Friday, August 30, 2013

Best Coast Bound

what a slacker i've been. this week has been something else. i'm sure you've noticed the blog is private to invited readers now (which i'm trying to get so many but i have to add each email address one by one and it is the worst). anyway, so many busy and exciting things happened this week, which is why i set the blog private and which is why i didn't post much!

i'm excited to share so please, please pray they turn out.

i honestly don't think i'll always leave the blog private, but this week definitely showed me there are definitely going to be some times i don't want just anyone to be able to see me be an idiot on the internet. 

i digress.

as of this morning me and manfriend are officially california bound. i'm so, so excited for this trip! i've taken it upon myself to take a true break from life while we are gone. no work, minimal social media and no posts (sorry!). but i will be back mid next week with hopefully some amazing trip photos and a serious refreshed mind.

 "the world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.."


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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Read This Post If You Love Dogs

first things first, you may have noticed you can only get to my blog now if you are a registered user. cray. i know. and it won't always be this way. but some things are going on right now (exciting things!) that make me feel like i need to be a tad more private (just for a bit). so i hope you can understand!!!!

so i had a post to write. but then i read this article by tay about a dog fighting ring and what we can do to help.

and i literally was bawling at my desk. 

so now, no more post. just read that one. and donate. and hug your puppy. 

tall tails out.

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Monday, August 26, 2013

Scooby in a Hood

first. here's what i miss about my iphone.

here's a couple of pics from the weekend. at this point i'd write about the vma's and whatever happened there but i'm actually getting this sucker done on sunday night which i feel darn good about. i've really been feeling overwhelmed keeping up with the blog, your awesome comments, work, planning, the trip, life.

but how was your weekend? mine was quite wonderful. one of those ones where you end it thinking "what did i even do?" but it doesn't matter because it left you with a full heart. i got to hug my nieces and scooby and i walked a 5k together for charity. manfriend took me out to a fancy meal which we thought was meh but we made the best out of it anyway. 

 ^ i can't.

i leave for my trip friday morning so i'm off to make more packing lists. linking with sami.


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Friday, August 23, 2013

Backstreet's Back... Alright?

thank god i saw adriana's post last night. because i wasn't going to post today. because the struggle is real. lesson learned. don't drink lime-a-rita tall boys at the backstreet boys concert on a wednesday night. it's friday and i'm still tired.

but i can say nsync is the better boy band. sue me.

here's some questions and answers. adriana tagged me, i'll tag all of you.

1. what's the best piece of advice anyone has ever given you?

my dad always said "do your best and your best will be the best". for some reason that always sits with me. if i do my best and it doesn't work out or i fail i can't feel bad because i tried my best. but even worse, when i fail and know i didn't give my all, it makes it feel 100% worse!

2. if you could meet any blogger in person who would you choose?

i just want to live with tami and adriana.

3. blogs i'm loving right now.

seriously all. but i stalk you guys that live in california. like i really stalk you and pretend i'm you and i live where you live. creepy not creepy.

4. what's your biggest struggle in life?

absolutely paving my own path. i really let others influence me directly or indirectly based on what i think they'll think. i don't think it is right and it is the one thing i want to change. i just want to live my own dreams! did your blog come about?

honestly just a way to vent and laugh and share pictures of a time in my life when i got scooby. i want to be able to look back on this and laugh. i also want to start posting some photos i take here with my "real" camera and become a famous photographer and travel the world. pipe dream?

6. name one good deed that you did that went unseen.

no. instead i'll tell you when i did a good deed and the bitch called the cops. read here.

7. favorite thing to do in your spare time?

how about nothing! i rarely get to do nothing.

8. tell us something we don't know about you.

 all my best friends live in different states and it kills me! we travel once or twice a year for a trip together and the times where we meet and become sisters again without missing a step are the times i feel the world has the most love.

9. who inspires you?

walt disney.

speaking of. i'm about to get randomly serious.

did you ever hear the phrase "a dream is a wish your heart makes"?

i hope so because it is from cinderella and if you haven't seen cinderella that's effing weird.

well i've been dreaming, and my heart has been searching and today i may have a little, tiny glimpse into possibly making those dreams come true.

so i'm not sure if you pray, or hope, or wish or what you do. but if you could for me today.

that would be great.

