Wednesday, August 7, 2013

WTF Wednesday: Should I Go Android?

the other day i was at my parent's house and my brother was there. he is a diehard android user. fun fact about me?

i'm steve jobs' daughter.

no. but pretty much. i'm a fangirl.

fangurl, if you will. 

 ^omg NOT me. i'm not that effing stupid.
i've had every generation of the iphone since the 3G, the ipad, and a macbook. i'd have an imac if i wasn't poorer than shit and spending all my money on dog treats.  my entire ecosystem is apple. 

but my brother was telling me about this website called swappa where you can get affordable used phones without changing your contract, etc. and i'm like, for just a brief, BRIEF, second



i even went as far as to go on there and see what i could get.


i even went as far as LISTING MY EFFING IPHONE FOR SALE.


i considered this only because it was so affordable that i knew i could sell my iphone 5 and get this other android and probably make a profit... and then if i hate it just get the iphone 5s when it comes out (october) because lesbehonest i'm going to get the new iphone this fall anyway. 

what is wrong with me? should i make the switch?

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  1. Don't do it I was die hard android starting way back with Original Motorola droid. I switched to 4s and can't wait for 5s. I do miss some android things but I don't miss wondering if my phone will work with the next OS or what app will crash my phone today and no tech support but me and hours on forums. Plus you will have to re-invest in apps

  2. DO NOT SWITCH! DO NOTTT! I have an Android device for work, and briefly made the switch a while ago on my personal phone, and I hate it. A LOT! I just prefer iOS + my Android constantly seems to have something wrong with it.

  3. This is another language to me, but it did make me lol. I use whatever phone the dudes at AT&T hand me, but my work gave us iPhone 5s, which I'm in love with. It just might suck to learn a whole new system. But you're probably technology literate so you'd be all good. Good luck

  4. it all depends. i'm a hardcore android user but as a geek, i hate being tied to proprietary software or a tightass (closed) ecosystem because i prefer the flexibility of being able to do what i want. so if you're ok with apple products thus far and it works for you, don't change it.

    don't get me wrong; apple makes great hardware and peripherals but i can't stand the fact that *everything* has to go through itunes/icloud and is a very specific format.

    Vodka and Soda

  5. Sooo last year I got my very first smart phone, and it was an Android. I got it for two reasons: it was the less expensive option, and also I was kind of bucking the whole trendy Apple thing. Well, the Android broke and I was in the situation where I either got a refurb or buy a totally new phone. I'm not big on purchasing refurbs so I just upgraded to the iPhone 4. I have to say it's WAY more user friendly. You don't have to use a manual to figure it out. And if you're tech-challenged like me, that's a very good thing!

  6. I had an android til I switched to an iPhone in February. Never going back. Like you, I have an iPad and Macbook and I love that the camera roll has all my pics from everywhere (blogging is way easier, woo hoo). I like that everything looks the same from device to device, too. But, as I tell anyone who asks, I totally drink the Apple Kool-Aid and realize I am completely biased.

  7. the android cameras are so fucking nice. although the thought of switching gives me anxiety

  8. You know how die hard apple I was. I made the switch and am in LOVE with my android phone now. My mind was blown with how much I liked it. I'm not saying I won't go back to Apple some day but its so fun to play with something new for once!

  9. ummm no. iphones are way cuter.

  10. I had a couple of Android phones but when I switched to the iPhone I fell in love and never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever looked back. And will never. Besides being extremely user friendly and reliable, the battery life is immensely better.

  11. Do it! Make the switch! I have an HTC One and I could never look back. I had a Blackberry for years and an iPhone. This is by far the best phone ever. My best friend was a die-hard-I-will-never-leave-iPhone type of person.. until her boyfriend bought her the S4. Android all the way. :)

  12. I've always had an Android even though I had an iPad and an iPod. I always figured I have those, I really don't need an iPhone too. I love Androids and the flexibility they offer but honestly, they constantly crash. The one thing Apple does that none of the other companies do is take their time making the product so that it is quality. Android is just the operating system, the type of phone will make the biggest difference and those companies aren't investing the time or the money into make a quality product like Apple does. I finally switch to an Apple phone and though I do miss some of the Android flexibility and the alarm clock I like Apple a lot better (never thought I would say that).

  13. I have had both an Android and an iPhone and I like the iPhone better for it's apps. And ONE DAY (far away I'm sure) I hope to get a Mac computer so everything will work all together. I am waiting for the 5s too - my 4 wants to kill herself.

  14. I had a droid phone before I got my ipone, and honestly before I would have told you oh they all do basically the same thing. A lot of these newer droids though have really stepped up their game camera wise. That might be my only motivator to switch back. Aside from that its all the same apps and features.

  15. I have been a droid user for over 12 years and I just switched to the iphone5. I have the ipad, touch, nano, shuffle and it just made it easier to sync everything. I will miss some of the droid apps but my phone has issues with my email and I never had enough storage space so always had to delete stuff just to get new emails.

  16. i mean i wish steve was my gpa (rip) so i am an apple girl even if i am paying for the logo on my tramp stamp that you put up without asking for my permission!

  17. i am a apple junkie. they're just so damn user friendly. i had no desire to switch, like, ever. until i heard about the new nokia that has a 41 megapixel camera, and now my apple loyalty is shot to hell. i hate when that happens. #firstworldproblems

  18. Was a Droid, switched to the 4s, then rented a Droid Razr for a trip. I am not a fan of Android and prefer ios.

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