healthy you'd love this box.

i opened this sucker not expecting all the stuff. like it was a lot of stuff! stride box is $20 and i'll say, it is well worth the $20.

health warrior chia bar and island boost energy fuel. i'm super excited to try this energy re-fuel mid run because it is actually a liquid not a gel. and gels can be so gross.

carb energy chews in fruit punch and orange. i love clif's shot blocks so i can't wait to try these mid workout as well.

gatorade endurance formula which is a mix with water formula so it is perfect for traveling to races and surge energy gel in expresso, which, again, most gels suck so i'm always looking for new.

there was also a kind bar which i accidentally ate before reviewing this because they are so good and an awesome cool towel to try post run.

i'm so, so pumped for stride box to help my workouts. plus, if you like the samples, there is a percentage off for all full size, that is so cool to me. that every single item has a discount.

what do you think of this whole "box" craze? are you guys running any cool races soon?

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  1. I haven't done any boxes cause I'm too cheap. But I could get down in buying some of these individually if you like them

  2. If someone tells you how to get free stuff, share those secrets with me. A coworker randomly gave me the Gatorade chews and I think they helped (though I have never tried any products like that before) and the orange ones were pretty yummy.

  3. I haven't done the subscription boxes because I don't like paying for things I may not like or use (I hate waste) but I could totally get behind a fitness one!!

  4. Check out it's a product review site and if they think you have enough social media presence they will send you stuff to review!

  5. heyooooo! this box looks awesome.

  6. KIND BARS ARE SO GOOD!!! I've had the chia bars and did not like them at all :(
    i've been dying to try those gatorade chews, the commercial gets me excited!

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