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hometown Woes

i wasn't going to blog monday. sorry! i was going to put a haphazard weekend post up but i didn't love it, and frankly, i want to get away from just posting to post. content with no meaning or heart or laughs isn't what i ever wanted, i love telling the tales that get thoughtful responses or genuine belly laughs and i've found that sometimes i feel obligated to just put something half ass up here and i want to get away from it. i get behind on comments and thoughtful posts and responses too because of it and that isn't what i love. (i'm trying to respond to every one of you!) so with that all being said--do you all sometimes feel this way?

but what really happened on monday is that late in the afternoon the cops came to my desk like i was a crazy criminal. i then blogged about that. you can read it here.
anyway, this post certainly is from the heart. many of you know i grew up about twenty minutes outside of detroit, michigan. since then, i've relocated to north carolina because of work and because my parents and brother moved down here for work as well. i made the choice to leave my extended family and home for my close family and i never regret it. but let's be honest.

i miss my home.

i miss detroit.

do you all live in the place you grew up surrounded by everyone you know? if you do, you are one of the lucky ones! while i think it's important to get out and spread your wings and live somewhere different, the place one grows up is home. and there is something about detroit that lives in your veins. i think of it like the people who grew up in new york or something. the city, its culture, its nuances, live in me. people in detroit know what a hani is, live for chili cheese fries, get up and get tim hortons in the morning. we say pop, not soda. we love verners and better made chips and faygo pop. we go "up north" and now how to pronounce mackinac and know how to drive in the snow!

i miss detroit.

it makes it worse that i..

i hate the south.

i love the weather, and have met great people, but to be honest, i do not fit in here.

and it really upsets me.but i just don't fit right in the south.

and it makes my wanderlust awful.

and if it weren't for my mom and dad and brother and sister-in-law and nieces being here i'd go nuts.

where would you love to live?

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tall Tails: I Need Your Treat Advice

sorry for the lack of depth in this post. i got nothing done last night after all the crap that happened (thank you so much for your awesome thoughts and thinking of me by the way). but it did put this topic into my head so i thought i'd come to you for advice.

scoobs is in a bit of a terrible teen phase.

and by bit i mean i've thought of killing him more than once.

he's bad. 

but here's the thing. no matter what i do or give him he's still running around like a bat shit cray dog.

4 mile walk and an hour play session? doesn't matter, he'll still go after the cats.

i hate him

the one thing that he loves that keeps him occupied are rawhides but i hate to give him one a day. but literally it is the only thing that gets me peace and quiet.

he goes through bully sticks so fast. he is over peanut butter kongs. he goes through frozen wet food kongs.

do you guys have any advice for some awesome treat that will keep this pup entertained and out of my hair so i can CONTINUE TO CRY OVER THE ENDING OF SEASON THREE OF DOWNTON ABBEY?


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Monday, August 19, 2013

Doing the Right Thing

a fun thing happened just now. and by fun i mean kick you in the crotch fantastic.

so i was pulling into a space into the parking deck at work. people were parking weird and i shouldn't have tried to fit but i did and i scraped a car. i immediately went and parked up and then buffed it out but felt awful. everyone near my desk said get over it but i couldn't so i wrote up a note with my name and number and email and told the person to contact me and i'd pay to paint. keep in mind this car was like a 95 corolla piece of shit and i was more devastated my car would need some paint.

a little while later my director showed up at my desk.

i'm not shitting you. the cops came.

i immediately begin freaking out that someone is hurt not putting two and two together about this little scrape. because my manager and the effing cops were at my desk.

but no.

they told me i was involved in a hit and run. 


so i go down to the parking date where this batshit crazy lady is holding my note standing by the other cop bawling her eyes out. when she sees me she screams

"how could you do this to me on a monday!?"


like guys i scraped her shitty car, felt bad, and left a note offering to pay to repaint.

so i'm not going to lie, i started bawling my eyes out. i was shaking i was crying so hard.

because like, i felt like a criminal and i was so freaking embarrassed i can't describe it to you on the blog. 

so the cop exchanged our info and i said to the lady crying "i'm so sorry, i was trying to do the right thing, i can just pay for the quote without insurance, i work right in the building with you."

and she looked at me with a glare and said

"that's illegal and everything you did today was illegal."

 i'm not going to do the right thing anymore.

