Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Stranded at the Drive In, Branded a Fool

the title of my post has absolutely nothing to do with anything but if you know where it is from, kudos and i love you.

well here i am. it's a little hard for me to blog every day right now, things are crazy, and i'm hugely impacted that i don't want to blog every morning from work with my coffee like i used to.


it's about 6:50 in the morning here. my dad just left. this will mark the first day that i'm actually here by myself. my mom came down with me, left, and then my dad came down.

i'm having a huge effing slight panic attack.

today also marks exactly two weeks that i have lived in florida. fourteen days. 336 hours.

i hate it so far.

i know you're probably thinking, jeeze, you need to learn to live in your apartment alone, you weirdo. let's get on with things. but, one step at a time please. i've never struggled more in my life than i am right now, and your stories, words of support and wisdom are something i read over and over again when i'm feeling a bad swing come along.

on the positive. this is my dream job. if there is any light at the end of the tunnel it is that i know i want to make this work because every single day i still pinch myself that i get to work for one of the things i love most in the world.

^my work. it's fine.

so what's been going on?

well, a lot of mornings i can't sleep so i watch this.

sunrises are so pretty here. i watch them with this guy.

sorry for the snot..

he had a little birthday recently.

my mom and dad had wonderful times here. i think they love florida more than me.

and our first halloween involved fireworks and superheros.

but most importantly, of all it..

i saw hanson.

last but not least, i spoiled myself with this baby. do you like it?

so that's whats been going on here in florida. what's been going on with you?

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  1. it sounds like things are going well! I am so excited for you! my best friend is also working at Disney & she loves it!

  2. As long as you got Scooby, all is right with the world :) And Hanson? Awesome!

  3. It will keep getting better, just give it time. Gosh that sounds cliche as heck. Like I've told you before. I wanted to take it all back as soon as I moved out, but now I'm SOOOO much better. And Hanson?!?!? So cool.

  4. so many good things here. starting with the Grease reference. a) love that bag. b) your parents love Florida more than you because they are old. and old people love florida ;) c) HANSON! the end.

  5. So glad you bought yourself a present! Give yourself sometime and things ought to start getting better and better!

  6. Scooby's 'serious' face cracks me up. Yay Grease and yay presents to cheer you up.

  7. I'm still so excited that you get to work at Disney! I had actually never thought of Disney as a job opportunity but you've definitely opened my eyes! I think it would be awesome to work there :) I love your present to yourself too! Feel free to send one over to New Zealand ;) Give yourself a couple more weeks and things will start getting better! "D

  8. Take baby steps. You've had a lot of big changes going on lately... let yourself get used to them - doesn't have to be all at once or overnight. And remember you have support here. :)

  9. Oh I love that bag!! And darling, I would be crying all the time and calling my momma to come get me. That is about as mature as I get. Seriously. I always say that I want to travel and live someplace away from everyone but I don't know if I could actually do it. SO GOOD FOR YOU! And besides, you have heat--I have cold. You have Disney world--I have college classes. You have pretty sunrises--I wake up to the dark morning and forget to watch the sunrise.... oops. Stay positive and remember that this is a great experience!
    PS- I have a friend working/interning in Disney right now! I wish I could do it :)

  10. It will take time, but it will get better. We humans were made for adaptation. Stay positive and keep finding NEW good things.

  11. Give it time, it will get better. At least you are getting out and having some fun. Hanson sounds like a blast!

  12. "...what will they say... Monday at school..." ;) ... and now I want to watch Grease!
    Hope things are getting better for you - keep on looking at the positives, everything happens for a reason x

    It's getting cold, wet and dark in the UK now... I'm keeping up with training and counting down days to the WDW Marathon weekend and my first ever half marathon (which you and other Disney podcasters/bloggers inspired me to do!)

  13. I NEED TO SEE YOU SOON. Life is crazy. After thanksgiving? Possibly? Maybe?

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