Monday, October 14, 2013

Florida Weather and Scoobert the Therapy Dog

first off can you believe that both me and tami are moving to florida?

i know exactly what you're thinking and the answer is yes. we have already contacted bravo regarding the reality show: "two hot blondes move to the sun".

speaking of. 

you know what is one of the things i'm most scared of?

f!cking florida weather y'all.

like. i'm from detroit. so even north carolina weather took a solid year to get used to.

so i can't imagine florida.

especially for me. who loves those fall days where you have to wear a sweater and boots and leggings and the leaves kind of make you slip.


so people are all like "katie it is almost like nc weather".

yeah, no, but i love when you guys lie to me to make me feel better and that's the truth.

exhibit a. orlando predicted weather for the last couple weeks of october.

oh good, humid hot and rainy.

here's my lovely town of greensboro, nc.

i honestly can't. i'm that depressed about it. 

do you guys have any ideas how to overcome the hottest state in the world?
 you know what i was thinking too? you haven't heard any scooby stories lately. well. can i just say that this man is everything. i'm not sure what happened to him since (ex) manfriend left but it is almost like he just "knows".  he goes to daycare every day with joy and without asking questions.

(no really.. ya look good scoobs..)

and even yesterday i was having a really, really bad morning and he came up to me and put his head on my lap like "b!tch get over it and let's get outside." so i poured myself a cup of coffee and went out with him on an amazing fall morning. 

and here's the most touching one.

the night (ex) manfriend walked out i was obviously a wreck. it was  one in the morning before i even stopped losing it enough to walk into the bedroom he had just packed all of his stuff out of. i went in there and sat on the bed and realized i didn't put scooby in his crate. as i went to call him in there he ran from me and just stood by my bed. he honestly has never done that before. in my state of mind that night i thought.. whatever dog. do what you want. and here's the thing that may make you cry just like i am as i type this.

that dog sat by my side the entire night. he never moved.

and every single night since, no matter what happens, he lays directly by my bed. and every time i start to toss and turn or cry he gets up and just comes and stands there with his head by mine. and when i'm done he lays back down right there.

he has never once moved, left the bedroom or done anything other than comfort me in almost a month.

that right there guys, is my boy.

happy monday you all. make sure to leave warm weather tips.
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  1. awww such a good scoobs!!!! sweet sweet boy!

  2. Dogs know! They love their owners unconditionally. As much as I love my cat I love that my dog is so much more human like...such a bond.

  3. Hey - thanks for making me cry on a Monday morning. Seriously though. Best dog. Also, yeah, the no fall thing in Florida definitely sucks. But it's Florida and we love it anyway ;)

  4. good luck!! I have yet to adjust to even maryland summers and it has been three years! the michiganders in us are not used to this heat :)

  5. I love him even more for doing this. Dogs always know! Glad he's seeing you thru it!

  6. Remember when you thought he loved (ex) manfriend more than you? It's so clear who he loves now! Glad you two have each other!

    Also, hot weather sucks but you get used to it, kind of.

  7. Aw Scoobs, what a good boy you are! And a very handsome one too. Hawkeye comforted me too when I broke up with my ex back in January (although, she's always the perfect angel) But so did my mom's dog who is usually a very high energy little terror, he just cuddled me. Dogs are seriously the best!

  8. Im not even a dog person, but that is the sweetest thing ever. Now I want a dog!!

  9. Dogs really are mans best friend! I'm so glad you have him around to make all these hard things a little more bearable.

  10. Dog's have an incredible way of knowing just what you need. We never crate trained with Finn and he sleeps by my side every night (with an occasional jump onto the bed in the middle of the night). I tell you this all the time but I am so happy you have him and he has you!

  11. awwww DOGS ARE THE BEST!!!!! seriously, there just aren't words, they are legit the best creatures ever.
    hahaha "bitch get over it and let's go outside" so cute.
    the FL weather, yikes, looks like new england. i had to live with that shit for my whole life in new england, it's really the humidity more than the heat that sucks. because it's HOT here in southern california but it's never suffocating because there's no humidity.

  12. Ok, just shed a tear at your scoob story. What a perfect angel. And on the Florida weather... We can be hot sweaty ass messes together. It's humid all the time and rains every day from April to November but I swear not shoveling snow or driving on ice is worth it. Sort of.

  13. I've lived here my entire life. Hopefully you'll get use to it pretty quickly. The heat isn't bad, just the humidity sometimes. Invest in a good deodorant =)

  14. What a sweet dog! I have a cat that very rarely likes to cuddle with us, but she always does it when I'm sick or recovering from some kind of surgery. They just know somehow.

  15. awww best dog ever. it makes me realize i need a puppy like yesterday.

  16. So sweet. I do believe that our animal friends know when we need some extra lovin. Im glad he's been helping out!

  17. Awww! Scoobs is the sweetest!

    And don't let anybody lie to you. Nothing compares to Florida when it comes to this humidity. But being able to go to the beach in December is totally worth it. :)

  18. Aww what a perfect dogs. Animals always know and they always make it better. You WILL get through this and you have so much to look forward to! Except maybe the weather ;) haha I'm used to Boone mountain weather and I'm trying to get used to Charlotte weather and that's an adjustment enough.. FL will be a blast, though!

  19. Awww I did cry! That's your best friend. Dogs are amazing wonderfully beautiful animals.

  20. Awww! That is so damn sweet. I love dogs so freakin much! They are the best!!

    Also, I'm a Florida girl and its hot and humid most of the year, no sugar coating it... But there are a few weeks of the year, such as now, when it gets darn right chilly! And hey at least you're farther north than I am! :)

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