Thursday, August 8, 2013

"That Couple"

so i was talking to manfriend's friend yesterday and he was all like "oh they've became a katie and manfriend couple" and i was like:

 and he was like "yeah they rarely come out anymore"

and i was like:

 but then i was like wait a second..

are we? are we "that couple"?

manfriend and i still play kickball and ultimate frisbee every week and if we're home and it is a good party we will go..

but i guess it is true, with the dog and work and just not being 


anymore, i guess we don't attend everything. 

 to be fair, we have traveled a ton this summer and weren't home most weekends super fun things were going on, to be fair again, most things are 45 minutes away in winston which sucks and to be even more fair having the dog throws a huge wrench in the let's get wasty face all night fun but 

something about that statement really irked me. for two reasons.

1. i hate to be labeled something and 
2. i hate that single party friends always judge their friends that get in relationships as soon as they get in them. 

listen, i was one of those people so i'm allowed to say this.

but when the shoe is on the other foot, shut up.

of course i'm not out every night anymore. and believe me every single one of you would take finding that someone you'd love to stay in and watch tv with versus the other thing. at least most would. 

so what now? do we have to attend every single event to avoid this label as a couple?

this generation is hard work, i tell ya.

what do you guys think? are you that couple? what should manfriend and i do?

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  1. F the haters! If you wanna stay in with your boo, stay in with your boo!

  2. Forget the labels! There's nothing like a quiet night in with your man. Go out when you want, stay in when you want, and don't worry about what others have to say about it. Just don't make plans to go out with people and then cancel on them every time, that''s lame. But its fine to just not make the plans in the first place. Plus, you don't need to always go out when you have a built in friend & entertainment right in your house!

  3. Ohhh my gosh, AMEN. I hate this. I'm not a big go out and get drunk person anyway, but being married and having a husband that works retail, I'm probably going to choose a night in/a night alone rather than a party. Sorry, friends!

  4. honestly, that's life and as people, we evolve; our tastes change and how we choose to spend our time, changes. i used to be a hardcore party girl and going out EVERY SINGLE NIGHT but then i got older, i started dating my now-husband and things just calmed down. now, i choose to be at home instead being out..i'm also older and i dont have the same amount of energy either!

    so you do what you're going to do. everyone will judge and have an opinion but does that really matter?

    Vodka and Soda

  5. mm yea I'm pretty sure we're that couple. I just like to relax when I have the time to relax! plus, I date Tom for a reason. my best friend is the only other person I can spend that much time with. but really I wouldn't worry. it's prob only because it sound like a lot of your friends are single- they have different priorities. and legit the dog changes everything.

    if it makes you feel better, HP referred to us as Nom for a while (Na is my nickname. So Na + Tom = Nom) because we were never out

  6. Priorities change! Nothing to be ashamed of. You can find the balance! As for myself, nowadays I'll take a night in with a movie and take-out over a shwasty face and hangover the next morning-even though it still happens from time to time :)

  7. I say screw the label too and live how you want. Priorities definitely change and sometimes your friends' priorities aren't changing at the same time. It sucks but it's just life. I wouldn't go out with them just because you don't want them calling you "that couple". Just go when you feel like it! One thing we do is go out without each other a couple times a month and just hang out with the "guys" or the 'girls" by ourselves. Even just for a quick happy hour so we try to balance everything :)

  8. I was just talking to my friend about this! I hate that people my age (23) are so concerned with going out and partying every night when all I want to do is just come home after work and relax with the boyfriend. There is nothing wrong with that so do as you please and forget all the haters! :)

  9. when the manfriend and i were newly weds (we aren't really married) we stayed in all the time just to be together, now we go out a lot more...i feel like you should always just do whatever the F you want. if that is sitting home smooching do that if it is partying do that. screw the haters

  10. Going out every night is exhausting and expensive! Screw it and do what you want to do. If you really feel the need to go out then do it, but otherwise do as you please!

  11. I love staying in and lounging on the couch with my guy. It's wayyyyy more fun to me than having to deal with everything that involves a night out. It's also kinda called growing up. Partying is ok in small doses, and even then in those small doses I find myself wishing I could be home hahaha. At least sitting at home doesn't bruise my bank account, that's reason enough!
    Screw the haters.

  12. Meh, I'd rather stay in with my daughter and the cat, then pay a sitter, schlep myself downtown, pay to get the picture. Going out is still fun here and there, but if that's not your thing, its just not your thing now. Who cares! I say stay in and chill with the manfriend.

  13. I think you should just ride it out & see what happens. If after awhile you start wanting to spend more time out & about then so be it. Or you may have really found your groove in hanging out at home. Do what comes naturally for you guys, it's never to late to switch it up if you're needing a change!

  14. Ugh, I go through the same thing all.the.time. Sometimes when you have a free minute, you don't feel like going out, you just want to relax with your guy on the couch. Who cares? I think you should do what you feel and take it as a daily thing-- if you guys want to go out, go out! But if you want to stay in, there's nothing wrong with that, either.

  15. They'll see how it is once they couple up. You've been busy. Plus I bet you've saved a ton of money staying in, so really, you win.

  16. We recently got called out (via Facebook, classy) for never going out anymore... which isn't true, whatsoever. We just don't go out every single night! We both work full-time and you know what, yeah, some weekends we choose to stay in. But there are definitely still times when we stumble out from a bar or two. We're 23, not 80, and we act our age. Or I think we do. Forget the label, do what makes you happy. One day they will grow up and realize it's not so bad to stay in! In fact, it's pretty damn awesome. And cheap.

  17. Yipes, my thoughts are going against every other comment posted here but... oh well. I think when your friends (if you consider them good friends and not just party pals from college) say stuff like this, they are pointing out something that you probably don't see yourselves.

  18. Live the life YOU want to, not the life others want you to live. Sounds like they are just bummed they don't have someone awesome to stay in on a Saturday night with!

  19. fave line: this generation is hard work. too true.

  20. Haha we kind of have no choice but to stay in a lot because all of our friends live in NC and it is HARD to make friends in New York! We are working on it...but I would say that you need to have a balance (and maybe you do and that friend was just being a butthole). We do have another couple who lives here that we try to hang out with a lot but they are SO that couple, they will say yes to something then cancel last minute, or just completely ignore our messages, then sometimes be hell bent on hanging out when it's convenient for them. Doesn't sound like you are the type of people to do that!

  21. i mean i was still kind of like this even before i was in one of 'those relationships' i think it just have gma tendencies and always going out and ALWAYS going to things makes me tired. i like my sweats

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