Monday, August 5, 2013

Kissy Kiss Boo Boo Romantical Weekend

what a weekend of lovey dove vom-ness. saturday morning after my 8 mile run (yay me!) manfriend swept me away to the beach to wilmington for the night. linking with sami to tell you about it.

back story.

manfriend and i met last october and started a whirlwind romance. ie. a drunken night out and then we really never stopped hanging out. in december of last year i "kidnapped" him and we went to wilmington. i had everything booked etc. and something about that little overnight was so perfect. we seriously had the best time ever. manfriend always says that is when he wanted to say 'i love you' for the first time. (he chickened out and later told me in his room the following weekend while i was drunkenly crying and i responded by saying "you're lying!" but that's another story).

^from the first wilmington getaway

so manfriend decided to do another quick overnight to just get away from the dog be with each other. because i won't lie to you, getting the pup really threw a big fat wrench into manfriend and i's relationship and we have struggled every single day since may 4th (the day we randomly picked up scoobs saying "omg should we do this? the whole time) to make time for each other and make sure we focus on the love. also anyone who gets a puppy and tells you it's all rainbows and boo boos with their house since getting it 

is lying.

sorry not sorry.

i feel so blessed to live in a state where i can drive less than three hours and arrive at a coastal paradise.

wilmington is my favorite little town. the downtown is the perfect bar/college town and wrightsville beach is so lovely and calm and serene.

manfriend and i checked into the beautiful hilton and then after declaring he wanted oysters we found an amazing dive oyster bar. the plan was to have one drink and lunch and then do touristy things. what actually happened? i got hug your mom drunk on cosmos, manfriend had 12 beers and we watched the x-games at this bar for 6 hours. 

it was one of the best afternoons i've had in forever.

^he kills me. love.

^disgusting. DISGUSTING.

^so gross. wtf. i had the brisket tacos.

we stumbled out into this sunset.


and changed for a romantic dinner. where we ate the best cheese board.

seriously? manfriend and i love a good cheese plate. we love it. it is our favorite thing to sit and eat with wine for hours.

then we started hopping from bar to bar. and it hit me that i'd gotten up at 5am, ran 8 miles, and drank for 13 hours. because i started to become "that girl". you know the one at the bar who is semi incoherent and whose eyes are just slits because she is really half asleep? manfriend declared we needed the outside air so we stumbled down the river walk and found the best bar in the world which was just a shitty trailer serving shitty domestics. i'm not kidding. name? firebelly lounge. can't make it up.

we sat outside under those streetlights smelling the ocean and had one of the best talks we had in months. i think sometimes it just takes a change of scenery (even just for a few hours) to change your perspective.

you can only imagine that on a romantic getaway there is of course plans for some grandiose sexy time when the truth is i passed out smelling like malibu rum and sweat, mumbling about how i had to pee.

i like to be honest on this blog.

the next morning we woke up and this was needed.

and we drove to wrightsville beach to put our feet in the water and dream a little bit.

i couldn't have asked for a more perfect overnight trip. also i survived leaving scoobs for the night. and also i got to sleep in past 5 am.

what a wonderful beginning to august, a month i declare has to be one of the best.

my dearest manfriend. thank you for these nights i can't imagine could be more perfect. there is something about laughing with you that makes my heart fill up with so much love. you are my best friend. cheers to perfect nights filled with salty air.

"someone once asked me what it felt like to love you. they may have well have asked me to describe the taste of water. so, in turn, i asked them to imagine living in the absence of it. you can get by without it for about a day or so. you may even survive without it for a week. but eventually, the body will begin to whither away. and so, the idea of living without water is the equivalent of not loving you---impossible"

stay here in wilmington. 

eat and drink here, here and here.

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  1. Those are the best kind of weekends! And you're so right about puppies screwing things up in the love department for a while. It's not something you really think about until you're trying to have a moment and it's interrupted when you notice furchild is popping a squat in the corner or taking off with your phone charger.

  2. hahah stopping in for a drink and then accidentally getting hammered is the story of me and my boyfriend's lives. we are so bad with that too :)

  3. This is so cute im throwing up in my mouth as I type. No, seriously. Stop. So glad you guys got some lovey dovey time. Getting drunk for hours and hours and blowing off all your prior plans is the best thing ever.

  4. I am so glad to hear we aren't the only couple who were once friends and simply had one of those nights that turned into a constant hanging out that turned into a relationship. There was no "will you be my girlfriend?" bullshit, it just happened and it's awesome.

    Those are the best kinds of weekends! Getting accidentally day drunk is always a fun adventure.

  5. haha well this is too cute and way to not sugar coat it. i would have passed out and complained about having to pee too. damn you tiny bladder!

  6. This all sounds so amazing! Love those awesome weekends that make you fall in love all over again. And I totally get you on the dog thing. It's so nice to be away from them for a bit but I miss them like crazy! And I totally agree - you basically give your house to a dog when you get one. No control anymore.

  7. I love that quote!! And I totally agree after coming home from a vom com weekend myself I really felt recharged. Although we bring our pup with us :)Love weekend getaways!

  8. Awww, this makes me want a getaway with my guy. Love the spontaneity!

  9. What a nice escape, I'm going away with my husband next week and I'm SO looking forward to it, especially after reading this. I will have to leave my doggy behind though...and I always miss him so much!


  10. Love your honesty about the night's ending because sometimes sleep is more important than anything else. Glad you guys got to reconnect!

  11. so glad you have some time for yourselves, puppies really know how to take it out of you. and i'm with you on the oysters, they're sick, sick nasties.

  12. This is so awesome & cute! I have a weekend getaway planned with my man & our pups just for that "change of scenery"! You are totally right, it's a great way to change perspective!! :)

  13. i love this post!
    and i really wanna eat that breakfast food.
    i would be a horrible drinking buddy with you, because i never would have made it that long with that many drinks. bravo! :)

  14. so very needed. and gross. let me be in love with you guys.

  15. Sounds like the perfect dog-free weekend. We've been planning a weekend getaway to wilmington for... um... all summer and haven't made it yet. This post is really making me think we should fix that asap. Especially since it's like all of 2 hours from our house!

  16. sounds like you guys had the most perfect getaway! and i agree; oysters are gross; i can't stand the texture and all that gooey stuff.

    Vodka and Soda

  17. aw!! I just love this post and that quote at the end is beautiful!