Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I Think I Was Discovered

first: my new kate spade which i scored 75% off at a sample sale.

awesome photo quality manfriend.

second: some scoobs pics.

 third. the rolls at texas roadhouse. can we talk about these? the cinnamon butter? holy shit.

now.. on to much needed advice.

so i think i've been discovered. 

and no, not for my famous dog training skills. 

i think people at work discovered my blog. in fact they're probably reading it right now. hey guys. see i also write for beers and ears and have hinted to my beer blog which intrigues the boys, probably because i have more beer knowledge then them, lesbehonest.  but then a coworker mentioned in passing they may have stumbled onto this little gem of daily ranting. which is like my main blog, my collective, my baby.

and i was like all "oh really?"

but i was thinking:


you know?

see i have this huge issue with coworkers and social media. not that i don't think my coworkers are awesome, i do, best ones i've ever had and i'm not just saying that because they're probably now stalking me. they are hilarious and i love them. i just...

like do i want my cubemate to know i got shitfaced on a bottle of prosecco and sang the "hey hey hey" part of blurred lines to manfriend for 4 hours straight? probably not. also, that happened sunday. point being, some things are better left to internet strangers and my besties. what do you think--do you blog in secret? has this ever happened to you?

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  1. "the cinnamon butter? holy shit" I literally LOLed on that! I know some of my real life friends/coworkers know about my little gem of a blog, if they read it, I'd have no clue. I know my mom and dad read it..woop woop.

  2. Yeah, everyone at work knows about my blog. They all read it, and talk about it in front of me when I upload a new post. It's beyond awkward. And then there's the "ARE YOU GONNA BLOG ABOUT THIS TEEHEEHEE?!?!?" good times.

  3. eep! i removed all coworkers from my twitter and facebook when i started publishing my blog publicly to avoid that. my sister even found out about my blog via her friend from her derm clinic and that made me nervous too.

    Vodka and Soda

  4. The purse looks great.

    I'm trying to get my job more involved with social media so I mentioned that I use Twitter to our new PR person who of course then asked for my user name. I froze and gave it to her (rather than politely declining. I totally have the balls to politely decline so WHY DIDN'T I???) so now she can be all in my business. If she has taken the time to peruse, she hasn't said anything. So to answer your question, yes, I mostly blog in secret!

  5. HAHAHA most of my former co-workers read my blog and I'm ok with that because we are friends BUT I would die if my new co-workers found my blog.

  6. haha yea, there is only one person at work that knows abotu my blog but doesn't read it regularly. Everyone else I don't even mention it too. the people I work with absolutely suck and are huge asshats and would prob find a way to get me fired over it. BUT I would try and keep it secret if you can. Like don't talk about it. if your coworkers are ridic then it's not so bad tho

  7. eeeek. my boss just found mine and this is awkward turtle up in here. help.

    1. your boss? I would die.

      coworkers+blog = no bueno.

      some found mine, but didn't even know the word "blog" so quickly forgot it. thank god.

  8. 1) I love your purse! 2) I blog in private. Some of my friends/family know about it but I don't share it regularly. It's g-rated enough that if my coworkers found out it wouldn't be bad, but I'd rather them not know!

  9. I blog in private. I dot mind strangers knowing but I don want my coworkers knowing my every move and what I think!

  10. i dont tell most people at work about the old blog but most of my pals know.

  11. That butter is like crack, just can't say no to it it's so good! I never separated out my blog from my social media so some co-workers have said they have read it but they never comment so I had no idea! Luckily I don't post anything too scandalous.

  12. haha i mean at the end of the day, if it's out there for the whole internets to see, it's probably bound to happen. with that being said, i think i'd get real awkward if the bossman found mine.... no sir, i didn't write this while at work.

  13. hey hey hey - I don't share that I blog. I did in the beginning but now that I am growing a core little group of stranger friends :) I rather keep it that way!

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