Monday, August 12, 2013

I Was Scammed

so i have zero pictures from this weekend. none. whoops. sorry.

because friday i was scammed. big time, scammed. like i'm out money and time and i'll talk about it later. yuck.

so i thought i'd give you an update on my august goals.

1. get a hybrid bike and sign up for the tour de tanglewood
yeah not yet. not yet.

2. successfully swim 200 meters in the pool
also not yet and also i suck at swimming so, SO bad. any tips?

3. do something special for manfriend each week in august
so far i've surprised him with this uber cool phone charger he can keep in his wallet. he loves it! get it here.

4. organize all my clothes, handbags and shoes and donate/sell where i can
also not. omg this is getting depressing.

5. log my calories into my fitness pal each day in august even if i eat like a walrus and am 219823098 calories over my daily limit
 i am attempting to do this! 

6. teach scooby "place" and "bang"

7. do this pinterest thing proving i actually do ONE thing i pin
i've being doing this!

8.follow this running schedule, no cheating (i'll allow for rain delays/makeups)
i've been running!

all in all this was depressing, i haven't done many. and i was scammed and that's depressing and it's monday and so that's depressing.

so how was your weekend?

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  1. Fuck! Hope you're not out too much cash!

  2. Oh no!! Hopefully any charges get reversed. I once had my cc info stolen and they bought a $700 printer at Costco online. I was like "dude, at least purchase something fun!"

  3. yuck! sorry you got scammed. my credit card was compromised and they had to cancel it. that was no fun.

    i hope everything gets sorted out and i think you did great on your august goals so far.

    Vodka and Soda

  4. Nooooo this scamming thing sounds so not cool. I hope it wasn't cash and a bank or cc company can take care of you!

  5. 12 miles?!? Go you! I keep telling myself to start running again but that's about as far as I've gotten.