Friday, August 2, 2013

Things I'm Loving

have you guys ever seen these types of posts? i always sigh when i read them because you all do such a great job! it's always some pastel mood board or something and i'm like i wish i effing knew how to work picmonkey. but whatever. after completing my things i'm loving i'm like wow katie you're pathetic sad obsessed with food weird. also my little board just sucks but ill get better. and maybe you love them too.
1. hops burger bar in greensboro. so effing good and right down the street. and full of good beer. i actually reviewed the whole restaurant here.

2. the idea of getting a nice new handbag. like a really nice one to use every day. b makowsky or dooney or something to spoil myself. but i wont and continue to use this old navy bag. do you guys have like a really nice everyday bag? what should i get?

3. bully sticks. which are bull dicks. but whatever. the ONLY thing that keeps scoobs just sitting there occupied. and the reason i can watch bachelorette and drink heavily when brooks does stupid shit. so to summarize i'm drinking screaming at reality tv while my dog chews on a penis. life.

4. downton abbey. WHO WATCHES THIS? obsessed. chocolate chip ice cream. preferably from baskin robbins and covered in rainbow sprinkles. errday. 

6. clinque cc cream. by far the best bb or cc cream. and i know this because i go to sephora and ask for a bunch of samples of them all so i actually don't have to buy makeup and this was the best by far. (did i just say that out loud?)

7. this crap from kerastase. i got it in my birchbox and i love it. i may actually buy the full size i love it that much and that says a lot.

8. alex and ani bracelets. manfriend are you reading buy me theseeeeeeeeee.

9. my dog.

did i do okay? what do you love right now? 

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  1. UGHH on the everyday handbag. Mine is some total cheapo one from payless and the janky vinyl surface is like, cracking and peeling off. A girl I work with literally said to me the other day, 'looks like it's time for a new purse!' (bitch! wtf who says that to someone?) If you find an amazeballs one worth shelling out some cash for let me know

  2. I suck at handbags too....I've have a brown one and a black one...both from Target. All class over here!

  3. yesss Downton. Completely obsessed. The new season needs to come back. Right now.

  4. A good handbag is an investment. I often buy expensive purses and they are always worth it!! Also try Talenti Mint Chocolate Chip Gelato and then sing my praises after you consume it.

  5. Those are some cute bangles. And I am currently obsessed with Chobani Key Lime Flip yogurt. Need to go to the grocery store for more ASAP.

  6. i mean hate to break it to you, but i don't think you're the first to be the sample girl at sephora! with that being said i might have to go get my sample on and try that new cc cream. i am such a product junkie.

  7. well, i LOVE that you love downton abbey. people tell me it's soapy, but you know what? england is beautiful & maggie smith is fucking hilarious and i pretty much want to be adopted into their soapy, british accented family.

    also, DB are my go to purse. i look for them at consignment stores so i don't have to pay my first born child for it. they have a good pocket to purse ratio & they last foreva.

  8. I was looking at #3 like, I think those are bully sticks, haha. yep, we have those too (eww)!

    Downton....sigh, love.

  9. This is hilarious. I just learned about bully sticks a few days ago and must say I'm fascinated. As for the purse - I carry a louis vuitton neverfull in the biggest size. its probably the best investment i've ever made because it accommodates my hoarding problem and is virtually indestructible. The only downside is that I feel like a phony carrying it because I never have any money in my wallet. but such is life. i have a love/hate relationship with downton - if I could just reach through the TV and put some blush and lipstick on lady mary I'd be 100% on board.

  10. longchamp. smaller bags- have a marc jacobs and a kate spade cross body and I love them but i have a medium and a large le pilage tote from longchamp and i use those everyday. there are no pockets/organizing things but it works and they go with everything and they're like $150 so really not that bad. they're duarble as shit. lil really beats up on my smaller one and it still looks classy

  11. I love a good Ralph Lauren tote when they are on sale at Macys, and the Coach Factory store online will occasionally have some awesome deals & I use them for multiple seasons. Also I'm OBSESSED with downton abbey! I'm still hoping my boyfriend will one day pull out the "btw we are actually royally rich & are moving to an estate " card. One day.

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