Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tall Tails: Scooby's First Night in the Kennel

so manfriend and i are going on this amazing trip in less than three weeks and so just in case the dog sitter can't stay with scooby we wanted to give him a test over night in our kennel to see how he did.

i dropped him off saturday and left to help my brother move. because it was a busy afternoon i didn't have time to think about it. but after manfriend and i had showered and were going to lay down and nap before going out for the night it started thunder storming really bad and i thought of scooby in that indoor/outdoor kennel...


i freaking lost it. 

and i'm not over exaggerating for this blog.

i was crying so hard i was dry heaving, i literally thought i was going to throw up. manfriend was rubbing my back and literally trying to talk me out of a panic attack.

holy crap. it was bad. 

we picked him up sunday and the damn dog was fine and tired and happy to see us the end, but.. 

wtf. how am i ever supposed to handle that again? i was not expecting to lose it like that. i thought maybe a few tears when i drop him off totally normal.

i wish i wasn't a psycho. p.s. i love all you guys. you brighten my day.

tall tails out.

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  1. haha. I'm a psycho too. I got nothin for ya. Other than thinking about all the shit of mine Bo has ruined to make myself feel a little more hateful and a little less sad.

  2. Aww it's so hard! But it was good y'all tested it out. Maybe you got it out of your system?

  3. Fred hasn't been in a kennel yet, and I guarantee i will be the same way you were...but we do take him to daycare sometimes and they stream videos of the dogs playing so i can keep my eye on him, i bet there is a kennel near you that offers that and then you will not feel so nervous!

  4. you crack me up. I hate leaving Lil there but She loveeees it so I don't worry. plus she comes home tired and I'm in love with that. Does scoobs get scared of thunder normally?

  5. haha! Hawkeye goes to day care sometimes just so we can have some time apart because we're obsessed with each other. But I haven't left her overnight in 3 years. I can't, I'm not capable. Whatever.

  6. haha aww girl, I hate when we have to leave Angus there overnight too, but he loves it.

  7. Awe!! This would break my heart too! Have no shame my dear!

  8. oh gawd, just think what you'll be like if you ever have kids ;)

  9. I promise i think i would react the same way! I cant imagine how ill be with kids

    Alisha @ The Alisha Nicole

  10. You are not crazy. Or maybe we're just both crazy. Either way. I was calling to check in on our pup like every couple hours when he did his first round of overnight stay. :)

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