Thursday, November 21, 2013

Am I Overreacting?

hey sweets!

first. can you check out adriana's awesome birthday giveaway? i didn't get back to her in time to sponsor it because of cray life lately and i should have because i love her to bits and it's the cutest. i love her guys. please check it out!

second these:

are you guys getting bored of the disney stuff yet? i keep debating back and forth whether to include all these photos, but then i think, who WOULDN'T want to see an ice castle? but you let me know.

okay here's the story.

so remember how much i loved scooby's daycare back in north carolina? well, i found one here in florida. i absolutely didn't love it as much as the one in nc, which i felt was like family, but it was clean, seemed safe and secure, had a great play area, and it is 3 minutes from work. so i enrolled scooby. to enroll in daycamp is a process. there is an interview with me, an interview with him, a temperament test and then a free "introduction" day. he of course passed all of these with flying colors because, although he is struggling on interacting with human strangers right now, he was raised in a foster pack and is amazing with other dogs.

so anyway, today i'm having my peppermint tea and i pull up the webcam at his daycare. i tend to check it a handful of times during the day for peace of mind. so i check it... and scooby is locked in a cage jumping and upset while he watches the other animals play.

i can't.

so, i think, well maybe something happened and he'll be back quick. i force myself to turn off the webcam and check it 30 mins later. he's still in there.

alright, i'm pissed. so i call.

they don't pick up.

now, i'm legit not working because i'm like oh my god, what is going on.

finally someone calls back and said that the counselor running the camp for the morning session said that scooby was owed "three time outs" because he was play biting another dog's legs.


they're DOGS.

you know, if i start gnawing on my coworker's legs, i hope i get a write up, but this is a dog.

so i say, how long are these time outs?

an hour each.


ex-squeeze me? baking powder.

i forced myself to smile, say ok, and hang up.

because listen, at that point if i was an idiot, that camp counselor probably would have beat him.

so i obsess watch. and the afternoon counselor comes in, the one who was with him on his intro day. and he does great. no time outs, they're outside. i'm feeling better.

then i pick him up.

and the morning counselor sends him home with a "bad report card".

what. the... THIS DOG?

oh you mean the dog that has laid by my side every single night through all this crap? the dog that comes with me to every store, the dog that endures long car rides, longer days, and my tears?

i. hate. you. morning. counselor.

so now i don't know what to do? am i overreacting? scooby loves camp, and i need camp to make sure he's happy and tired because of work and long hours and being by myself here without anyone to help me let him out, etc. THANKS EX MANFRIEND. not to mention, i really feel like it was just this lady judging his play beecause he did awesome all afternoon with the other girl.

ugh. i'm so livid. i'm not sure what to do. keep in mind there are NO other workable options for daycamp.

what do you guys think?

love, cujo's mom.

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  1. I would be pissed. And I don't even have a dog. I would get if a dog was being super rowdy or aggressive that they might need to be removed from the situation so they could calm down, but a whole hour?! That seems a little overkill. That's your baby!! I would talk to the daycare/counselor and see if you can all get on the same page. Good luck!

  2. You are paying good money to have him play not sit in a cage!!! Play biting is something dogs do, if he was being agressive it would be another story...I say you are totally in line!

  3. I think the morning counselor is the one that overreacted. 3 ONE HOUR LONG SESSIONS? What the fuck? I would complain and keep my eye on them. I'm hoping this was just an isolated incident, your pup doesn't seem the type that needs to be locked up for 3 hours.

  4. Okay, I can see the need for "time outs" but AN HOUR EACH? Are you kidding me? I'm talking like maybe 15 or 20 minutes, after that the pup forgets what he even did to get in trouble! I'd be pissed too, if nothing else because you are paying these people (I know that shit is EXPENSIVE) to play with and tire out your dog! That's not going to happen if he's in a cage for hours. Now I'm all riled up too.

  5. oooh i would be furious!! that would make me so mad!! thats really terrible- i woul dfeel the same way!

  6. I would be so pissed, 3 hours?! That's like the whole morning and an hour later, he doesn't even remember or understand what he did wrong. She clearly has no idea how to interact with dogs. I would be livid. You're not paying for your dog to be locked up.

  7. don't ever stop with the disney photos. as for scoob. maybe give it another chance and see if it gets any better with the morning lady?

  8. Oh man - down with the crate punishment. Time for a new place for Scoobs!

  9. I would be furious! I I would discuss your concerns with the afternoon counselor or manager to discuss what warrants a time out and you don't appreciate your dog being crated for multiple time outs in a row.

  10. Ugh! That's horrible! That morning counselor is crazy! That's how my Joey plays with almost every dog. That's how a lot of dogs play. Hopefully you can get something figured out. There are lots of doggy great day cares in Orlando, but I don't know of many close to Disney. : (

  11. No way. I would be talking to a manger or anybody that has any authority. If you wanted him put up all day you wouldn't pay somebody to watch him. That's unacceptable.

  12. Awwww... poor Scoobs! :'( He was just playing for crying out loud. It doesn't sound like it was aggressive at all. My dog play bites ME all the time for crying out loud!!!! I would never be able to do the nanny cam thing... I'd be calling on the hour every hour. haha

  13. omg poor scoobs! I would react the same way if I was paying for angus to be in daycare & he was treated like that! I understand discipline but thats excessive!

  14. he could sit in a cage at home for free. and what is even with this time out bullshit?! AN HOUR!?!? like dogs even understand they did anything wrong after that much time. and THREE HOURS oh hell no. it would take everything in me not to choke that morning bitch.

  15. I'm not sure how doggie day care works...but having worked in a HUMAN daycare for several years I can' tell you if I tried to put a kid in 3 hour long time outs, I would have gotten fired. Dogs don't even have the same logic and reasoning humans do, so he doesn't get why he's in the cage and he's certainly not 'learning' from it. Poor thing. I definitely would be upset, and I don't think you're over reacting. I'd definitely talk to someone there about it.

  16. You're paying too much for Scoobs to sit in a cage. Could you hire a dogwalker?

  17. That is ridiculous. At the daycare I take my dog they just separate them into groups so if two dogs don't play well they are in different groups. Now there was one day I went and picked her up and she was in a kennel. I wasn't happy about that but they explained that it hadn't been long (and since I have the webcam up I believe them) and they did it because it was the end of the night and they were grouping all the dogs together but there were too many little dogs and I guess Macy is too rough for them. I definently will try to make sure it doesn't happen often though or I will be pissed.

    About the timeouts...that is ridiculous. Dogs don't even remember things like that. When you train a dog you have to do it on the spot or they don't understand. They should use water bottles which is what mine does to get dogs to stop and train them not to do something.

    Sorry chica!

  18. Omg I would have cried! I'd be so heartbroken and so mad! Wtf, they're dogs not kids! They don't understand time out, and an HOUR long, THREE times?? Wtf?! That's insane!! I would definitely complain! I don't know what place you use, but I have a friend who worked at/goes to Disney all the time and she swears by Best Friends.

    1. Also, some more things... (I was too upset by what happened to your baby to write these at first!)

      1. I just came across your blog by way of Dog Hair is an Accessory.

      2. Scooby is so adorable and looks like SUCH a sweetie! What breed(s) is he? He reminds me of my girl Moo, who is golden retriever/pit mix.

      3. The ice castle is soooo beautiful!

      4. My hubby and I just went to Epcot this past weekend for our anniversary. :)

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