Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Happiness Project

have you guys ever read the happiness project?

well in the midst of all the travel through these major life changes, i stumbled upon it in an airport on one of those lending program things (read it at one airport and drop it off at the next) and i grabbed it along with an overpriced starbucks.

$6 for a pumpkin spice latte? why.

 something about it peaked my interest since, i had mentioned that i'm actually feeling rather blue than sunny yellow even though i've been so blessed with my dream job.
while a lot of the book doesn't apply to me (kids, husband) it made me think about my own happiness as i tackle this move and adventure alone. it terrifies me. but after reading the book, i thought, what better time to start my own happiness project! i love how she simplifies happiness and so that is what i'm going to try to do. and probably add some wine to the mix. i wanted to keep things i could do specific so i knew if i was actually achieving my goal.

 1. happiness of the body. this one is pretty straight forward. i need to start taking better care of myself. i can't just lie on my couch eating canned soup that is slightly warm any more. (oh hey, what's up breakup behavior). i haven't worked out in weeks. snap out of it sister. 

-work out five days a week in some capacity
-train for the glass slipper challenge 
-run a jingle bell run by myself, for myself
-track my foods in my fitness pal
-try a yoga class
-take a vitamin everyday  

2. happiness of the mind. this one i equate to the sad and doubtful thoughts i'm having lately. you know the ones that take you over faster than miley's new album took over the US? and also not getting overwhelmed with all this change, which is hard for this type a weirdo (me).

- write something i didn't like about manfriend in my phone every time i want to think about him or contact him
-make a small to-do list every morning and finish it all each night to feel accomplished
 -take scooby to a next level of training class by myself  
-de-clutter my clothes, purses and shoes and donate everything i don't want to goodwill 
-save at least 300 a month (seems small, i know, but orlando is really pushing the budget) 

3. happiness of the heart.  this one is about friends and family to me and just making my heart light.

-facetime my family in north carolina once a week
-join one or two leagues to meet friends in florida
-start a TV series and stay in one night a week and watch it by myself (scandal anyone?)
-reach out to someone (or a group) once a week in florida to initiate plans
-go see a new site in my new town with scooby every time i start to dwell on being alone and review it here on the blog

 what do you guys think? what would be on your happiness project?      photo signature-27.png
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  1. I have been wanting to read this book, and even more so now. Your plan sounds great!

    My plan would definitely involve sitting less and moving more and learning something new. I feel like it's been a long time since I was challenged with a specific skill so I should get on that.

  2. I love this! I think I need to start one of my own with a focus on happiness of the mind!

  3. I really want to read that book, it's on my list! That looks like a really good plan and includes a lot of ways to make new friends in Florida! You can do it!

  4. LOVE THIS and love the book. good luck with your project :)

  5. love this! Go Girl! You got this!

  6. I loved that book, I just applied the kid stuff to Hawkeye :) She's like my child! There was something in either this book or her 2nd one about responding to 'bids for attention' which I realized I don't do at all. When I'm on my laptop and she nudges me, I would ignore her. Now I put the laptop down and play, I only have her for so long!!

  7. oh i love this. and yes why is it so expensive?! starbucks are thieves of happiness in the bank department.

  8. You can do it!! I am so so so happy you have Scoobs along for the ride.

  9. I'm going to add this to my list. These all sound like great ideas though. Hope you have some fun discovering your city and meeting new people. I personally love the whole stay in and watch a show thing too. Nothing makes me happier than hot tea and my favorite show :)

  10. sounds like you're already off to a good start just by making this list. and now that you've put it here, you HAVE to do it ;)

  11. Hi Katie! I am a new reader over at Steph's blog (Steph - I am loving Not Entirely Perfect too!! :) and found you through her link today. I just wanted to let you know I am loving your blog and the way you are gracefully going through these MAJOR life changes is really inspiring. Some doubt and uncertainty has got to be natural and you are doing great!

    I recently read The Happiness Project as well and have been meaning to come up with my own. I didn't relate to a lot of the book (and skipped over a lot of the author's personal anecdotes) but liked the research-based points she brought up and love the concept. Your post has inspired me to get going on my own. Be happy today and tomorrow - it's almost the weekend! :)

  12. i love this! i haven't read the happiness project but everything you listed is right on target. i guess in a way, i did my own happiness project after i was treated (from depression) and decided that after such a close call, it's time that i live this life to the fullest; free of drama and bullshit that just weighs me down.

    and the pumpkin drink sucks major ass! it tastes like soap and made me so mad when i bought it thinking it was the nectar of the gods by the way everyone was going on about it. i wasted $5, 240 calories and it tasted like shit!!! in my opinion of course :)

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