Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tall Tails: 5 Things That Change When You Get a Dog

to be quite honest. i didn't have much to write here for this tall tails. i really wanted to review scoobs' first pawalla box because it is simply so awesome but i forgot to take pictures and he is like half way through all his stuff so i'll review it when i get next months.

so i sat down like hmm... my first writer's block? and then i actually came up with all these topics that were legit.

but then i didn't want to write about them. i just wanted to write about life lately.  i'm in such a weird ass mood. like i'm in a real hippie mood. like i just want to move to the coast and drink in a coffee shop and blog all day and bar tend all night mood. tami

good thing i got that masters.

anyway, this little shit turned seven months on august 1 and i simply can't believe that he's graced my life with his presence now since may 4th. (may the fourth be with you. vomit that is so stupid, i hate that).

when i sit back and think about it, i can't remember not having him, which is weird, because before i did my life was calm and organized and pretty much always clean and now 100% of the time it is a shitshow.

the other day scooby was at daycare all day and i was home thinking how wonderful it would be to have a day to clean and work and organize and watch tv and live a pre-dog life all day but when i came in from my starbucks trip and he wasn't behind the pen dog smiling and jumping at my mere arrival into his life i got so incredibly sad. having a dog is such a life changing thing for the heart and soul. which leads me to:
1. sleep. i feel like later on in his little life, this won't be an issue. but right now? we're not sleeping in. me and him that is. manfriend is...
but anyway. this dude has a schedule. and lounging in until 9am isn't on it. i can count on one hand the number of times i've slept past 6am since getting the boy. and i was out of town for all of them.

2. spontaneity. i'm a fan of random long day trips, weekend trips, travel, or just spending all day at my parent's pool. but with the boy? no. now that we have a kennel we like and a daycare it is a little easier, but if they are booked and no one is watching him, we're screwed. good thing he is awesome and we can take him 90% of the time. cats don't stop this because you can leave them for a couple days or hire someone just to drop in once and awhile and check. but you can't just leave your pup.

3. sharing the love. before scooby, it was manfriend and i in the honeymoon stage. the cats didn't really take up our attention because they are just cats and so damn aloof 99% of the time. but when scooby came along it was tough and is tough every day to balance the time and energy and love for each other. also when scooby loves manfriend more i want to punch manfriend in the throat. but whatever.

4. schedule. it was so easy to workout before work and run errands after work before the dog. now it is near impossible. however, i feel much more accomplished when i get things done during the day now. the worst thing is the feeling of not using my schedule wisely. this morning i woke up to work out and he wasn't up yet and every part of my body was like "oh no effing way you're getting up if he's not up. SLEEP."

i got up.
5. heart. i know this sounds silly, but i didn't know what it was like to feel the love i have for the pup. again, i love my cats more than anything, but something about his general need and worship of me makes my heart fill up. he is so darn happy to be spending time with manfriend and i and he tries so hard to please us (most of the time) that it just makes me smile typing this. everyone should get a dog.

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  1. Oh hi angsty wanderlust. Twinsies. I don't remember what is like not having a dog and it's only been two months (that long already?!) but damn do I remember how great clean floors were..

  2. So sweet and so true.

    Hopefully the sleep schedule will get better soon! When Andrew and I got Misty (before we gave her to his mom), I forgot what sleeping in was like. And although I was the one up early everyday to walk her, feed her and train her, Andrew was the one sharing in all the love. That was definitely a bit of an adjustment for us!

    Dogs are the best though!

  3. He is just so precious. And we don't have a dog yet, but this cat of mine has definitely messed with my sleep schedule! Not cool! Also, the 4th is my birthday and I get irrationally mad when they say it's "star wars day" NO, it's MY birthday! hahaha

  4. I can't even begin to tell you how helpful this post is. I am on the dog hunt, a want has become a need. But I never really thought about what could change. When it comes to errands and working out ... it looks like i should wait to get a dog until I am out of college. I wouldn't want to be alone. Thanks for opening my eyes. In love with all of this!

    xo. Kailagh

  5. the sleep and schedule and spontaneity will all get better as he gets older for real. once he isn't in puppy mode he will sleep in and be able to stay home a lone way longer. also he is cute so people will watch him for you when you want to up and go somewhere :)

  6. the whole not being able to just leave for a weekend without planning around the dog is what holds me back from getting one. that and my apt complex won't let me haha

  7. I will never forget the first night we got Finn and all I could think about was "what the f did we just do". Well after those first challenging months he changed my life for the best. And one day when we have babies we will probably look back and think how much easier it was having puppies!

  8. First, thank you for spelling vomit and not saying vom because ugh that annoys me.

    Now onto the real comment - awww! I think it's sweet how you were happy to be without him and then missed him the instant you realized he was gone. He'll grow into sleeping more, I'm sure!

  9. Oh My he's a cutie!!!! I love this post! You are so right! I can't even remember what it was like before our crazy mutts!!!! But I wouldn't have my life any other way now!

  10. Preach it, Lady. My friend who is insistent on adopting TWO puppies at one time needs to read this post and heed. HEED IT HARD.

  11. I LOVE THIS POST! I love my dogs more than anything in the world but it can be a rude awakening when you first get one. But life is never the same and you come to expect a wonderfully happy to see you greeter every time you come home (it's nice to be missed during the day). My dog is my shadow when I'm home (as in the rent's house) since I can't have him in my apartment at school...

  12. I beg to differ on the sleep thing, my pup is 8 and he still wakes me up everyday at 5:30am. :( He is a smaller dog with a smaller bladder though. Everyone SHOULD get a dog. They fill your soul like nothing other. The pure joy they have when you come home...priceless!

  13. well yes all of this. We say Lil is the worst and best decision we've ever made. I couldn't imagine life without a dog tho. So she wins

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