Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hometown Woes

i wasn't going to blog monday. sorry! i was going to put a haphazard weekend post up but i didn't love it, and frankly, i want to get away from just posting to post. content with no meaning or heart or laughs isn't what i ever wanted, i love telling the tales that get thoughtful responses or genuine belly laughs and i've found that sometimes i feel obligated to just put something half ass up here and i want to get away from it. i get behind on comments and thoughtful posts and responses too because of it and that isn't what i love. (i'm trying to respond to every one of you!) so with that all being said--do you all sometimes feel this way?

but what really happened on monday is that late in the afternoon the cops came to my desk like i was a crazy criminal. i then blogged about that. you can read it here.
anyway, this post certainly is from the heart. many of you know i grew up about twenty minutes outside of detroit, michigan. since then, i've relocated to north carolina because of work and because my parents and brother moved down here for work as well. i made the choice to leave my extended family and home for my close family and i never regret it. but let's be honest.

i miss my home.

i miss detroit.

do you all live in the place you grew up surrounded by everyone you know? if you do, you are one of the lucky ones! while i think it's important to get out and spread your wings and live somewhere different, the place one grows up is home. and there is something about detroit that lives in your veins. i think of it like the people who grew up in new york or something. the city, its culture, its nuances, live in me. people in detroit know what a hani is, live for chili cheese fries, get up and get tim hortons in the morning. we say pop, not soda. we love verners and better made chips and faygo pop. we go "up north" and now how to pronounce mackinac and know how to drive in the snow!

i miss detroit.

it makes it worse that i..

i hate the south.

i love the weather, and have met great people, but to be honest, i do not fit in here.

and it really upsets me.but i just don't fit right in the south.

and it makes my wanderlust awful.

and if it weren't for my mom and dad and brother and sister-in-law and nieces being here i'd go nuts.

where would you love to live?

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  1. i grew up in toronto in the suburbs and although i've moved around, i've always been here. my friends are here too and to be honest, i LOVE my city!

    other than the beach (Caribbean) or miami, i can't picture myself living some place else.

    come move to toronto - it's close to detroit and we say pop too. ain't no one over here that says "soda" :)

    Vodka and Soda

  2. Fitting in down here in the south is hard for a northerner unless you live in a big city. We moved to a small NC town from Michigan when I was 11, hardest.thing.ever.

  3. I grew up on the South Shore of Boston and I went to college in Ohio. I was so homesick. it helps that it was a big city since that is what i am used to but I moved back home to be near family. If it wasn't for family and friends being by I would move to Texas. I love the Southern hospitality and the weather.

  4. I grew up, and still live about an hour north of detroit. I don't think I could ever move away. Even though I complain about the winter every year I just couldn't live somewhere that's hot half the year and hotter the other half! I lived in NC for aboit 6 months, but it was in Jacksonville which is a marine base so it was just a huge melting pot, I didn't get a real feel for the state. I also went to TN for a semester in college and I did love it there though. I think that is the one other place I could live. All my family lives here in MI, and I don't think we'll ever leave.

  5. LT and I are totally moving to Maui as soon as we can afford it. We went on vaca there in the Spring and there was something about the lifestyle that was so chill. We LOVED it. The only thing that will suck is having an ocean between us and everyone we love...But hey they would have a free place to stay in paradise!

  6. I too grew up 20 min outside of detroit and miss the sheet out of it. what is worse is my whole family is still there!!! I bought my boyfriend that michigangster t shirt right after we moved here and i love when he wears it!!

  7. I was born, raised and am currently still living in Michigan! About 20 minutes outside of Detroit just like you. I have no plans to ever leave this great mitten state, but at the same time, I sometimes wish I were more adventurous like yourself. Although it would be fun to travel and experience another state/city, I just can't imagine not living in Michigan with its four seasons and Up North.

  8. I get a little twitchy when people mention that state up north. (Can't help it I'm from Columbus and both my mom and I graduated from OSU) I left Ohio for the first two years of college, but I'm totally ok with living here for the long haul. I don't feel like I've missed anything staying in the city I grew up in, and I think, like you, I'd miss it terribly if I left. Even when I visit other cities and family, I always think 'oh this is nice...but I still love home.'

  9. San Francisco Bay Area has always been home to me and I was lucky enough to live in San Diego for 5 years! And even though I miss San Diego like crazy...home will always be Northern California. I think California would be a perfect fit for you!

  10. i felt the same way when i moved to SoCal for a bit. I loved it down there, but always felt out of place. I am a northwest girl at heart :) hope you get to somewhere you love soon!

    1. I'm with her - Northwest girl at heart. :) Finally living right where I want to be! I understand the "not fitting in" feeling, that's how I felt in Cali.

  11. I moved from Ireland to South Carolina about 6 months ago, similar story I moved for work and wow is it a change so I can get why you feel like you don't fit in NC. It's so different! I miss home too

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