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Friday, August 16, 2013

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy

anyone remember that skit? love.

so scooby woke me up at 4:30am this morning.




and after wanting to die 29384 times i crawled out of bed and went to let him out. and i was greeted by the most gorgeous cool morning. and something about it took my breath away.

i can't believe summer is ending. 

i can't believe it's almost been a year since i met manfriend.

i can't believe we've had scooby since may.

i can't believe my niece is going to be four.

i can't believe we leave for california in 2 weeks.

i can't believe i survived the awful of 2012..

i can't believe..

time is flying by but the worst thing is i feel like i'm taking moments like that for granted. cool mornings, pink sunrises, amazing concerts that make your throat hurt from singing. so often i feel like we get in the routine, the schedule, i'm frustrated by nonsense, i'm nagging manfriend, i'm yelling at scoobs. even after this cool morning i sat down at my desk and realized i did the same thing this morning.

i was frustrated at myself about not being able to learn to swim, i was frustrated at scoobs for being hyper, i was frustrated at manfriend for snapping at me. i got to my desk and sat down and stared at my computer like "another day. is this really it?"

and right now, to pay the bills, yeah. 

but it doesn't have to be. because, i'm blessed, and i love my friends and family and i love laughing with my coworkers all day and i love my dog even when he ruins my black pants with hair on the regular. 

so i vow to:

walk the dog during cool evenings and take pictures of the sunset.

listen to new music every day.

buy my favorite fall candles even if it is only august.

read more books.

start a new series on netflix and watch it all.

go pick apples.

drive somewhere new with manfriend and just enjoy each other's company.

take more photos. 

stop worrying so much.

happy thursday everyone.    

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I Think I Was Discovered

first: my new kate spade which i scored 75% off at a sample sale.

awesome photo quality manfriend.

second: some scoobs pics.

 third. the rolls at texas roadhouse. can we talk about these? the cinnamon butter? holy shit.

now.. on to much needed advice.

so i think i've been discovered. 

and no, not for my famous dog training skills. 

i think people at work discovered my blog. in fact they're probably reading it right now. hey guys. see i also write for beers and ears and have hinted to my beer blog which intrigues the boys, probably because i have more beer knowledge then them, lesbehonest.  but then a coworker mentioned in passing they may have stumbled onto this little gem of daily ranting. which is like my main blog, my collective, my baby.

and i was like all "oh really?"

but i was thinking:


you know?

see i have this huge issue with coworkers and social media. not that i don't think my coworkers are awesome, i do, best ones i've ever had and i'm not just saying that because they're probably now stalking me. they are hilarious and i love them. i just...

like do i want my cubemate to know i got shitfaced on a bottle of prosecco and sang the "hey hey hey" part of blurred lines to manfriend for 4 hours straight? probably not. also, that happened sunday. point being, some things are better left to internet strangers and my besties. what do you think--do you blog in secret? has this ever happened to you?

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tall Tails: Scooby's First Night in the Kennel

so manfriend and i are going on this amazing trip in less than three weeks and so just in case the dog sitter can't stay with scooby we wanted to give him a test over night in our kennel to see how he did.

i dropped him off saturday and left to help my brother move. because it was a busy afternoon i didn't have time to think about it. but after manfriend and i had showered and were going to lay down and nap before going out for the night it started thunder storming really bad and i thought of scooby in that indoor/outdoor kennel...


i freaking lost it. 

and i'm not over exaggerating for this blog.

i was crying so hard i was dry heaving, i literally thought i was going to throw up. manfriend was rubbing my back and literally trying to talk me out of a panic attack.

holy crap. it was bad. 

we picked him up sunday and the damn dog was fine and tired and happy to see us the end, but.. 

wtf. how am i ever supposed to handle that again? i was not expecting to lose it like that. i thought maybe a few tears when i drop him off totally normal.

i wish i wasn't a psycho. p.s. i love all you guys. you brighten my day.

tall tails out.

