Tuesday, December 10, 2013

It Isn't Easy, But It's Beautiful

greetings from florida!

i know, i know. it's been awhile. but so much has happened since before thanksgiving that has taken its tole on me physically and emotionally that i just needed a break. from life. i actually wrote a woe is me post. a omg, my thanksgiving was ruined post. a scooby's vet is so expensive post. a oh help me post, a oh my gosh it is still so hard post. a why is it still so hard?? post.

then deleted it. all of it.

suffice to say, since then, it has been a struggle. but reading the post, it was just more of a struggle. so i deleted it all. and decided to just focus on some photos that have made me smile so much. and i decided to list the things i'm thankful for, albeit almost two weeks late. (better late than never?!)

my niece looks like the grudge scary movie in this pic, sorry in advance.

^this one makes me tear up for some reason. 

i am thankful for christmas sugar cookies with vanilla frosting.
i'm thankful every night at 9pm i hear the fireworks from the magic kingdom.
i'm thankful still, to this day, i play the song on my iphone to go along with the booms.
i'm thankful for my pink tree even though it leans and is a little broken.
i'm thankful for my job, my most amazing job, working for the most amazing company in the world.
i'm thankful for my parents who took care of me over thanksgiving, got me out of the house, and always try to make me laugh.
i'm thankful for christmas movies on abc's 25 days of christmas.
i'm thankful for epcot, and its wonderful treats and wonderful drinks.
i'm thankful for the the new gym i found, giving me hope of getting in shape again.
i'm so thankful for all of you!
i'm thankful brooke lyn and adriana and tami send me snapchats and cheer my days up.
i'm thankful for all the friends, both close and that i've barely met that give me kind words and cheer through this crazy time.
i'm thankful for a good red wine.
i'm thankful for my new kickball team and the laughs they bring.
i'm thankful for my wonderful apartment in the nicest little neighborhood full of paths for walking and palm trees and gorgeous lakes.
i'm thankful for long walks with scooby in the morning and at night where i talk with him and tell him stories and he looks back as he walks as if he really is listening and loves it.
i'm thankful i have to drive past space mountain to get home.
i'm thankful for the nights curled up with scooby in bed and the way he snores and curls up closer to me when he's having a bad dream.
i'm thankful i had the balls to make this move and continue to try and make the best of it every day.

i'll leave you with some food for thought.

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  1. wonderful post Katie! Good reminder to look at the positive side of life :) You inspire me!

  2. i love that you're looking at the positive things to cheer you up. your pups are adorable :)

    Vodka and Soda

  3. Aww I love all the photos of Scooby, I'm so happy you have him <3

  4. you and scoobs look great!! I think florida is agreeing with you :)

  5. Aw Scooby! He looks so happy! You guys both look great and I'm so glad you're loving your job :)

  6. Scoobs is such a cutie! You have the right idea when it comes to staying positive, so keep doing what you're doing! :)

  7. :) i am jealous you are wearing flip flops in florida and we are rocking a solid 18 degrees today. keep enjoy florida and all it has to offer! good things will come to those who hustle and i will keep sending you snap chats.

  8. Yay for positive stuff. Although super jealous of the flip flops. Its 18 degrees here and we got another 3-4 inches of snow last night. Took me 3 HOURS to get to work today. I'm sorry things are still difficult, but keep pushing girl. You're gonna be alright!

  9. Thinking of you girl! Way to focus on the positive! And Scoobs...what a sweetie!

  10. Scooby is so comforting, what a doll! Glad you are looking towards the positive things! Hang in there.

  11. I'm so glad you're seeing what others have seen in you since your move!!! We all knew you had the balls babe, and now that you wrote it down it can never been forgotten!! :0) Keep those positive thoughts!! You got this!!!

  12. So many things to be thankful for!!! including a new snapchat friend: @JumpingJE

  13. So many puppies! I love all the puppies.

  14. Too much cuteness for one post. And I cracked up more than once at those memes.

  15. This totally makes me want a pup! And your niece is adorable - scary face and all :)

  16. Look at all those wonderful of Scoobs. So precious. Look at the things you found to be thankful for. Good job. :)

  17. Keep trying to look at the good stuff and eventually that is all you will see. :) Love the pics of your niece and Scoobs. Lots of love right there. So happy for your new job with the Mouse. How awesome! Pixie dust for a fantastic 2014 for you.

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