Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tall Tails: I Need Your Treat Advice

sorry for the lack of depth in this post. i got nothing done last night after all the crap that happened (thank you so much for your awesome thoughts and thinking of me by the way). but it did put this topic into my head so i thought i'd come to you for advice.

scoobs is in a bit of a terrible teen phase.

and by bit i mean i've thought of killing him more than once.

he's bad. 

but here's the thing. no matter what i do or give him he's still running around like a bat shit cray dog.

4 mile walk and an hour play session? doesn't matter, he'll still go after the cats.

i hate him

the one thing that he loves that keeps him occupied are rawhides but i hate to give him one a day. but literally it is the only thing that gets me peace and quiet.

he goes through bully sticks so fast. he is over peanut butter kongs. he goes through frozen wet food kongs.

do you guys have any advice for some awesome treat that will keep this pup entertained and out of my hair so i can CONTINUE TO CRY OVER THE ENDING OF SEASON THREE OF DOWNTON ABBEY?


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  1. there is a kong wobbler thing that lil has. you just feed them that way. like put their kibble and mix it in with treats and let them knock it around to get all the food out. You can even tape off part of the opening to make it harder to get the food out

  2. Hawkeye is a lazy ass so I don't know this problem. But they have giant bones at pet stores, that would take him longer than 1 day. Does he play with soft toys at all? My friend has this giant kind of rubber round thing with holes and she stuffs it with rags, her dog spends hours trying to pull each rag out of the ball.

  3. I am of zero help on the dog treat front, but I am crying right along with you about Downton. Worst. Ending. Ever.

  4. We always had little dogs growing up and their worst moments of crazy never registered above my knees. So...when my mom got a lab/retriever mix 2 years ago, it was really jarring how batshit nutso cray she was...and how f'ing annoying crazy is when it weighs 50 then 65 then 80 lbs. Especially since I don't live there, so every time I came over, I was new people. And my God, new people are the most exciting thing on the face of this entire planet. Long "I hated my mom's new dog for a really long time" story short, dogs are essentially puppies (aka spaz monsters) until they're 2. So...buckle up for another year or so?
    Was he any better the evening that you did the doggie daycare trial run? Like, did playing outside with other pups all day help tire him out at all? I know it's worked for other friends of mine. And it works when I babysit 2-year-old children (half hour of rigorous Tag before nap time, anyone?) Maybe a couple days a week at daycare?
    Or maybe I'm completely unhelpful because I've converted to a cat lady. :)

  5. I hear ya girl... Im right there too. We have found at petsmart real beef bones filled with marrow. Warning! This ish gets everywhere but it gives you peace. Our dogs love them and they last quite a while!

  6. Since Finn is a chow he is more of a speed bump than a crazy boy. We don't feed him rawhide because dog's bodies actually can't digest rawhide so we try and steer away from them. Something we use are these:
    It's a hard exterior white bone filled with bully stick all ground up. I find it takes Finn way longer to eat this than a bully stick. You can buy them at most pet stores. Unfortunately the only thing that will probably calm him down is getting older! :(

  7. Heya thanks for checking out me and Boomer - he's 7 months old now and for now being an angel when I'm not at home but when I'm there he's a devil! Always chewing, destroying etc - I think he's doing a lot of it for attention though. I got him a treat ball that he can roll around the floor that works for a while but I also take favourite toy away and only give it to him when I want some peace.

    Have you tried using a "settle down" command - practice getting him to wait in place longer and longer to get a treat....this one takes a while though.


  8. My only advice would be crating him. When he gets out of hand, let him take a break in his crate. He might just want to take a nap in there and relax!

  9. best discovery ever for morgan... smokehouse bones! He can't quite bite into them but they are smothered in bbq something and he will spend hours upon days gnawing his teeth on them and licking them. they sell them at whole foods!

  10. Oh man I wish I had some sage advice on this one but I think it's just the puppy stage and from what I'm told it lasts a couple of years. Does he have retriever mix in him?? They tend to have a TON of energy.

  11. I have no magic advice for you on the treat front, but I definitely give Bo at least a rawhide a day :/ so don't feel too bad. We also have a room that has literally NOTHING in it, sometimes I'll put him in there with some water and a chew and by the time I let him out he's calmed down a bit. The crate doesn't work for us if we're home. If he can see us, he goes ape shit.

  12. I might slow on the rawhides, I think it is harder for them to digest/pass? Our dog inhales the bully sticks too.

    The only thing that keeps Trace totally occupied is a soup bone. They are disgusting and gross my shit out, but he gets to gnaw on one of those every once in awhile - they are just meant for gnawing and not for chewing/eating.

    There is a section here about types of raw bones that are ok for pups and keep them occupied :) http://healthypets.mercola.com/sites/healthypets/archive/2010/05/19/caution-bones-can-kill-your-dog-find-out-which-ones-are-safe.aspx

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