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Monday, August 12, 2013

I Was Scammed

so i have zero pictures from this weekend. none. whoops. sorry.

because friday i was scammed. big time, scammed. like i'm out money and time and i'll talk about it later. yuck.

so i thought i'd give you an update on my august goals.

1. get a hybrid bike and sign up for the tour de tanglewood
yeah not yet. not yet.

2. successfully swim 200 meters in the pool
also not yet and also i suck at swimming so, SO bad. any tips?

3. do something special for manfriend each week in august
so far i've surprised him with this uber cool phone charger he can keep in his wallet. he loves it! get it here.

4. organize all my clothes, handbags and shoes and donate/sell where i can
also not. omg this is getting depressing.

5. log my calories into my fitness pal each day in august even if i eat like a walrus and am 219823098 calories over my daily limit
 i am attempting to do this! 

6. teach scooby "place" and "bang"

7. do this pinterest thing proving i actually do ONE thing i pin
i've being doing this!

8.follow this running schedule, no cheating (i'll allow for rain delays/makeups)
i've been running!

all in all this was depressing, i haven't done many. and i was scammed and that's depressing and it's monday and so that's depressing.

so how was your weekend?

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Friday, August 9, 2013

Fitness Friday: Stride Box Review

just to note: this is my own review. no one is giving me free crap yet.

how do i go about getting free stuff anyway?

so i signed up for stride box awhile back and this week my first one came in the mail. i was a little skeptical because this isn't like yay play birchbox. this is running stuff. boring, right? but i'm training for the dumbo double dare, so i figured this would be the perfect month to start these. especially since i'm obsessed with finding the best gels/chews and re-hydration and refuel when i'm distance running. to be fair, this does NOT have to be just for running. if you worked out regularly and just wanted to get healthy you'd love this box.

i opened this sucker not expecting all the stuff. like it was a lot of stuff! stride box is $20 and i'll say, it is well worth the $20.

health warrior chia bar and island boost energy fuel. i'm super excited to try this energy re-fuel mid run because it is actually a liquid not a gel. and gels can be so gross.

carb energy chews in fruit punch and orange. i love clif's shot blocks so i can't wait to try these mid workout as well.

gatorade endurance formula which is a mix with water formula so it is perfect for traveling to races and surge energy gel in expresso, which, again, most gels suck so i'm always looking for new.

there was also a kind bar which i accidentally ate before reviewing this because they are so good and an awesome cool towel to try post run.

i'm so, so pumped for stride box to help my workouts. plus, if you like the samples, there is a percentage off for all full size, that is so cool to me. that every single item has a discount.

what do you think of this whole "box" craze? are you guys running any cool races soon?

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Thursday, August 8, 2013

"That Couple"

so i was talking to manfriend's friend yesterday and he was all like "oh they've became a katie and manfriend couple" and i was like:

 and he was like "yeah they rarely come out anymore"

and i was like:

 but then i was like wait a second..

are we? are we "that couple"?

manfriend and i still play kickball and ultimate frisbee every week and if we're home and it is a good party we will go..

but i guess it is true, with the dog and work and just not being 


anymore, i guess we don't attend everything. 

 to be fair, we have traveled a ton this summer and weren't home most weekends super fun things were going on, to be fair again, most things are 45 minutes away in winston which sucks and to be even more fair having the dog throws a huge wrench in the let's get wasty face all night fun but 

something about that statement really irked me. for two reasons.

1. i hate to be labeled something and 
2. i hate that single party friends always judge their friends that get in relationships as soon as they get in them. 

listen, i was one of those people so i'm allowed to say this.

but when the shoe is on the other foot, shut up.

of course i'm not out every night anymore. and believe me every single one of you would take finding that someone you'd love to stay in and watch tv with versus the other thing. at least most would. 

so what now? do we have to attend every single event to avoid this label as a couple?

this generation is hard work, i tell ya.

what do you guys think? are you that couple? what should manfriend and i do?

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